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Bladewraith & Wingnut

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  14:20:03  11 April 2011
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Naaaa, don't worry, they're hippies, almost no one will miss them in the zone.

I like them, reminds me of my mates, a lot more then Duty at least

A short chapter I’m afraid, I was going to have this and the next as one, but the next one might be a long one, so this added on as well means it was too long for my liking. anyway, hope you enjoy

Chapter 19

It was Midday by the time they reached the outskirts of the Rostock Plant. The long twisting asphalt road beneath their feet was cracked and crumpled. The entire length of the walk had been strangely quiet, the background Gunfire they were accustomed to was still present, but there were no Mutants, not even any crows. They'd found the bodies of 3 stalkers killed by the same squad that attacked Freedom, all their equipment was gone, only the tattered remains of their suits. Other than that,they’d walk past stains of dried blood, the stains themselves were no different to any road in the Zone, but unlike the normal roads, there was no evidence of what the blood had come from, normally they’re would be a bone or some feathers or fur, but nothing. They rounded the final corner and were greeted with the view of the heavily rusted truck, which marked the entrance to the plant.

They approached the truck cautiously and stopped. Bladewraith took aim at the single solitary Snork that was limping across the road, it saw him, and stopped itself, the last image it saw was a flash of light, before a 7.62 round passed through its eye and it collapsed to the floor. The report echoed around the empty walls surrounding the northern road.
“Why was it limping?” asked Tamara as they approached the body
“It’s already been shot” explained Bladewraith as he dragged a leg out the way revealing several small impact holes in the hip of what was once a man, as disgusting an idea they all felt it was, the holes could only have been made by buckshot.
“By who?” the trio walked gingerly round the corner of the building, that made the corner, behind which was Duty’s northern gate. However, the Dutyers weren’t on guard. One of the sandbag walls had collapsed, with the body of a Snork lane against it, and a stack of boxes behind lay strewn across the road.
“So… where’s the defence team? And where’s the guy that shot that Snork?”
A rumble erupted from behind the collapsed Sandbag wall. And Wingnut and Bladewraith aimed their weapons towards the noise.
“Help…” a faint voice came out
Bladewraith moved round the sandbags, but no closer, he’d seen bandits trick Stalkers before with the simplest of cons. Wingnut stay vigilant where he stood. As Bladewraith moved himself round, he was able to see further round. He could clearly see a pair of legs clad in Denim. The Stalker was laying face down covered in Sandbags
“Stalker, What faction?”
“Huh… What Faction? I’m not in a Faction you retard!”
“He’s telling the truth…” Wingnut spoke; he’d opened his PDA, and was checking the Contact Data “He’s a Loner, Names Dania”
“Yeah, it is… not would you get this crap off me!”
“Yeah alright, hold your horses” Bladewraith and Wingnut slung their weapons and began moving the sandbags that were pinning him down, eventually they managed to pull him free, however, doing so caused him great pain.
“Ah fuck… Stop, stop!” they laid him down on his back “My Back… fucking hell that hurts!”
“Let me have a look” exclaimed Tamara, as she walked over and crouched beside him, gently rolling him slightly to see his reaction at which he winced in agony, she then pushed him hands underneath him to see if she could feel and fractures or lacerations.
“Well, he seems ok on the outside; I can feel a few scratches, but no bad ones, and no obvious fractures, might be a trapped nerve or… worst case scenario, damaged spinal cord” she turned her attention to Dania once again “Can you move your feet”
“Yeah, I think so.” He moved his feet with ease, and little pain.
“Listen Dania, we’ve only just got here, do you know what happened?”
“No idea, I was on my way back from Yantar, and these fucking pieces of shit Snorks chased me, I took a few out, but decided to run for the gate.”
“Knowing full well, that the Duty guards would take out Snorks for you.”
“Pretty much, I was low on ammo and my… wait where’s my shotty?”
“Umm…” Wingnut looked around under the sand bags and found the Mossberg. “Got it”
“So what happened when you got here then?”
“There was no one here, I had to fight them off, and I was covering behind the sandbags, one jumped, I shot it and it crashed into the sandbags tipping them onto me; that was about 3 hours ago.”
“Ok, Doc, rub some ointment onto it for now, I might have an effect. Dania, you said you’d just come from Yantar, what artefacts have you got?”
“I sold most of mine to Sakharov, but I’ve got a Gravi, Flame and a Wrenched.”
“Ok, clip your Wrenched to your belt, what I need to do is strap the flame directly to the damaged area, it might heal the damage, the warmth will stop the muscle contracting painfully, which added with the ointment, should hopefully sort it out.” Explained Bladewraith
“We’d have to bend his back to attach it all though.” Added Tamara
“That’s a risk we’re gonna have to take, the way things are going on round here…” Bladewraith looked around him, then at the dead Snorks “If we leave him here, by himself, he’d be dead before nightfall.”
“And if we carry him anywhere, it’ll do just as much damage. Besides we’ll want to bend his back so the muscle can heal properly.” Tamara looked at the duo, then at Dania, she didn’t want to cause him harm, but it was the way of the Zone she figured.
“Yeah alright”

