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Bladewraith & Wingnut

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  11:09:29  17 February 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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02/17/2011 18:53:43
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What a shame if only davis and I read this story. This story is on par with Snorkbait.

Not that i don't appreciate the sentiment, but i don't think so, Snorkbait's Story is on par with The Zone series, and IMHO my just doesn't cut it compared. but still, thank you very much

Wishfull thinking: Can Blade make an artefact ointment for me too? I suffer from incurable backpain so I need something that at least removes the pain while I sleep so I can get some genuine rest. I haven't felt really rested for years.

In Reality: depending on how old you are bud, i would recommend an epidural. sorted out a few of the older boys i know.
In the Zone: i might be able to work something out, be aware that i don't know the cause or attempted treatments, i'll have to guess.

And you'll both have to wait until the trio get closer to rostock before meeting other Stalkers again.

PS, i wonder when Snorkbait is gonna resume his writing?
  13:30:18  17 February 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010
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Chapter 13

Door opened and Wingnut walked back in, dragging the box labelled Land Rover Spares behind him.
“I thought I said to get some rest.”
“You did”
“He made an ointment. Do you know how to make this kinda stuff?” added Tamara
“No, I know how to improve things with artefacts and anomalies, hence the power. He deals with the healthy side of things” Wingnut turned his unimpressed look upon Bladewraith and held out his hand. Into which Bladewraith placed a tin of the ointment.
“Right, then, I have a Land Rover to fix, how’s the documentation going?”
“Almost done” she held out two of the clear document folders filled with documents and a disk. “One more to go”
“And I’ll finish prepping the kit.”
Bladewraith moved to walk out the door when Tamara grabbed his arm gently, take this, it belonged to Manning. She passed him the Aus hat, which he looked at appreciatively and placed it atop his head before turning and he walked outside and the door closed behind him, Tamara disappeared back into the Lab, Wingnut looked around the armoury, there was far too much kit her to ever need, but he didn’t want to part with any of it. the tools alone were far better than the one he had, but he didn’t want to risk losing them, so didn’t pack them. He shook his head free of his thoughts, ‘Tamara’ he thought ‘I’ll start with Tamara’ he rummaged through the combats and found some basic DPM trousers, and a jacket he got the sizes he thought she was out of the selection and carried them through to her in the lab
“Here, Try these on”
“Huh” was all she managed to get out before the combats were flying through the air at her. She stumbled as she struggled to catch them. And he walked back out to give her some privacy, as much as he wanted to stay. A few moments later a sheepish voice came out
“Umm… have you got a belt?”
“Little loose are they?”
“Yeah… not bad though, good guess.” He walked back into the main room and shouted through
“What size shoe are you?”
“Size 8” he proceeded to collect a size 8 pair of boots and a belt and carry them through.
She took the belt and fed it through the loops on the trousers, and then took the boots, looking at them for less than a second
“I meant Size 8 Women’s”
Wingnut sighed and took the boots from her hands and walked through, eventually he took notice that there wasn’t every size, just a pair of certain sizes and a couple of others
“Duh!!!” Wingnut said to himself joined with a light smack to the head. He grabbed the smallest pair and brought them to Tamara.
“Ah perfect” she seemed much happier with these.
“I didn’t think that you guys would’ve only brought the sizes that fitted you.”
“So are you saying there might be a better fitting jacket and trousers out there?”
“You’re more than welcome to finish this up and come through and look yourself”
Tamara put her hands up in surrender; she turned to get on with her work. Wingnut grinned and went back through to the Armoury. He remembered the western style revolver holster she’d offered him before, 30 seconds later he’d found it on the floor behind the counter, ‘it must’ve fallen off’ he thought to himself as he wrapped it around his waist, it was a little tight so he unhitched it and moved the buckle down a notch. he collected a box of .357s from the cupboard and loaded 6 in the empty chambers and holstered it. “Awesome” he looked around and his thoughts returned Tamara and her kit
“Hmm” he said to himself, “what else is she gonna need?”
He walked over and picked up a Glock 17 from the shelf, then a drop leg holster for it and a spare magazine. He loaded both magazines and placed one back in the gun; which in turn he placed in the holster, with the spare mag in the pouch on the side. He placed the now loaded holster on the counter and looked around, trying to figure out if there was any weapon she could easily carry and use “Ah Perfect!” he said, once again to himself as he picked up an MP5 and collected 3 extra mags and loaded them, just as he was finishing loading the third mag of the four Tamara came out the lab and placed the 4 document folders on the counter. Keeping one separate, Wingnut eyed them, noticing the separate one had several disks inside rather than the others that only had one.
“That one yours then?” he asked
“Yup, got all the videos with us being obviously English on them”
“Ok, get yourself some combats that fit”
“Umm… ok.” Tamara looked carefully through the shelves and picked out some DPMs and walked back in the lab to change
“Spoil Sport” Wingnut shouted out to hear
“Perv!” she shouted back, before coming back in the room in the new combats that fitted a lot better with a fairly large grin on her face “So is that the only reason your helping me… you want to see some flesh?”
“No… how dare you say that” Tamara looked shocked, she thought she might have actually offended Wingnut with her last quip.
“It’s only half the reason, the other half is I really like your stuff” he said with a huge smile holding up the MP5 he was loading, before the pair erupted into laughter.

