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Tiger's Spring

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  08:05:48  9 July 2011
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Well, here it is. Don't expect anything great. The character list is limited to people who have actually appeared or been mentioned in the story, and I've taken the liberty of correcting some of the games' English name transliterations.

The Zone – Places, Factions and People

The Zone

The original Zone of Alienation was a thirty kilometer restricted area straddling the border between northern Ukraine and Belarus, established following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. It was radically transformed when a second explosion of unknown nature occurred near the nuclear plant on April 12th, 2006. The second blast killed virtually all persons working inside the Zone, and was followed by sporadic growth of the Zone's border. The interior became almost completely inaccessible, filled with aggressive mutant animals and anomalies which defied the conventional laws of physics, and rocked by violent energy storms called 'blowouts'.

After the initial attempt to secure the new Zone with military power ended in complete disaster, the Ukrainian government sealed off the region. Deadly emissions raged through 2008, but by 2010 the Zone had stabilized enough that hundreds of so-called 'stalkers' could enter it for weeks or even months at a time, drawn by the lucrative profits of the black market trade in mysterious artifacts created by the anomalies.

On September 9th, 2011 an abnormally large blowout shook the Zone, altering the distribution of anomalies and changing the paths to safe ground. The balance of power between the various stalker groups was upset, triggering a series of bloody faction wars. By the time the wars petered out with the onset of winter, two factions had abandoned their bases, one had undertaken a massive migration to the unknown lands at the center of the Zone, and another had disappeared completely.

The winter saw a return to relative tranquility, but the arrival of spring was accompanied by renewed rumblings of trouble. It is now May 2012, and the Zone may not remain peaceful much longer...

The Cordon

A strip of land on the Zone's southern edge, where the perimeter is thin enough for stalkers to sneak in and out. The military operates a blockpost on the road leading north, while the rookie stalkers inhabit an abandoned village a short distance away. Landmarks include a railroad line with a wrecked bridge spanning the road, a deserted garage and a gutted pig farm which was formerly a stalker base. Sidorovich the trader lives in a bunker by the rookie camp.

The Swamps

Just to the west of the Cordon is a sprawling marsh, bordered by the railroad tracks on its north side, a shallow river on the west and the Zone perimeter on the south. The swamps are dotted with abandoned farmsteads and fishing outposts. Notable sites are an orthodox church, a water pumping station and a machine shop. The reclusive Clear Sky faction formerly had its base in this area.

The Darkscape

A shallow, meandering canyon to the east of the Cordon, with a pair of roads running through it. The Darkscape is not a popular destination for stalkers due to its poor artifact yields. Those who do enter the area are usually just passing through on their way between the Cordon and the Dark Valley to the north. The only features of interest are a decaying village, a run-down service station and another rail bridge.

The Garbage

Due north of the Cordon is the aptly named Garbage, where free stalkers and bandits alike ply their trades. The piles of half-buried radioactive junk attract anomalous activity, and thus are breeding grounds for artifacts. A scrapyard containing trucks, buses and helicopters contaminated during the 1986 disaster is frequently used as a campsite, and the large train hangar, which was the bandits' main base before faction wars, is now claimed by the stalkers as well. At the north end of the Garbage is a shunt left behind from a dismantled water pipeline, where the Duty faction guards the road to Rostok.

The Agroprom

West of the Garbage and north of the Swamps is the Agroprom, a wet, hilly area where anomalies churn out large numbers of low-value artifacts. There are two facilities: the Agroprom Research Institute, which originally conducted research on crop growth in irradiated soil, and a deserted factory a short distance to the northeast. A large complex of underground ventilation and maintenance shafts runs throughout the area. Duty used the ARI as a base during the faction wars, while the factory was a fortress for free stalkers.

The Dark Valley

A dismal place, as the name implies. It lies just east of the Garbage, and the unfinished factories in its north and east parts are havens for bandits. The north factory was Freedom's base during the faction wars, while the pig farm at the south end is usually inhabited by loners. A heavy locked door in the basement of the eastern factory is rumored to be the entrance of a secret laboratory.