Wingnut searched his bag, until he found his back Duct tape, pulled it out and began tearing segments off.
“You’re going to use black and nasty?”
Both Bladewraith and Wingnut turned to look at her, Bladewraith was just confused she’d called it Black and Nasty, Wingnut on the other hand was offended
“How dare you… Gaffer tape it was of the most important tools anywhere let alone in the Zone” he looked genuinely angry at her for her comment
“OK, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” his look of anger slowly turned into a grin “oh I get it… make fun of the new girl”
“It’s like the Force, it’s got a light side and a dark side… and it holds the universe together!”
Meanwhile, Bladewraith had managed to turn Dania onto his side incredibly carefully, with no small amount of wincing from Dania.
“Ok Dania, I going to ring your legs up towards your hips, this should stretch your back out. I’ll do it slow, tell me to stop if you can’t bare the pain.” Again, Bladewraith moved slowly and carefully, Dania’s face was white and displayed his pain and anguish clearly, but he didn’t tell Bladewraith to stop, he just bit his lip until it drew blood.
Tamara lifted up Dania’s Leather Jacket and shirt beneath, revealing several bruises across his back, she ran her fingers down his spine slowly “Tell me exactly where it hurts” she got half way down his back before her soft and gentle touch caused a shiver to run up his spine. “Oww!”
“What there?” asked a confused Tamara
“No, the shiver hurt, it’s lower down” She continued down gently once more until he marked the point where it seemed to hurt the most, there was some bad bruising around it. She sensitively rubbed some of the healing Ointment into his skin, her warm hand massaging it until a faint sheen was left over the bruising, Bladewraith then placed the Flame artefact, against Dania, it’s spherical mass shined a bright yellow, and warmed everything it touched. Wingnut taped the artefact into position tightly, the pain still intensely shooting up Dania’s backbone,
“Ok, guys I want you to stay with him, I’m gonna scout ahead.”
“But, what about…” cried Tamara
“Let him go” Wingnut butted in.
Bladewraith checked his rifle and moved past the crumbled stack of crates on the corner of the building beside them. Disappearing out of sight.

End of Chapter
  05:39:07  7 April 2011
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Cheers Dino, comments noted.

i hopefully will have my next chapter up before i head off to Morroco, which is only 17 days away... Crap Crap Crap, i have far oo much to do before i go... hence spending most of this week and the weekend in my Engine!

Hopefully no one will be annoyed with me destroying half of Freedom Base...

Naaaa, don't worry, they're hippies, almost no one will miss them in the zone.
  04:21:42  7 April 2011
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After almost a month, I am mucho pleased!

That was pretty intense, the wait was well worth it.

It might be cool if you made a little: "Previously on Bladewraith and Wingnut" kind of segment when you make a new chapter and at one point your wrote panned instead of planned (saying the attack was well planned).

Appart from that, I really enjoyed and I'm looking forward to next months chapter

Cheers Dino, comments noted.

i hopefully will have my next chapter up before i head off to Morroco, which is only 17 days away... Crap Crap Crap, i have far oo much to do before i go... hence spending most of this week and the weekend in my Engine!

Hopefully no one will be annoyed with me destroying half of Freedom Base...
  23:23:55  6 April 2011
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On forum: 01/11/2011
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After almost a month, I am mucho pleased!

That was pretty intense, the wait was well worth it.

It might be cool if you made a little: "Previously on Bladewraith and Wingnut" kind of segment when you make a new chapter and at one point your wrote panned instead of planned (saying the attack was well planned).