“Ok, next thing,” he searched around for a lightweight Kevlar Vest, and eventually found one, it wasn’t gonna stop the higher calibre rounds but it’d stop pistol rounds, and protect against dog attacks. “Put this on” this one he passed to her and she climbed into it. Wingnut walked around her and did up the straps so it would rest correctly on her.
“Right, this is yours” he passed her the Glock in the holster, and then the MP5 and so is this “He gave her a pack from on the way, again small and lightweight” inside it was her tin of Ointment, the spare MP5 Mags and a couple of Medkit.
“Hmm… ah,” he raised a finger in the air and walked into the pantry and came back out with two British Army ration Packs. Bladewraith had told him stories about trading kit with the Yanks, and the one item they had that the US forces never said no too, was the ration packs.

The main door opened and in appeared Bladewraith dragging the box of Spares,
“Right the Landy’s running”
“What time is it?” asked Tamara
Almost 3, we’ll have another 4 hours light at most; I suggest we wait until tomorrow before we set off

End of Chapter
  17:51:19  18 February 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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02/18/2011 17:52:14
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I hate my brain!!!

I've just written IMO 4 really good chapters in two days, but i can't post them, because it wouldn't be in the correct order, and every time i try and write the next chapter. i can't ijust thinkof ideas for chapters further ahead! AAARGH.

Where's my Whiskey?
  18:32:55  21 February 2011
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Chapter 15

Bladewraith Wingnut and Tamara spent the rest of the afternoon checking their equipment and preparing themselves, Wingnut had his suit, the Python in the leather holster, his Remington and his Bow, Bladewraith had his Berretta in his Shoulder Holster, his HK 416 and his new Aus Hat, of which he was very proud.

Bladewraith looked around the armoury, checking if there was anything else he wanted to bring, as he looked, old memories returned to him. He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a red dot sight, next was a high scope mount for an MP5, then the MP5 itself, with built in Fore Grip Torch, and a silencer. After putting a sling onto it he packed it carefully into his pack, the barrel stuck out the top slightly even after taking the silencer off, but not too much. He loaded four MP5 mags with Fully Metal Jacketed rounds, two more with Hollow Points, and placed those into his pack. A Ration pack went in and then his eye glanced onto a cupboard under the counter, which they hadn’t opened yet. Lifting the lid most shocking to say the least 40 bricks of Plastic Explosive, and inside a spate box inside that one, was 30 timed detonators and 30 Remote Detonators.
“Note to Diary… Jackpot!” he spoke to himself
Placing 4 bricks, plus two of each of the detonators into his pack, he lifted it to check the weight. It was heavy but not overly so. ‘That’ll do’ he thought right before noticing the Kukri tucked into the corner of one of the cupboards “Mine” he sheathed it.