The Bar

North of the Garbage is the sprawling Rostok tractor factory, the east half of which is the Rome of the Zone. The Hundred Rads Bar and Arnie's Arena take care of a stalker's needs, while the nearby headquarters of Duty oversee the policing of the southern Zone.

The Wild Territory

The west part of Rostok is another matter. Beyond the Duty barricades is a vicious free-for-all where survival of the fittest is paramount. Bloodsuckers and snorks infest the factory ruins, while mercenaries, bandits and the odd cluster of wandering zombies prey on the stalkers who come to gather high-grade artifacts.


A stalker brave enough to follow the road west out of the Wild Territory will arrive at Yantar. The eponymous lake has dried up, leaving a shallow marsh, and the factory ruins overlooking its historic shore teem with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of snorks and zombified stalkers. The scientists who live in the heavy bunker on the lakebed have ascertained that the zombies are created by a powerful psionic energy emitter hidden underneath the factory.

The Army Warehouses

Northeast of Rostok is a former military supply depot, the site of Freedom's present base of operations. A small, bloodsucker-ridden village lies across the road coming up from Hundred Rads, while other roads run west to the Dead City and east to the Brain Scorcher. This is the edge of the known lands: the Red Forest lies just to the north, and a large portion of Freedom's strength is devoted to securing the Barrier, the main defense against mutant hordes and Monolith raids coming down from the unknown territories. The warehouses were the Ukrainian military's only base deep inside the Zone prior to the faction wars, when the last defenders were eradicated by Freedom and mercenaries.

The Dead City

A ghost town north of Yantar and west of the Army Warehouses. Those who enter it do not return, though mercenaries are reported to be active in the vicinity.

The Brain Scorcher

The main obstacle on the road to Pripyat and the Zone's center lies northeast of the Freedom base, where the abandoned missile-detecting radar complex on the edge of the Red Forest has been converted by powers or persons unknown into a powerful psi-emitter. Stalkers who approach the Scorcher are zombified or killed outright, and if the Scorcher doesn't get them the vigilant Monolith troops or terrifying mutants will. Anyone wishing to shut it down would need to survive the psi-field long enough to get into the bunkers under the radar complex, a task presently thought to be nearly impossible.

The Red Forest

Most of the forest is, in fact, green and brown. It takes its name from a historical predecessor, but the radiation levels are still quite high in some places. The western side of the forest is accessible to stalkers, but heavy anomalies, mutants and Monolith patrols make it an unappealing place to work. In the middle of the forest are a series of forgotten mine tunnels and a ranger station.


A sinister place even before the 1986 disaster, according to those who were alive to see it. Limansk was a closed town built to house a scientific community, and hosted research facilities as well as a large antenna array. It was not evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster and was still inhabited when the modern Zone appeared in 2006. Limansk could not be approached from the south until the large blowouts during September 2011 briefly opened it up to stalkers. Rumors of a safe path past the Brain Scorcher drew members of all factions, but the way was soon closed by more emissions. Limansk has been blanketed by a dense fog since the end of 2011, and what goes on inside remains a mystery.

The Hospital

The second route north supposedly ran from Limansk through a buried and partially collapsed hospital. The hospital is inaccessible to stalkers, and it presumably falls within Monolith jurisdiction.


The famous ghost city where the Chernobyl plant workers and their families lived before the original crisis. The headquarters of the Monolith faction are in or near Pripyat, which is assumed to hold a bonanza of artifacts. Notable sites include the Ferris wheel, Prometheus Theater, sports center and stadium.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Formally the Atomic Electricity Station named for V. I. Lenin, the NPP was the source of the 1986 disaster. The 2006 event originated roughly half a kilometer north of the plant itself, which apparently survived with minimal damage. Since aircraft and even spy satellites can no longer fly safely over the Zone, what goes on at the plant today is a total mystery. The NPP lies southeast of Pripyat, but cannot be accessed directly from the south because of a series of massive spatial anomalies collectively known as the 'Big Rip'.