Appart from that, I really enjoyed and I'm looking forward to next months chapter
  15:11:51  6 April 2011
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Hi Everyone, sorry i took so long to post this up, but i've spent the last 4 days crawling around my Land Rovers Engine Bay, damn reality

@Dino, cheers for you comments, point out the good and bad as much as you can, the more feedbadck i get on the bad bits the more i'll be able to spot them in future chapters. this is a slightly longer chapter so i hope you enjoy. things get a little bit more interesting

Chapter 18

The hut had descended almost into silence since the argument, only 10 minutes had passed but Wingnut was sleeping peacefully, Tamara looked like she was asleep, but was turning over constantly, obviously she still wasn’t used to sleeping rough the noise of her shifting seemed deafening in the otherwise quiet room. Bladewraith looked through the cracks dotted around the walls of the hut, first light was showing already, only half an hour or so until sun up, and they’d move out. He returned his gaze to Tinny; she was curled into the foetal position, unmoving. He moved his attention to Tamara and Wingnut, Tamara had stopped shifting in her sleep. And the silence grew stronger.
“She really is rookie isn’t she?” came the whispered question from the other side of the room.
“Yeah… she is” Bladewraith agreed… knowing Tamara knew a damn site more about the Zone than most Stalkers, let alone Tinny
“You ever think about what could have been?”
“What are you talking about?”
Tinny very slowly began to creep across the floor, as quietly as possible, Bladewraith didn’t move, she was no threat to him, his 417 rested against the wall behind him, and his Berretta nestled between him and the wall he was leaning on, if she tried anything, he’d act quickly.

Tinny, latched onto Bladewraith hugging into him gently but firmly
“You remember… that first night at village…”
“That was three years ago Tinny”
Her hand slowly and deliberately grazed the inside of his thigh. The warmth of it resting in place atop the crotch of his trousers affected his baser instincts. His heart rate increase slightly, and blood flow was diverted to greet the feel of her touch.
“You remember… second night , in the village” she gently began rub him through his trousers
“Tinny, we shouldn’t, we’ve…” an explosion sounded out to the west followed by a small shudder that swept the ground, huge amounts of weapons fire, originating from the same direction followed after. Bladewraith grabbed his 417, and holstered his Berretta in an instant ready to greet the attackers if it came necessary. Wingnut was up, and grabbing his Remington, when several stray rounds flew over head, three impacts rang out as stray bullets penetrated the thin walls of old barracks building.
“Oww… that hurts” exclaimed a stunned Tinny
Bladewraith looked at her and even in the darkness, could see one of the stray rounds had impacts her shoulder, he could tell how badly it was bleeding, but the dim first light gently shined on the fresh blood.
“Fuck! Doc, get over here!”
“What is it?”
“Tinny’s been hit!” he pulled his torch out and wrapped his hand around the end, clicking it on. His hand restricted the amount of light that came out giving him enough to see, but not enough to be seen by whoever was attacking. The Size of the wound was wider then he’d expected. “It’s 9mil!”
“With that range and power, 9 times 39… Full auto… Grozas!”
“Fuck it, a Duty attack squad”
“Right we need to get out of here” cried Wingnut
“I’m not leaving her!” he pointed at down at Tinny
“Fine, let’s get dirty then”
“Ok, give me your Med Kit!” ordered Tamara, Bladewraith grabbed his out of his pack and chucked it to Tamara,
“We’ll draw them off.”
With that they ran out the building moving to cover.

Bladewraith Ran across the short open ground before diving for cover behind an old T64 Tank. He moved towards the front, hoping to put the tower between him and the attackers. Another dash and he’d be behind cover, strong enough he’d be safe and be able to fire with relative safety and at that range make every round count. He glanced behind him watching as Wingnut crouched behind a broken Statue.
“What would you think of this comrade?” Wingnut asked the Statue before firing Slug rounds towards a hole in the western wall. They’d heard the rumours about an attack about a month ago which left a small section of the wall destroyed. Freedom had barricade it up, but it wasn’t anywhere near as secure as they’d needed it to be.
Bladewraith dashed forwards, jumped and rolled behind the cover of the watch tower. He quickly switched to a left handed grip of his rifle, and tilted his body enough to see the hole crouched on his knee, he raised his 417 up, and a few more bursts were sent forward

Wingnut charged forward darting in between Screw’s piles of unserviceable crap; several rounds bounced off, hissed and whizzed past the scattered debris. Finding a small hole in the junk Wingnut aimed and fired slugs as fast as his forearm could rack the 12 gauge. He ducked down as a return volley aimed his way from the right side of the hole.

