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  23:57:29  3 June 2017
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Tejas Stalker
Official Stalker on Facebook


On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 26947

Thanks Aleksander

Tecno Bacon also created this new Facebook group due to the recent
loss of the Stalkersoup Steam group for those using social media:

  22:06:10  3 June 2017
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On forum: 07/22/2012
Messages: 31

Hello all;
I have created new STALKERSOUP forum:

everyone is warmly invited to create account and start to talk or post something about the STALKERSOUP...
  14:54:40  22 June 2015
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On forum: 06/22/2015
Messages: 2
STALKERSOUP Beautiful TimeLapse

I have played STALKERSOUP for a long time and tried many graphical enhancements to make it even better than already. Here is a short video of STALKERSOUP with Boris Vorontsov's ENB along with some Sweet FX Boulotaur2024 Injector effects. I am working on and will try to add Dynamic Shaders 2.0 soon

In this video I managed to record a time lapse video after my Stalker died due to hunger in a sleep on top of a tower in the Swamps. Check out the beautiful passage of time in the zone, showing lightning and weather effect in all its glory!
  20:42:25  31 May 2015
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On forum: 05/31/2015

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05/31/2015 20:47:20
Messages: 1
Hi all...

Please, can someone give me a tip on how to solve the gold bars puzzle in the old tunnels?.
  03:07:26  18 April 2015
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On forum: 05/26/2013
Messages: 136
Only thing what drives me to stalkersoup is clean translated quests, and polished bugs, and multiplayer in the future

But for now I only wait multiplayer because this outdated solyanka lacks so much inovations, items, and quests that other solyanka mods implemented already and by the end of 2015 another solyanka mod comes out with new areas and things I cant even spell right heh.

I hope tecnobacon you go for that multiplayer pretty soon . I watch every patch notes you post to see how is it developing.
Cant wait to start to play it as co-op.
  21:07:25  8 April 2015
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Paul Jaye
Senior Resident

On forum: 04/15/2007
Messages: 492
Okay, well first off running latest patched install.

I don't get the option to upgrade any armors with the Army trader in Agroprom. (I have assaulted and cleared the Army outpost in Agroprom already).

I've completed the Minigun quest for Adrenalin. I do not get an option to buy any RPD machine gun I'm stuck for the CS guys in the swamp. (do I have to enter Agroprom from the Swamp for me to get this option?.)

Any help?.
(The vanilla storyline position, currently have the Brain Scorcher quest to start.)
  02:56:27  9 March 2015
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/07/2010
Messages: 179
Lightning quest portal code

Hey ... I got as far as the end of the Lightning quests (stalker mode of SS) and found the basement portal. But no idea how to activate it. Tossing in an isomorph art doesnt do it. A code box nearby needs a code. But I have nothing... Can someone give me the code? ...or how to find it?

Is there any continuation of the story beyond this? Thanks
  02:25:42  27 February 2015
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/29/2013

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02/27/2015 2:33:14
Messages: 247
Is the hud glitch known here? The one. In 9980 were you get the glitched throw texture.

Oh and if 9981 mikropatch got released could i get a link for it? Repository has 9980 only
  04:59:27  24 January 2015
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On forum: 04/28/2014
Messages: 17

Hi there....

I tried Stalkersoup twice. I'm using the .db files, and when i install it without the minipatch, the carry weight is too high (1000), the loot is high (noob bandits giving like, 50 shotgun bullets, first-aids and so on)..But it runs smoothly..

But, when i install the minipatch, the carry weight drops to 150 (Which still damn high) and there is less loot (Which is fine), BUT the game starts to stutter constantly... It becomes unplayable on levels like The Duty Bar, Agropom, Garbage, Dark Valley.... I'm playing on Full Dynamic Lighting, Max. Settings but even on Medium settings/Static Lighting the game still stutter the hell out of it...

Anyone knows how to fix the constant stuttering?

BTW, my config is: CPU: FX 8350, 16gb RAM with a GPU R9 280x.

Read a few posts recently on the Steam forum thread and it seems you're not alone. Possibly someone over there has found a cure by now. Maybe it was something caused by a recent patch and will be cured with the next.


oooh, good to know...i thought i made something wrong with the installation...So i'll probably wait a while for a next patch. Thanks
  04:48:12  24 January 2015
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/06/2009
Messages: 5171


Hi Tecnobaco, re next update, after giving Kutsenov vodka in Cordon before the game stopped working, I went to pass thru and the soldiers open fire as if I hadn't paid. Also for when all testers reported issues are sorted, would you please consider putting the spawn items in English. I did the artefacts list of Russian/English and items as far as Sidorovich imitation head but CTDs if I tried to go further, so even a Russian /English, butvbetter still just English. Nice to see things coming together. Thanks and regards, and also for yr reply email, Pierre odd shown as Novice as I opine I 1st registered GSC in 2007

That label goes off the number of posts, not length of time of membership. Also, you must have re-registered as it now shows you as a 2014 arrival.

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