Jupiter Radio Factory

The Jupiter plant on the west outskirts of Pripyat was a nominal subsidiary of the Mayak Radio Factory in Kiev, tasked with production of civilian electronics. In fact it is suspected to have spent its early days building computer equipment for the Soviet armed forces, and after 1986 the site was used as a development facility for equipment related to the Chernobyl cleanup and monitoring programs. Jupiter has been cut off from the outside since 2006, but it would likely be a treasure trove of technical material should a viable path to the center be opened. Nearby locations of interest include the Yanov railway station.


A dried-up backwater north of Pripyat, littered with the rusting hulks of ships scuttled after the first disaster. Will likely become the next Rostok if stalkers break through to the center in large numbers.

The Generators



Free Stalkers

Drawn by the artifacts in the Zone or driven by desperate circumstances outside of it, lone stalkers can be found almost anywhere human life will survive. Operating singly or in small groups, they spend their days combing anomalies for items of value, hunting mutants and fending off bandits. The black market supplies stalkers with weapons and equipment, while a covert industry on the Zone's fringes produces a range of protective gear tailored to local conditions. Rookies usually wear leather jackets or anoraks, while more experienced stalkers use the all-purpose 'Sunrise' suit, the SEVA closed-cycle hazard suit or even powered exoskeletons based on rejected military designs.


Criminals of varying skill and specialty who leech off the stalkers through robbery and extortion: high-risk work in a place where virtually everybody carries at least one gun. In recent months the bandits have formed an alliance with mercenaries in order to fend off the punitive raids of Duty. Bandits generally adhere closely to the slang and mannerisms of the Russian gopnik subculture. Typical garb consists of leather jackets and tracksuit pants, or trench coats with hoods.

Ukrainian Armed Forces

The soldiers who patrol the Zone's borders are a miserable lot, poorly funded and equipped and suffering from chronic low morale. Their orders are to shoot stalkers on sight, but many are driven by greed or desperation to take bribes and even sell hardware to those they are supposed to be keeping out of the Zone. High-priority operations are handled by helicopter-deployed spetsnaz, who are far less inclined to hold fire around stalkers and receive no such consideration in turn. For raids deep into the Zone, the military relies on veteran ex-stalkers recruited into its ranks. These military stalkers are rarely seen but universally hated, as they hold no compunction about shooting their former brothers.


Founded by survivors of the Ukrainian military's catastrophic early raids into the Zone, Duty holds that the Zone is a danger to mankind and must be contained if not destroyed outright. The faction is neutral towards free stalkers and devotes its time to purging mutants and bandits, as well as waging a long war against Freedom. Dutyers despise the military which abandoned them, but maintain links with the special forces and security services. Duty's uniform color is red on black, and their standard issue consists mainly of Soviet and Russian weapons.


Duty's ideological opposite, this coalition of anarchists, adventurers and free spirits believes that the Zone is a gift which must be open to all. In addition to fighting Duty and the military, Freedom is the southern Zone's first line of defense against Monolith raids. Like Duty, Freedom actively trades with and recruits from the free stalker populace. Freedom stalkers wear green Flecktarn camouflage and use NATO weapons.


Once a highly respected faction made up of consummate professionals, the mercenaries have declined so far as to become little more than elite bandits. A base hidden deep inside the Zone allows them to raid virtually any part of the known lands. The mercenaries' colors are blue and gray, and like Freedom they prefer American and western European weapons.


The only non-military group with official permission to enter the Zone, these scientists are well-funded but fight poorly and are plagued by shortages of manpower. They frequently hire free stalkers to assist them in field work and enjoy good relations with Duty, but are picked on by Freedom and often raided by mercenaries. Ecologists wear orange or green closed-cycle suits which protect well against anomalies, but not against bullets. In the field they sometimes carry obsolete or low-cost NATO ordnance.