A sudden streak of light and smoke sprinted trough the air, an almighty explosive sounded directly above Bladewraith, a RPG had struck the Watch tower, in the centre, the metal twisted and bent, it buckled and swayed before the most constant of forces took grip upon its structure, Gravity pulled it and the metal eventually gave way before it crashed to the ground, landing with a heavy ear piercing crash on the bridge over the railroad, the eastern side giving way and crumpling underneath the force delivered to it. Debris rained down on Bladewraith partially burying him in small chucks of twisted metal.

Wingnut looked to his right; he could see Max taking cover behind a container. Occasionally leaning out and taking a shot or two at random intervals so the Duty Squad couldn’t predict his movements. Several other Freedom members were firing, from various other containers and walls
“Max! On 3… I’ll cover you.” Shouted Wingnut
“Ok… 1…” replied Max in a similar tone
“2” Wingnut opened fire, attempting to draw the attention of the Duty Squad away from Max
“3” Max leant out and took an extra half second to aim and fire piercing a round through the chest armour of one of the Dutyers. And another shot striking the head of an Exoskeleton Armoured attacker.
“Another!” cried Max
Wingnut was reloading “give me a sec!” a dull thump rang out across the fire fight, as a 40mm grenade was fired from atop the hill, time seemed to slow to a crawl as he watched it sail through the sky towards the camp fire, he remembered Bladewraith’s comments from years earlier, when you know about an explosion, don’t close your mouth, keep it open and breath out slowly, this equalises the pressure and reduces the risk of perforating an eardrum.
“DOWN!!!” screamed Max, as he turned away and crouched into the smallest ball he could in the time he had
The Explosion erupted outwards from one of the rear containers. The concussion wave knocked Max off his feet, several other Freedom fighters were knocked about, and one disappeared completely as two Fuel drums located nearby exploded. A fireball shot upwards and a second concussion wave flew out, Max was lifted up and thrown across the road crashing into the concrete wall on the other side. Wingnut was far enough away, he was safe but the size of the explosions allowed him to feel the warmth of the fireball, and for a few seconds it was as bright as day across the small battlefield, his ears rang loudly, but they were intact.
“Shit Max.” Wingnut broke cover ran across and jumped down from the old helipad to the level below near to Max, covering himself behind one of the concrete supports dotted along the wall. Max was a couple of metres away, coughing his guts up. Wingnut jumped towards him and grabbed the back of his collar, then dragged backwards behind the concrete protrusion as quickly as his strength allowed. Max’s SVU was still attached to him by a sling wrapped loosely around Max’s arm and dragged across the floor next to him.
“Max… can you hear me” asked Wingnut, Max stare was glazed over, he was dead, and he knew it.
Max coughed in response, each cough projected more blood out onto his ruined suit, “Le… eve… me! I… I’m dead…”
Wingnut looked over max noting most of his Limbs were bent at strange angles or in abnormal places indicating severe breaks. Max shakily lifted the SVU he used for so long and handed it to Wingnut. And then his head collapsed backwards and his body went limp, he was gone. Wingnut stared at the SVU for a few moments, before shouldering it and leaning out firing two rounds each directly into the chests of two of the attacked Duty Members.

Bladewraith had climbed out of the rubble and was once again firing at the Dutyers, his scope had been struck by the falling debris and it was shattered. Bladewraith himself was covered in cuts and lacerations but he continued to fight, a few very angry, but well placed shots later and the Duty squad was retreating. They only saw two of them run; the rest must have been killed. Bladewraith got to his feet and ran down the kill past the train yard before turning and climbing the hill from which so much destruction had come. Several Freedom Fighters ran with him. When they approached the top, the Duty survivors were nowhere to be seen. Bladewraith quickly ran down the hill and charge past Wingnut shouting as he went.
“You OK”
“Yeah I’m fine… check on the Girls”
Bladewraith waved his hand in acknowledgement, as it was exactly what he was doing he practically jumped in through the doorway. Tinny was sat upright leant against the wall. Her arm and shoulder wrapped in a bandage and a sling taking the weight on her neck
“Your guys ok?”
“Yeah we’re fine.” Replied Tamara
“Healing Ointment eh?” asked Tinny
Bladewraith looked at Tamara then back at Tinny “It works”
“I hope so”
“The bullet’s still in there but she got lucky, it didn’t hit anything important and unless she gets an infection, she should be ok with it where it is, I’d cause more damage trying to get it out.”
Wingnut appeared at the doorway “Bladewraith… Leshiy wants a word with us”

