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Such is life in the Zone Revised

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  01:59:07  23 July 2011
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The Ghost
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The Ghost
07/23/2011 2:08:47
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Such is life in the Zone Revised

This is the revised version of the story. I think it is much better than the first one. If any moderator could delete the first thread I made, it would be great.

Such is life in the Zone

The time was 1 A.M. I was watching the movie Bio-Dome on TV. About a half hour into the movie, it dawned on me. How could I enjoy such a cinema masterpiece such as Bio-Dome without snacks?

The Stalker base was in a bad situation. There were no rations left. The nearest gas station was 6 blocks away. “Well, shit.”, I thought as I dug out my Sunrise suit. The thick, rubberized fabric stuck to my skin. Over the jumpsuit went the Sunrise armor. I had the soft armor removed and had it replaced with ceramic SAPI plates, turning the vest into a plate carrier. Over that went an ALICE combat harness. The ALICE gear was bulky as hell, but it was superior to the two leg pouches that came with the Sunrise suit. Next came my SA80. The rifle was rare in the Zone as it was the A2 model of the SA80, which removed the little problems in the A1 model, like the constant jamming and the magazines falling out. I replaced the inferior SUSAT with an ACOG reticule that I took from a dead mercenary in the Dark Valley. Into my hip holster went my M1911. I loaded 12 magazines of 5.56 AP for the SA80, and 4 magazines of .45 ACP for my 1911. The rifle mags went into the ALICE harness, while I put the pistol mags into the Sunrise jumpsuits' leg pockets. I also took 2 F1 grenades along for the ride. After locking the door to the Stalker base, I set out into the night, taking the alleyways. I stayed out of the light, moving from cover to cover. It was a quiet night in the alleyways of the Zone.

After moving one block down the alleys, I spotted a four-man Bandit patrol walking toward me. I took out one of my F1 grenades, pulled the pin, counted to three, and lobbed it at them from behind a dumpster. I peeked out just in time to see it hit the point man in the head before it exploded. Two bandits survived the explosion, and began to retreat down the alleyway, firing at me. The grenade had took out the streetlight above them, and I was barely able to see the black-clad bandits. I put down a few rounds from behind the dumpster, then I moved out of cover and sprinted at the retreating bandits, diving to the ground every 20 feet or so to lay down fire, then standing up to sprint after them, changing magazines as I ran. When I had closed the distance between the retreating bandits to around 100 meters, I took cover behind another dumpster and returned fire from there. I heard one of the bandits call out to his partner, and then they fell silent. No more incoming fire. I peeked out from behind the dumpster and stared through my ACOG. One of them was leaning against a dumpster. His skin was a pale white, and his mouth was hanging open. Then, I noticed a small shimmering object hovering over the bandit. The object turned toward me. It let out a loud growl and began to run toward me. "Oh shit!" I muttered as I began to fire my SA80 at the cloaked bloodsucker. My mag ran dry, and I shoved a new mag into the SA80 before the empty one even hit the ground. I fired in 3 round bursts, aiming at the bloodsuckers head, but it kept coming. I was walking rounds up and down the bloodsucker. I could tell that I was hitting it because little ripples showed up where I fired, like throwing a pebble into water. Out of the corner of my eye I could see brass ejecting from my rifle in slow motion, the bolt slamming back after each round. I could hear the faint sound of spent brass tinkling as it hit the pavement. I was absorbing the recoil of the rifle, trying to force it to stay on target. The second mag ran dry. “Damnit!”, I muttered as I changed magazines again. The bloodsucker began to sprint towards me, closing the distance between us. When the bloodsucker was about to sink its claws into my neck, I got an idea. I grabbed my last F1 grenade, pulled the pin, and stuck it in the bloodsuckers mouth. Its tentacles closed around my hand and forearm as I pulled it out of its mouth, ripping the fabric on my arms to shreds and slicing up my hand even through my gloves. I brought up my SA80, put the last few rounds in the magazine into its head, hit it with the stock of the rifle, and ran past it as fast as I could. The grenade detonated not even two seconds later. I felt the pressure wallop in my ears as the shockwave from the grenade threw me straight down to the pavement. The grenade sent me tumbling head over heels down the alley, and eventually I slid to a stop. My ears were ringing from the blast as I got up and checked my hand. A few cuts through the gloves, nothing serious. The bloodsucker was history. My heart was racing faster than a fighter plane on full afterburner, and my head was spinning at 10,000 RPM as I dropped the dry mag out of the SA80, fished a new one out of my ALICE gear, released the bolt, and stumbled down the alley toward the gas station.

Once I reached the gas station, I met the local trader, an angry little man who looked like he would rather shoot me than take my business. I bought a few cans of old army rations, some stale bread, and paid in quarters. While I was in the gas station, the bandits had sent out several more patrols to search for the one that they had lost. I chose to take the alley back to the stalker base, which put me in the path of one of the Bandit patrols.