A strange cult which formed in the known lands and engaged in a wholesale exodus to the north shortly before the beginning of the faction wars. Having found a way to survive in the center of the Zone, the Monolith loyalists fanatically attack anyone who attempts to approach it. They apparently believe in the existence of a powerful alien stone which appeared inside the sarcophagus of the Chernobyl NPP, known to other stalkers as the legendary 'Wish Granter'. Monolith adepts wear brown-tinted urban camouflage of uncertain manufacture and carry high-power weapons, including devices which do not exist outside the Zone.

Clear Sky

A reclusive faction which professed that humanity must learn to understand and coexist with the Zone. They quietly conducted research from their base in an out-of-the-way corner of the swamps until the massive emissions of 2011. Clear Sky's investigation of the event led them to undertake a full-power raid to the center of the Zone, from which none returned. Those who stayed behind were hunted and eliminated by unknown parties, or else scattered and driven into concealment. Their agents wore either conventional stalker outfits or uniforms with a blue and white sky pattern.

Dark Stalkers

Legend has it that the dark stalkers are horribly disfigured men who worship the Zone and cannibalize those unfortunates who stumble across them. Dark stalkers, so the story goes, have no eyes, but instead find their way through some sixth sense. They supposedly hide their mutilated faces under the hoods of long coats and wield unearthly weapons of their own creation. Even the Monolith are said to fear them.


Stalkers of any rank or faction may join the zombie horde if they are exposed to excessive psi-radiation. Severe brain damage reduces them to wandering, babbling shells, attacking those who do not succumb or staggering about until exposure finishes them off.


Aleksey Antonovich Cherenkov

Son of Tiger and Olga Cherenkova. Idolizes the father he has never met.

Anatoliy Tourist

Appeared to be a competent stalker who undertook long expeditions into the Zone, wearing a custom suit with extra pockets and an enlarged backpack.


A captain of the Monolith faction. Carries a deep respect for Tiger, Forester and the others who were touched by the Zone's coming.


Runs the arena in Rostok, where stalkers fight against mutants and each other.


A mercenary specializing in close-range combat. Nostalgic for the days when mercenaries were respected and trusted by other stalkers. Transferred from Wolfhound's team to Hatchet's on his own request.


A stalker who practically lives in the Hundred Rads, interrupted by the occasional Arena match.


A veteran of the faction wars, later promoted to commissar rank and tasked with supervising free stalkers doing work for Duty. Won a very fine rifle from a Freedom member in a boxing match. Killed by Yevgeniy in the marshes.


Neither good nor evil, the Hundred Rads' master is a true force of neutrality. He maintains extensive connections and knows something about everything.


Paladin mercenary with a strong Mainer accent. Killed by a friendly grenade.


Wolf's counterpart in the Garbage, leading teams of stalkers in battle against the bandits.

Boris Pyotrovich Kondratenko

A soldier assigned to guard the Agroprom underground. His terror of the Zone drove him to desert, and he became the only survivor of Marked One's raid on the army camp. Picked up by Tiger's group after wandering into the swamps.


Current bandit kingpin, fat and sadistic. Killed his predecessor Yoga for being exactly what he himself has become. Has all but declared war on Duty and the free stalkers.


A pathetic Duty stalker. Been a heavy drinker since he lost his newly issued rifle in the Dark Valley.


A no-nonsense Duty marksman. Led the reconnaissance party which was attacked by a chimera in the Dark Valley.


A stalker with the distasteful habit of searching corpses for valuables. Brought Marked One to Sidorovich.


Commander of the Freedom troops at the Barrier. An older man who still prefers to work in the field.


Freedom's cook. His culinary skill makes up for his love of boozing and brawling.


Leader of Freedom at the time of the faction wars. Sold weapons to Clear Sky.


A twenty year old orphan living on handouts and sympathy. Tags along with more experienced stalkers, but usually just brings them trouble. Badly indebted to many.


Ran a bar at the Clear Sky swamp base. Fond of telling dirty jokes. Fate unknown.

Dmitriy Batov

A son of Belarusian dissidents who came to the Zone with his girlfriend Galya. Seems to be the quiet one in their relationship.