Bladewraith emerged from the hut to a dreary faced Leshiy. He’d removed the Gas Mask he usually wore revealing his facial expression for the first time to the Duo.
“Leshiy, what the hell happened?”
“We’re still trying to figure it out, I was on gate when it started, but I heard gun fire from swamp just afterwards, I’ve ordered Cap to send a couple of boys back to help, and they check the swamp over on way.”
“Who put you in charge of the clean up?” asked Wingnut
“I’ve just been informed by Lukash, that I’m in charge of Max’s Duties now…”
“Fair Enough… shame it had to happen like this though”
“Indeed, I’m also to thank you for helping”
“Anytime, but…” Leshiy raised an Eyebrow “We need to keep our involvement quiet…”
“I understand, you’re loners, and need to stay neutral, You were never here, how about that.”
“Perfect, you reckon you guys could look after Tinny?”
“What, I’m fine” a shout came from inside
“Really…” The boys could hear Tamara saying “Stand up.”
Tinny shot a look at her, and then tried to stand but the pain in her upper body, forced her to sit back down quickly
“Ok fine…”
Bladewraith walked back in and crouched beside her and kissed her on her lips “I’ll be coming back for you… you’re gonna finish what you started!” with that Tinny was speechless and he picked up his bag and walked back outside shortly followed by Tamara, her pack over her shoulders and carrying Wingnut’s out to him.
Wingnut presented Max’s SVU to Leshiy “It Was Max’s”
“Keep it, we’re not sentimental about that sort thing round here”

“Leshiy!” shouted a Freedom Soldier as he ran down the now partially ruined bridge panting lightly, Leshiy turned to see the runner. It was one of the three Men Cap had sent.
“What is it?”
“There was a shooter at the Swamp Cabin, but he wasn’t Duty”
“Explain” demanded Wingnut before Leshiy could even open his mouth
“we found the remains of a man in the cabin, surrounded by small calibre shell casings, 9mm, there was a NATO Sniper Rifle dumped in the swamp, whether on purpose or by accident I don’t know. There was only two 7.62 cases on the floor of the balcony.” Explained the Stalker
“What happened to the shooter?”
“Attacked by a couple of boars from the looks of things, not much left of him, I think that’s what the 9mil was from, him defending himself”
“Other than the Rifle, which he probably dropped while dodging the boar, what makes you say he wasn’t Duty?” Asked Bladewraith before Leshiy had even finished processing the information he’d just been given.
“These…” the Stalker produced a half empty packet of Marlboro Red Cigarettes, the type only Mercs smoked.
“Ok, things are a little more complicated then we first thought.”
“Leshiy, check the bodies of the Duty Squad, just in case” ordered Bladewraith
They turned towards the temporary morgue at the bottom of the hill, and it was the first time Leshiy had noticed the sniper in the watch tower overlooking the farmstead to the west. He turned his attention to one of the runners from Cap.
“You, get up that tower and keep watch report to me whatever you find up there as well.”
“What is it Leshiy?” asked Wingnut
“They only thing the Swamp Shooter could’ve hit from the Cabin, would’ve been the Sniper towers, if he had taken out the sniper watching over the farmstead from back there…” he thumbed behind him towards the swamp. The body would’ve slumped forward onto the Sandbags, and looked like he was still up there; any other angle and the body would’ve either fallen flat on the deck or off the edge, alerting us to the attack.”
“This was well panned whether it was Duty or not.”
The group then walked back down the gentle slope to where the bodies of the Duty Squad had been placed, seven bodies, they removed each of the armoured masks to see the faces. Leshiy walked up and down looking at each on, while the others checked for anything suspicious. Wingnut found another pack of Western brand cigarettes on one and Leshiy recognised another
“Makari… what were you doing here?” he asked himself
“What is it?”
“This guy, Makari, used to be one of my team”
“What do you mean” questioned Tamara
“I used to be a Merc, but shit started going downhill and I got out and joined Freedom a few Months back… but Makari, he stayed, I heard a rumour that my old team joined up with a larger Merc group.” Leshiy kicked one of the corpses “These fuckers I presume”
“So, the Mercs attacked a while back, did you guys ever find out why, or who hired them?”
“And they’ve done the same again” added Wingnut, stating the Obvious
“But why? who?, what would they have to gain?”