They all slept soundly that night. Wingnut wasn’t kept awake by Bladewraith’s snoring, Bladewraith didn’t have dreams of the past and Tamara slept peacefully all night, they awoke in the morning and readied themselves, they had a lot of travelling to do that day, and needed to get going, the loaded their packs into the Land Rover outside and were about to set off when Wingnut had an idea. He jumped out and ran over to the helicopter wreckage. And grabbed a long pole, he attached the pole to the bonnet of the Land Rover so it hung 3 metres out from the front, and then hung several lengths of rope with bolts threaded into it around the end. Bladewraith knew exactly what it was for.
“What is that for?” Tamara asked
“Simply put, as we drive, we can’t guarantee the road will be free of anomalies, so we won’t be driving fast, and anomaly we’re about to drive into will make the ropes and nuts move well before we drive into it”
“Very clever…” she responded
“Not really, we could just attach our anomaly detectors to the front, but we don’t them to risk falling off, or getting damaged, it the… budget model, shall we say.”

They then set off, several times watching the pole dance in front of them, and they took evasive action. The Land Rover fared better then they had thought, bouncing happily over the heavily rutted road, it was strange how on foot, the ruts didn’t seem that bad, but from a vehicle they were much larger. The journey that had Taken Bladewraith and Wingnut 2 and half hours, from the village to the tunnel on foot, only took half an hour this way. Soon they pulled up outside the boat house which contained the RIB, Wingnut immediately dismounted and grabbed the compressor, and Bladewraith jumped out and walked over to the door

The chain was on the floor beside the door; Bladewraith immediately pulled his 416 to aim on the door, and then crouched, sweeping the area. Wingnut looked at him and pulled the Remington up, Tamara looked dumbfounded put crouched just on instinct. Wingnut noticed the chain that had spooked Bladewraith senses.
“Dude, it was only held together with a bit of wire, probably fell off”
“Fell off, and through itself to one side in a little pile?”
“Fair point…” the pair looked around checking for anything else out of the ordinary.
“The boars gone!”
“Yup, no dragging marks though.” Added Bladewraith, Tamara was staying quiet; she was learning quickly that only the most important things get said at this point.
“Right there’s nothing out here, inside!” the two men quickly formed on each side of the doorway, before Bladewraith, kicked the door open and they moved inside, Bladewraith left, Wingnut right. Bladewraith encountered an empty room; Wingnut on the other hand encountered a slightly different room.
“Bodies! 3 of them…” Bladewraith moved around the other side to see “Bandits”
“Shit, reckon they’ve been following us again.” inquired Bladewraith
“I fucking hope not”
Bladewraith crouched down to inspect the bodies, they’d been dead a few days “no obvious wounds, must’ve been killed by the emission the other day.” He explained “right, get this RIB inflated, I’ll have a look around.”

Tamara had stayed outside was waiting to come in. as Bladewraith left she carried the heavy compressor in. and Wingnut got started filling the tubes up. Bladewraith finished his sweep of the rest of the hamlet and found nothing else. When he returned one side was already full and Wingnut was moving around to the other edge. Bladewraith set about removing anything of value from the bodies of the dead bandits and stashed them inside the Land Rover, he then drained all the fluids and proceeded to remove the battery and stash them in a box in the back. He didn’t want an emission to cause a leak and leave it unserviceable. He loaded their backs into the boat and checked the engine and fuel tank, luckily it all looked good. A few minutes later the boat, Wingnut Bladewraith and Tamara was ready to go. Bladewraith felt inside his pocket at the coral artefact he’d found underwater. All the other artefacts had been left behind, but he’d found that one and he was keeping it.

The journey across the water was bizarrely uneventful. The water was reasonably calm, which was good, Bladewraith kept the speed down, for two reasons; he didn’t want to risk a puncture out in the open water. He’d done it before and it wasn’t fun. And he wanted to be able to find a decent place to hide the boat so they could come back to it later. Eventually the settled on a area to the east of the Red forest, by their guess, they’d be able to hide the boat, climb one of the old paths, and then drop down into the red forest nearby to the lab that housed the scorcher.

