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Show your arsenal!

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  12:45:51  7 June 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
06/07/2017 13:19:53
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Show your arsenal!



Thing is, most folks don't read-back to where the argy commensed.
Heat up on the last comment and lose the plot. Silly really.

I agree mate...wrong forum for this school yard crap.


Yep. From the very beginning I said "Owning the real thing would be
too expensive, very illegal and too dangerous to keep lying around active."

Now if I wasn't talking about the ordinance/ammunition/ammo or whatever
you want to call it to go with it, then how could it be dangerous like I said?
An RPG-7 or the off-subject never first brought up by me RPG-2, would both
NOT be dangerous to keep lying around without the ammo being "active".
Real rockets. Not simulated, not inert, not de-activated, not a pseudo-prop
that's using rifle ammo to imitate the real thing fired from an RPG-7, which
at the moment cannot be bought and is not for sale from any legal sources.

After that point everyone immediately got off subject ( RPG-2 ) talked
about buying the weapon alone, accused me of changing the subject
when I never did and gave links that had zero to do with the purchase
of the "dangerous to keep lying around active" ammo I mentioned.
Just a case of poor reading and comprehension skills and the desire
to argue for the sake of arguing, of which is something that should
not have been initiated by someone who then complains the forum
has devolved into the very thing that was entirely their fault for creating.

I'm done with this. I agree with every single person that feels the same.

  13:32:24  7 June 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 24967
Show your arsenal!

Now to get back on topic...

Since this is the "Show your arsenal!" thread and not just "Guns"
like the other threads in the other Forum sections, and since we
are all looking at spears, I thought I would share something similar.

I'm a big fan of the TV series "The Walking Dead"

Specifically I liked Daryl Dixon's first crossbow he used:

So I picked one up exactly like it:

Got a cool case to keep it in:

Nice to have something that's doesn't waste bullets or make noise
for those times you want to shoot something without being forced
to immediately retrieve the point after every throw like a spear does.
I bought several targets and it's a lot of fun to practice with. I also
picked up a larger crossbow too since the first one was a compact model.

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