End of Chapter
  02:22:09  15 March 2011
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Great stuff!

I'm sorry for not having replied earlier, but I wanted to read everything until the end.

The story is great and although I haven't finished SnorkBait, I do believe your characters are more interesting.

The whole SCIENCE part was pretty interesting and I loved how you incorporated the artifacts into your story, I'm looking forwards to more of that.

You do a pretty good job describing the weapons, but the more the better!

Can't wait to see the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. in Rostock.

If you would post the link to the side story it would be great.

P.S. I did notice a few spelling mistakes, but I was too lazy to write them down, however I will try to point out any new mistakes If there are any (or at least the obvious ones), if you don't mind, of-course.

Anyway, keep it up, I'm loving it!
  18:53:24  11 March 2011
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Chapter 17

Tamara eventually became more aware of her surroundings, she’d slept well all things considering, her eyes were still shut, wanting to keep the first rays of sunshine out, the light outside evident through her eye lids. She could hear the wind blowing gently through the holes in the roof, the rain water dripping through the roof had all but stopped, that had to be a good thing, but there was voices, quite angry sounding voices actually, then the sunlight that was trying to wake her disappeared, ‘odd’ she thought, some heavy clouds, but it was strangely sudden, she crept her eyes open to check.

It wasn’t sunlight, it was a torch that had been shined briefly in her direction, and the voices were those of Bladewraith, Wingnut and another stalker. Tamara’s eyes were still heavy, her brain didn’t want to be awake yet, and it took a few seconds to survey the scene. Wingnut was on his knees… with his hands behind his head, Bladewraith stood with his rifle shouldered beside him aiming at the other stalker, which was holding a pistol to Wingnut’s head. “What the fuck?”

All eyes snapped onto Tamara then back to their previous positions.
“Tinny… Lower… Your… Weapon!” ordered Bladewraith punctuating each word,
“Shut up Bladewraith! Wingman here needs to know when to keep his mouth shut”
“It wasn’t an insult, you psychotic bitch!” answered Wingnut
“Oh, you really know how to talk to a woman don’t you.” She replied in her thick Latvian Accent
“Tinny… I’m gonna ask one more time… lower, your weapon.” Tinny looked at her options, get what she believed to be just vengeance on Wingnut, and a bullet in her form Bladewraith, or take the high road… it wasn’t as easy an option as she wanted it to be.

Wingnut stared intently between Bladewraith and Tinny, there was nothing he could do, he knew in hindsight he’d been wrong 3 years ago, he hadn’t meant to cause her as much trouble as he had, but there was nothing he could do about that now, maybe he could’ve greeted her with a little more respect when he awoke to find her standing over him Makarov in had aimed at his head, he looked briefly down the end of the short barrel, maybe he was wrong, but looking at her now, he could only believe he’d been right.