The climb was easy, they’d found a path that looked like it hadn’t been used in years, but the trek down was much more difficult, they searched the area on top of the ridge for a safe place down for several hours, working their way south until they found a safe enough location, Wingnut climbed down first, carefully working his way from ledge to ledge
“If only we’d thought to bring some of the climbing equipment that was in the bunker”
“Hind sight’s a bitch!” was all Wingnut had to say about the matter
Bladewraith then lowered Tamara down, allowing Wingnut to care for her towards the bottom, Bladewraith on the other had seemed to storm down, barely loosing foot once. It was a mere 20 minute walk and they would be at the northern edge of the warehouses, and beyond that… Rostock.

End of Chapter
  11:01:47  23 February 2011
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Chapter 16

“Identify yourselves!” Demanded the freedom barrier guard, the barrier hadn’t seen action in a couple of weeks, since that Stalker had come through and de-activated the Scorcher, but that didn’t stop freedom keeping guard on it.
“Bladewraith, Wingnut, and…” he tried to think of something normal but gave up quickly “Doc”
“Oh cheers for that!”
“What would you prefer? TJ?”
“Alright, you can pass” the guard interrupted the bickering
As they got closer Bladewraith thanked the guard and they got on their way, the previously built up defences had mostly been knocked down after the scorcher fell, Duty sent a massive force through the warehouses to get to Pripyat, destroying half the Barrier blockades on the way.

They moved along the main road, very few mutants roamed around the area, with Freedom keeping all the entrances clear and doing regular sweeps, well everywhere except the village off course, no one was sure how many Bloodsuckers were in the village, they would hire some guys to go in a clear it once in a while but most came out saying they’d killed a couple and no others had attacked, those that stayed any longer, rarely ever came out at all. And when the next group go in, they find a body sometimes, shrivelled up and dry. Not enough fluids in it to decompose properly, but most were never seen again. Raising the belief that Human’s transformed into Bloodsuckers; one thing was certain, no one wanted to find out for sure. And having Tamara with them meant they would be keeping clear at all costs

They walked along the road casually but ever vigilant, until they could hear chanting and cheering, the same religious style speaking that many Stalkers, Bladewraith and Wingnut included, had heard coming from Monolith forces. “What’s that noise” Tamara asked?
“I was about to ask the same thing.” Replied Wingnut
The village and road they were on was separated by two large earth banks that formed a natural amphitheatre. They silently ascended the mound and lay on the ground as they reached the top, to listen in. I couldn’t be monolith, surely. They peered over the top and Wingnut and Bladewraith let out a sigh of relief.
“What? What is it?”
“Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none” the young preacher exclaimed
“You could almost mistake the ramblings for Monolith preaching!” said Bladewraith they seen these clowns before, religious nut jobs that convince stalkers to part with cash or artefacts for salvation in the eyes of the lord. Worst part was there were three of them, a old guy and young guy and a middle aged guy, cutely named: The Father, The Son and The Holy Stalker in that order obviously. Bladewraith, Wingnut and Tamara looked on in awe; this small group of Stalkers looked inspired by the ranting of these three men. Tamara was confused by the whole think and listened carefully.
“And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter… This is the end of days my friends” explained the Father
“What’s he on about, I haven’t seen any fallen stars” she almost laughed saying this.
“Problem is, he’d quoting stuff that all ties in to actual events, or supposed events.”
“What d’you mean”
We look at this and think he’s a nutta. But they don’t” she said as he pointed at the crowd “think about it, the Aztec calendar says the end of the world happens in 2012, remind me what year is it?” Tamara nodded as that part worked if you believed it.
“The Monolith or wish granter or whatever, is supposedly a meteorite that fell from the sky” explained Wingnut
“And apparently the Russian translation of Wormwood… is Chernobyl”
“Think about it… many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter … Radiation” added Wingnut
“Oh my god!”
Hey, stay with us here, it’s just a load of bull to us, so don’t get sucked in. there just like bandits, except they don’t demand anything they wait for you to give it to them.”
“Well, can’t you ruff them up or something?”
“What for… excepting gifts, if they threatened people, someone would deal with it, but…” Bladewraith shrugged his Shoulders and the three carried on walking putting the religious nonsense behind them.

