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Know Your Pre-Release Builds - 1098 through 2215

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  08:05:11  25 December 2009
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On forum: 08/02/2009
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Was there any info on build 1850? I heard that it's a fully functional build, but that it's locked by a password.
  20:28:31  24 December 2009
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Don Reba
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On forum: 12/04/2002
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Outstanding post, BobBQ!
  11:03:50  24 December 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/31/2008
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Lovely post BobBQ!

I still think that the 1114 Cordon looks better than the retail one.
  01:18:49  24 December 2009
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On forum: 07/30/2007

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12/24/2009 23:14:54
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Illustrated Builds - Part I

Took a lot longer than planned, but I finally made some progress on the visual component...

Build 1098

This build features - shock! - a female protagonist.

The player spawns next to a tarpaulin-covered tank thing with some subtle advertising on it.

In combat the player is aided by three cute little robots...

...Against waves of vicious little robots.


Surviving long enough to actually see the Aztec ruins is a challenge in itself.

Build 1114

The player now sports the familiar stalker suit and an early version of Marked One's face. The Agroprom courtyard is a bit less cluttered here.

Fighting the extremely spastic proto-Spetsnaz.

The original zombie, created by Ruslan Konovalchuk. Konovalchuk's work on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. also included such items as the robots in build 1098, the original crow and rat, and the face of Wolf. The patch on the zombie's shirt is the same as the one on the arms of the stalker suit.

Reloading the Hi-Power. The animation is borrowed from Counter-Strike's USP.

In the Cordon, meanwhile, there's not much of a presence at the southern perimeter.

There are, however, some power lines and pylons.

There is also an early version of the under-road tunnel near where the player meets Tolik in the final game.

Instead of a bandit carpark, there is an elevated factory with a bunch of junk scattered below it.

Looking down at the tunnel from the factory. Note that the AK-74 (which looks more like a confused AKS-47) shares part of its mesh and texture with the Groza in build 1098.

Looking northward from the same spot. The Chernobyl NPP appears on the skybox.

The factory itself.

The factory was cut somewhere between builds 1935 and 2205, but this garage and damaged building were recycled into the Wild Territory.

These structures near the bridge were completely reworked.

The bridge itself is also quite different.

The checkpoint at the north end would be rebuilt as well. The road between here and the bridge is considerably longer than in the final product, though there's not much of interest along it.

Build 1154

The view from atop the Agroprom rail tunnel - the green, it burns!

There's a semblance of an outpost at the Cordon...

...And a rookie village occupied by soldiers.

The factory is now at a more accessible elevation.

The bridge hasn't changed much, though.

Build 1469

One thing I forgot to mention about build 1469 is its primitive inventory system, which can be seen even when nothing else can.

Build 1511

A regular stalker and an ecologist.

"Psst... How long do I have to hold this pose?"

I don't remember ever seeing this guy in the end release.

An original exoskeleton stalker, hanging out inside the sarcophagus. This version persisted until at least build 2205, and the 2205 model can be used in the final game without modification.

Freedom looks quite familiar...

...As does Duty.

Captain Ivantsov's salad days?

A military stalker. Konovalchuk had created a version of this character as early as the Oblivion Lost days.

The other white meat.

An earlier stage in the evolution of the blind dog.

"Duck, you sucker!"

The 3D inventory display is pretty cool, except that it uses the ambient light (which is invariably either too much or too little)...

...And draws the first person weapon model over the selected item.

Drivable vehicles include manually opened doors and utterly atrocious physics. In the background, Lenin declares the revolution will be motorized.

Agroprom showdown: Marked One takes on his evil ecologist twin.

"This is MY world! You are not welcome in my world!"

One of the test maps. This one was apparently meant for playing Ragdoll Roadkill.

The Agroprom has more detail now, at least inside of the fence.

The Dead City is pretty impressive...

...As are the Generators. After the level was cut, the generators themselves were incorporated into the NPP. The ground anomalies reappeared in Clear Sky.

The Brain Scorcher itself didn't change much...

...But there's no access to the underground bunker, and the area is completely walled in.

Likewise the Army Warehouses are largely finished, though the outside terrain is not and there are parked helicopters where Screw and Max are found in the release version.

One part of the Warehouses which did change was this section on the west side, where Skull and friends will dynamite the wall in the completed game.

That's all for now. Happy holidays, everyone!
  21:09:14  16 December 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/02/2008
Messages: 283
Dezodor,any chance of a video with a-life present to hold us over for awhile?
  20:09:28  16 December 2009
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 3803
start the engine with left mouse button
  12:57:50  16 December 2009
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Storm Shadow
A machine, a Shadow Machine.


On forum: 11/14/2007
Messages: 1430
Bob, do the veh work in 2205? I've found one of them that I can get into and turn the lights on / off, but I can't seam to start the engine and drive off like in 1935..? and I did add bind turn_engine kT to the user.ltx, but still nothing...
  08:34:24  16 December 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 07/19/2007
Messages: 1197
To get a sticky, furiously spam Don Reba's email.
  07:23:56  16 December 2009
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007
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Know Your Pre-Release Builds - 1098 through 2215



Are we cool enough for a sticky yet?



  12:35:12  15 December 2009
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On forum: 03/02/2009
Messages: 146

How do you get the builds to run in a different resolution?

For some reason, whenever I run the batch files (run_alife_s and start) for the builds of 1935 and 2205, it always resets the resolution to 1024x768. I don't know what could be causing this. Is anyone else having the same problem, or is it just me? And any ideas on how to fix this, or is it unfixable?

Oh. And I forgot to mention. I have already tried changing the vid mode setting in user_koan.ltx. It still resets it back to 1024x768 on start-up.

In the ltx file, there's also a fullscreen option, set it to off. Also, there may be something in the bat file you use that restore the file, check it or use another user.ltx file.
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