Bladewraith didn’t bother to look at Wingnut, he knew how she felt about Wingnut, she didn’t even know his name had changed; she kept referring to him as Wingman, he weighed up his options, shoot Tinny, something he didn’t want to do, not only would he be shooting the women he’d forgiven years ago, but if he shot, Wingnut was definitely dead, it was a Mexican standoff. The next move was hers…
“What’s it gonna be then Tinny?”
She looked at them both once more, and then at her Makarov, slowly and deliberately she de-coked the pistol, and held it out, pointing the barrel at the floor.
“I’m not the same person I was… OK!”
Bladewraith lowered his 417 Wingnut slowly and carefully climbed back to his feet, Tamara was still sat in the corner, and all was silent for several seconds
“What the hell has just happened here?” asked Tamara heavily confused
All three Stalkers looked at her, tinny spoke first
“Your new piece of meat?”
“She’s a Rookie. We found her way too far north, and we’re escorting her out”
“Ah, isn’t that nice of you, shame you guys weren’t so kind a couple of years back!”
“Tinny, I’m sorry ok.” claimed Wingnut
“You have no idea the shit I’ve been through because of you!” she explained looking at Wingnut, who was about to say something, before Tamara jumped in once more
“Umm… Hello,” She waved her hand at them “still absolutely no idea what’s going on!” her voice conveyed her irritation
“Doc, this is Tinny”
“Hi nice to meet you…” she was filled with sarcasm “Could you tell me what’s going on?”
“I met these two a couple of years back, we entered the Zone about the same time and met at the rookie village”
“Ok, so why were you pointing a gun to his head” Tamara pointed at Wingnut
“Just after we met, we got recruited to help some other rookies take out a Bandit camp, I fucked up… I missed one Bandit and that Bandit shot one of the other Rookies, Wingman here…” she pointed at Wingnut and Tamara looked confused
“You mean Wingnut” asked Tamara
“What, no Wingman” responded an equally confused Tinny
“Wait, look long story short, I used to be Wingman, now I’m Wingnut… Ok!” interjected Wingnut
“What… Why?” asked Tamara, before his gaze told her to carry on. “Blamed me, and got me kicked out of the camp.” Tamara looked at Wingnut scornfully
“Is that it… you got her kicked out for missing someone?”
“Hey, I’ve said sorry… don’t make a big deal of it.”
“A BIG deal? Because of you, I had to go east, to the swamps, where I got caught up in a fight with the Renegades, they shot me, captured me, fucking… did things…” She spoke with gritted teeth “and I escaped, not before they’d taught me my lesson for resisting” she pulled the sleeve of her Sunrise Suit up to reveal the wide deep scars up her arms, they were old, but they still looked painful.
“Tinny! Calm down… Wingnut was wrong to do what he did… but there’s nothing he can do to change that now!”
“Drop It! that goes for you two as well” all three looked scorned but Bladewraith abruptness, but none of them argued they just fell into silence. Bladewraith could tell if this continued then there was a chance it could kick off again. An important lesson he’d learned a long time ago, was speak with authority and people will follow, they will be naturally submissive to the loud shouty person.

A few moments passed all eyes looking at the floor except for Bladewraith who scanned the group, a quick check of his watch told him it would be light enough to move out in an hour or so.
“Wingnut, Doc, get back to sleep, we’re moving out in an hour. Tinny… do whatever you want”
Reluctantly, they both sat back down in their previous positions and laid down. Bladewraith sat with his back to the wall and rifle in his hands. Tinny, looked around and found a dry corner on the opposite side of the room, where she laid down also…
‘This is gonna be the longest hour of my life he thought,’ as he watched the other sleep, he kept himself on guard, just in case

End of Chapter
  13:54:27  11 March 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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03/11/2011 13:55:33
Messages: 306

I just read your whole story to date.

Sometimes there are sentences which are awkwardly worded or spelling errors but the story itself is highly engrossing.

Great read. I'm waiting on the rest!

Thank you D, i'm all for constructive critisism, it helps me know what to concentrate on more, need to get things right, i admit, a lot of my writing is... well not rushed, that's a bit strong, but i get too keen to carry on so don't do all the error checking i should do. since reading bits and pieces now that i've posted them, i realise there are some big holes, and contradicting bits, so i have to try and fit them in later on. i am going through my old chapters and rewriting a few bits, expanding others. so hopefully once i'm finished i'll have to story down a bit better so it makes a bit more sense, but at the moment it's over 50 pages long which is an incedibly large amount for me so give it time.

PS i'm also working on a second story as a sideline, when i struggle to write this one, it's the prequel if you will to this story, explaining Bladewraith's and Wingnuts entrance into the zone and there first two years before the events of this story.

again Cheers for the comment, hoping to have the next chapter (a short one i admit) up this afternoon, unless i get busy at work of course
  07:43:42  11 March 2011
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I just read your whole story to date.

Sometimes there are sentences which are awkwardly worded or spelling errors but the story itself is highly engrossing.

Great read. I'm waiting on the rest!
  14:14:51  10 March 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010
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Hell, I've been away from this forum too much, awesome things have been wrote . Good stuff you wrote there, actually makes me think about restarting my old story or maybe another.

Cheers bud, nice to know i've still got some readers

i whole heartedly encourage you to start writing again bud, the story section here has gone a little quiet of late, be nice to have some fresh reading.

Sorry to anyone else who's reading it's been awhile since my last chapter, real world has been taking priority. i'm doing a 3 week trip across Moroco in my Landy in just over 6 weeks time... Shit only 6 weeks, and that's not much time to sort the very long list of things i need to do. i won't bore you with the details, i hope to have the next chapter up, later today or tommorow.

once again, cheers for reading.
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