They walked down the old road, the asphalt crumpling underfoot. The preaching was a faint memory behind them; Wingnut looked at the sky and sighed. It was clouding over and blocking out the late afternoon sun
“It’ll be getting dark soon”
“Yup, and there’s a storm coming, I reckon we should stop in at Freedom Base”, they were just reaching a junction in the road, Right went towards Rostock, straight on to Freedom Base, they carried on straight.
“Who’s freedom?”
“Didn’t you guys gather any information about the Zone before you came out here?”
“Our security did, they knew what was going on, but Dr Samuels, Brown and I didn’t need to know. As far as we were concerned we wouldn’t be leaving the base”
“Well… Freedom is just one faction among many in the Zone.”
“They believe in free access to the zone, that’s it, a wonder of the world that’s been ‘given’ to humanity” added Wingnut
“You don’t sound impressed” remarked Tamara
“I’m not, they used to have a base down south, and someone or something was attacking their squads. And because we were nearby, they assumed it was us, we spent a week prisoners in their base, even though the attacks continued, before some guy came along and discovered it was mercs and they let us go.”
“Normally we’d of stayed and helped, but fuck that, we left”
“But if the attacks continued, why did they continue to hold you?”
“They wanted to rule out all possibilities”
“And you want to spend the night there!”
“Look it’s an hour’s hike to Rostock from here, 2 hours at our current pace, and we’ve got half an hour of light left, at most.”
“But what they did to you…”
“They didn’t do anything, we weren’t tortured or badly treated or anything like that. Just held prisoner. Wingnut’s making it sound worse than it was.”
The trio walked on towards the main gate of freedom base, before coming into view of the guards, all three raised their weapons aiming at the newcomers. Tamara watched her companions as they let their weapons hang on their slings and moved their hands outwards, to their sides open palms facing the guards; she took one more look and copied their movements. The central Guard who was wearing a bright orange Freedom Exoskeleton, something that always confused Bladewraith and Wingnut, lowered his G36 but the two with scoped SIGs kept their aim.

“What d’you want?” one of them shouted, it was slightly muffled behind their Gas Masks
“Leshiy! How about a night with your mum?” shouted Wingnut
“Wingnut you cheeky bastard, what’s your obsession with me ma?”
Twig and Leshiy, lowered their SIGs, and relaxed, the trio walked up to them with their arms relaxed as well.
“What’d you three need then” asked twig
“It’s getting dark, need a place to hole up for the night.”
“Oh really? And who’s this, I thought you only travel as a pair, no more, and even rarely by yourselves.” He pointed at Tamara
“We found her on the other side of the forest, we’re escorting her out.”
Leshiy looked Tamara up and down. Then at Bladewraith and Wingnut.
“Go on… fuck off” he said as he thumbed inside the perimeter wall
The trio strolled in and made their way to the first Barracks building on their left.

They stashed their kit up against the wall, and sat on the floor leaning against the wall.
“I thought you didn’t like Freedom?” she asked Wingnut
“I don’t, Leshiy’s not like the others in Freedom, and he used to be a merc, a trustworthy one at that.”
This interrupted Tamara’s train of thought “Fair enough” was all she could say.
“Try and get some sleep, you’re going home tomorrow.”
Wingnut hunched up to sleep and Bladewraith closed his eyes. The sound of the storm overhead actually soothed Bladewraith minds, the constant noise, and not quite pitch darkness thanks to the occasional flash of lightning followed by rumbles of thunder distracted his subconscious mind his troublesome past.

Tamara struggled against her natural fears to try and sleep, she looked at Bladewraith and then Wingnut, both were asleep already, the thunder the sound of the heavy rain pouring down onto the tattered roof above them, the water dripping through the holes didn’t bother them. ‘Sleep is sleep is guess’ she put her head down onto the ruff but soft edges of her pack once more and tried to block out the sound.