I took cover behind the brick wall of an apartment building not far from the gas station and stared at the approaching patrol through my ACOG. Ten men, with one PK machine gun. Not more than 150 meters away. I lined up the red chevron on the head of the point man. Squeeze, don't pull. Bang. The point man's head flew backward like someone hit him across the head with a 2x4, and he dropped like a sack. I shifted fire to the man behind him and squeezed the trigger twice. He took both rounds in the neck. I shifted fire again and began squeezing off rounds at the patrol. Incoming rounds kicked up pavement and blew chunks of brick off of the building. I could hear hot lead whistling as it went past me, each round sounded like someone lit a firecracker next to your ear as it whizzed by. I popped out of cover, firing my SA80 full auto, and sprinted to cover near an SUV. The bandits were retreating down the alley, dragging wounded with them. One of them moved a dumpster into the middle of the alley. I peeked out and stared through my ACOG as one of the bandits deployed the PK machine gun on the dumpster. I leaned around the SUV and fired two shots, dropping the MG gunner. Another bandit moved up to take his place. I squeezed the trigger and heard the firing pin move forward on an empty chamber. I ducked back behind the SUV and grabbed a new magazine out of my pouches just as the PK opened fire. The sound of the PK was a deep, low rumble, drowning out the AK74s the bandits carried. The incoming fire from the PK flattened both tires of the SUV and sent one of the doors flying off into the alley. The cover would not last much longer. I sprinted away from the SUV and took cover from behind a garage, firing full auto with my SA80 as I ran. I leaned out and squeezed off rounds at the gunner. The PKs barrel was smoking, and soon the gunner would have to change it. As soon as the firing stopped, I moved out of cover to take up a better position near another dumpster. I got three steps out of cover before I was hit in the chest by what seemed like a sledgehammer. I fell flat on my chest, with the wind knocked out of my lungs. I tumbled on the pavement and struggled to get my breath back. I saw that four AK74s had opened up on me to cover the PK gunner. I laid down suppressing fire with my SA80 and crawled to cover behind a Crown Vic sedan. I crawled under the sedan and managed to drop the PK gunner just as he was fitting the new barrel to the weapon. I heard the loud clang sound of the fresh barrel hitting the pavement as the bandit dropped it. I fired a few more rounds at the PK in an attempt to disable it, then laid down fire at the rest of the bandits. I saw them retreat further down the alley to regroup. Right away I moved to better cover near another apartment building, changed magazines, and checked where I had been hit. The round hit me right in the center of the chest, but had been stopped by the ceramic plate. There was a little white hole in the plate where the ceramic stopped the round. My ribs felt like they had been run over by a tank. I leaned out from around the building and stared through my ACOG. The bandits had disappeared down the alley.

As soon as I broke from cover to move up, something tackled be from behind and knocked me flat on my ass. I heard a loud hissing from a long destroyed gasmask as the snork pounced on top of me to finish me off. I rolled to the side and threw the snork off of me, drawing my SOG Pup knife. I lunged at the snork and stuck the knife right in the center of the gasmask. It fell like a lead brick. I replaced the knife in its sheath and grabbed my SA80 just as the snorks buddy came out from behind a dumpster. I raised the SA80 and pulled the trigger. I was expecting to hear my SA80 fire. Instead I heard a loud *click*. I dropped the SA80 and felt it fall against its sling as I drew my M1911. The snork lunged at me just as I raised the sights onto its head. The snork flew and crashed into me, knocking me to the ground. I got up. The snork didn’t. I looked at its chest and saw a neat grouping of 8 holes, right in the center. I also noticed that the slide was locked back on my M1911. Thin wisps of smoke trailed away from the barrel. I grabbed a new M1911 magazine out of my leg pouch, slammed it into the magwell, and released the slide. I holstered the pistol and checked over the SA80. There was a bent shell casing stuck in the chamber. I removed the magazine and pulled the charging handle. The little piece of brass flew free of the weapon and landed on the pavement. I replaced the magazine and heard a booming voice from behind me. 'GET OUT OF HERE STALKER, OR I'M CALLING THE POLICE!”. Well, shit. My Sunrise suit turned into jeans and a T-shirt. My SA80 turned into air between my hands. The bandits and snorks turned into dust. Tourists delight and bread turned to potato chips and coke. My wounded hand healed. I legged it back to the Stalker base and finished watching Bio-Dome.

Such is life in the Zone....
  15:52:09  23 June 2012
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On forum: 06/22/2012
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Pretty cool story, I have to say it was a blast reading it!
  12:37:56  12 May 2016
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On forum: 05/12/2014
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A very nice story, Stalker. Please, go on writing.
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