End of Chapter
  03:04:46  9 March 2011
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Hell, I've been away from this forum too much, awesome things have been wrote . Good stuff you wrote there, actually makes me think about restarting my old story or maybe another.
  14:14:51  10 March 2011
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Hell, I've been away from this forum too much, awesome things have been wrote . Good stuff you wrote there, actually makes me think about restarting my old story or maybe another.

Cheers bud, nice to know i've still got some readers

i whole heartedly encourage you to start writing again bud, the story section here has gone a little quiet of late, be nice to have some fresh reading.

Sorry to anyone else who's reading it's been awhile since my last chapter, real world has been taking priority. i'm doing a 3 week trip across Moroco in my Landy in just over 6 weeks time... Shit only 6 weeks, and that's not much time to sort the very long list of things i need to do. i won't bore you with the details, i hope to have the next chapter up, later today or tommorow.

once again, cheers for reading.
  07:43:42  11 March 2011
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I just read your whole story to date.

Sometimes there are sentences which are awkwardly worded or spelling errors but the story itself is highly engrossing.

Great read. I'm waiting on the rest!
  13:54:27  11 March 2011
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On forum: 10/21/2010

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03/11/2011 13:55:33
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I just read your whole story to date.

Sometimes there are sentences which are awkwardly worded or spelling errors but the story itself is highly engrossing.

Great read. I'm waiting on the rest!

Thank you D, i'm all for constructive critisism, it helps me know what to concentrate on more, need to get things right, i admit, a lot of my writing is... well not rushed, that's a bit strong, but i get too keen to carry on so don't do all the error checking i should do. since reading bits and pieces now that i've posted them, i realise there are some big holes, and contradicting bits, so i have to try and fit them in later on. i am going through my old chapters and rewriting a few bits, expanding others. so hopefully once i'm finished i'll have to story down a bit better so it makes a bit more sense, but at the moment it's over 50 pages long which is an incedibly large amount for me so give it time.

PS i'm also working on a second story as a sideline, when i struggle to write this one, it's the prequel if you will to this story, explaining Bladewraith's and Wingnuts entrance into the zone and there first two years before the events of this story.

again Cheers for the comment, hoping to have the next chapter (a short one i admit) up this afternoon, unless i get busy at work of course
  18:53:24  11 March 2011
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Chapter 17

Tamara eventually became more aware of her surroundings, she’d slept well all things considering, her eyes were still shut, wanting to keep the first rays of sunshine out, the light outside evident through her eye lids. She could hear the wind blowing gently through the holes in the roof, the rain water dripping through the roof had all but stopped, that had to be a good thing, but there was voices, quite angry sounding voices actually, then the sunlight that was trying to wake her disappeared, ‘odd’ she thought, some heavy clouds, but it was strangely sudden, she crept her eyes open to check.

It wasn’t sunlight, it was a torch that had been shined briefly in her direction, and the voices were those of Bladewraith, Wingnut and another stalker. Tamara’s eyes were still heavy, her brain didn’t want to be awake yet, and it took a few seconds to survey the scene. Wingnut was on his knees… with his hands behind his head, Bladewraith stood with his rifle shouldered beside him aiming at the other stalker, which was holding a pistol to Wingnut’s head. “What the fuck?”

All eyes snapped onto Tamara then back to their previous positions.
“Tinny… Lower… Your… Weapon!” ordered Bladewraith punctuating each word,
“Shut up Bladewraith! Wingman here needs to know when to keep his mouth shut”
“It wasn’t an insult, you psychotic bitch!” answered Wingnut
“Oh, you really know how to talk to a woman don’t you.” She replied in her thick Latvian Accent
“Tinny… I’m gonna ask one more time… lower, your weapon.” Tinny looked at her options, get what she believed to be just vengeance on Wingnut, and a bullet in her form Bladewraith, or take the high road… it wasn’t as easy an option as she wanted it to be.

Wingnut stared intently between Bladewraith and Tinny, there was nothing he could do, he knew in hindsight he’d been wrong 3 years ago, he hadn’t meant to cause her as much trouble as he had, but there was nothing he could do about that now, maybe he could’ve greeted her with a little more respect when he awoke to find her standing over him Makarov in had aimed at his head, he looked briefly down the end of the short barrel, maybe he was wrong, but looking at her now, he could only believe he’d been right.

Bladewraith didn’t bother to look at Wingnut, he knew how she felt about Wingnut, she didn’t even know his name had changed; she kept referring to him as Wingman, he weighed up his options, shoot Tinny, something he didn’t want to do, not only would he be shooting the women he’d forgiven years ago, but if he shot, Wingnut was definitely dead, it was a Mexican standoff. The next move was hers…
“What’s it gonna be then Tinny?”
She looked at them both once more, and then at her Makarov, slowly and deliberately she de-coked the pistol, and held it out, pointing the barrel at the floor.
“I’m not the same person I was… OK!”
Bladewraith lowered his 417 Wingnut slowly and carefully climbed back to his feet, Tamara was still sat in the corner, and all was silent for several seconds
“What the hell has just happened here?” asked Tamara heavily confused
All three Stalkers looked at her, tinny spoke first
“Your new piece of meat?”
“She’s a Rookie. We found her way too far north, and we’re escorting her out”
“Ah, isn’t that nice of you, shame you guys weren’t so kind a couple of years back!”
“Tinny, I’m sorry ok.” claimed Wingnut
“You have no idea the shit I’ve been through because of you!” she explained looking at Wingnut, who was about to say something, before Tamara jumped in once more
“Umm… Hello,” She waved her hand at them “still absolutely no idea what’s going on!” her voice conveyed her irritation
“Doc, this is Tinny”
“Hi nice to meet you…” she was filled with sarcasm “Could you tell me what’s going on?”
“I met these two a couple of years back, we entered the Zone about the same time and met at the rookie village”
“Ok, so why were you pointing a gun to his head” Tamara pointed at Wingnut
“Just after we met, we got recruited to help some other rookies take out a Bandit camp, I fucked up… I missed one Bandit and that Bandit shot one of the other Rookies, Wingman here…” she pointed at Wingnut and Tamara looked confused
“You mean Wingnut” asked Tamara
“What, no Wingman” responded an equally confused Tinny
“Wait, look long story short, I used to be Wingman, now I’m Wingnut… Ok!” interjected Wingnut
“What… Why?” asked Tamara, before his gaze told her to carry on. “Blamed me, and got me kicked out of the camp.” Tamara looked at Wingnut scornfully
“Is that it… you got her kicked out for missing someone?”
“Hey, I’ve said sorry… don’t make a big deal of it.”
“A BIG deal? Because of you, I had to go east, to the swamps, where I got caught up in a fight with the Renegades, they shot me, captured me, fucking… did things…” She spoke with gritted teeth “and I escaped, not before they’d taught me my lesson for resisting” she pulled the sleeve of her Sunrise Suit up to reveal the wide deep scars up her arms, they were old, but they still looked painful.
“Tinny! Calm down… Wingnut was wrong to do what he did… but there’s nothing he can do to change that now!”
“Drop It! that goes for you two as well” all three looked scorned but Bladewraith abruptness, but none of them argued they just fell into silence. Bladewraith could tell if this continued then there was a chance it could kick off again. An important lesson he’d learned a long time ago, was speak with authority and people will follow, they will be naturally submissive to the loud shouty person.

A few moments passed all eyes looking at the floor except for Bladewraith who scanned the group, a quick check of his watch told him it would be light enough to move out in an hour or so.
“Wingnut, Doc, get back to sleep, we’re moving out in an hour. Tinny… do whatever you want”
Reluctantly, they both sat back down in their previous positions and laid down. Bladewraith sat with his back to the wall and rifle in his hands. Tinny, looked around and found a dry corner on the opposite side of the room, where she laid down also…
‘This is gonna be the longest hour of my life he thought,’ as he watched the other sleep, he kept himself on guard, just in case

End of Chapter
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