A rookie at the time of the faction wars, Drifter rose to become an experienced stalker. He helped Worm in his investigations and was killed by bandits while attempting to retrieve a Clear Sky document cache.


A reclusive stalker whom the Zone gifted with a miraculous healing ability. Helped Ghost, Fang and Strelok in their investigations. Has been in hiding since the faction wars.

Edward Ashpool

Paladin mercenary with cyberpunk tastes, 'Edward the Compressor' to his friends. Killed by Southpaw.


Wolf's best friend, aggressive and purposeful.


A friend of Ghost and Strelok who talked with a lisp. Presumably went to the center of the Zone with them. Was assassinated near the Army Warehouses by mercenaries working for Clear Sky.


A brash young Monolith adept. Highly skeptical of Tiger's special status.


An old warden who was living in the Zone at the time of the 1986 disaster and never left it afterward. Like Tiger, he was gifted with a special sense by the 2006 incident. Disappeared during the winter of 2012, when he inexplicably ventured into Limansk.


A veteran bandit with two years' experience in the Zone. Likes old comic books. Something of a hypochondriac, not taken seriously by other bandits. Picked up Brome's special rifle after he lost it in the Dark Valley.

Galina Purkayeva

Estranged daughter of the Minister of Defense of Belarus who entered the Zone with her boyfriend Mitya, intent on becoming stalkers together.


Chief bouncer at the Hundred Rads. Doesn't talk much.

German Fisher

A former game warden who used a rod and reel to gather unreachable artifacts.


An expert in stealth and friend of Fang and Strelok. Has been working with the ecologists in Yantar since Strelok disappeared. Formerly hunted by Clear Sky.

Georgiy Strongman

An unemployed professional translator. Gosha carried a large machine gun and greatly enjoyed tearing things up with it.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


One of the very first stalkers, and a supreme navigator. Can lead his clients virtually anywhere if the price is right. Helped Strelok and his friends find a way past the Brain Scorcher.


A veteran mercenary commander of the old school. Leader of a squad tasked with destroying the Paladin mercenaries in the swamps, towards which end he agreed to cooperate with Tiger's group.


Wolf's younger brother. Gave up stalking and went back to the outside world after the faction wars.


An upbeat rookie who swears by the shotgun he inherited from his father. Hangs around the Hundred Rads a lot.


Duty's chief mutant-wrangler, supplying a regular menagerie to the Arena.

Kevin MacGruder

Paladin squad leader. A belligerent racist and heavy drug user with sociopathic tendencies.


A Russian mercenary under Hatchet.


Duty sergeant in command of the south Rostok checkpoint.


A member of Bullet's team. MIA after the chimera encounter.


A biologist who often ventures away from Yantar to collect mutant specimens. A marginally better fighter than his colleagues.


Leader of Duty at the time of the faction wars. Ironically a more easygoing man than his opponent Chekhov.


An army major posted to the Cordon base. Frequently pulls duty at the rail bridge so he can collect bribes from passing stalkers.

N. A. Lebedev

Worked at the NPP until 1986. Returned to the Zone as a researcher and founded Clear Sky after the second disaster. Presumed killed when Clear Sky tried to break through to the center.


Leader of a group of free stalkers who helped Sakharov investigate the Yantar psi-emitter during the faction wars. Was called away before the work could be completed.


A former mercenary who joined Freedom. Disgust at his old comrades has left him jaded and cynical. Was once trapped in a looped space anomaly during the faction wars.


Unstable Paladin mercenary. Killed by Olga.


A stuffy English big game hunter who thought of the Zone as just another Serengeti.


Leader of Freedom. Seems to be a Bob Marley fan.


A female mercenary from Sevastopol, working primarily as a sharpshooter. Respected Tiger's skill with a rifle. Believed killed in a Monolith raid.


A stalker who waged a one-man war against the bandits during the past winter, luring them into traps with his ventriloquist talent. He was finally killed by a large gang of criminals, though not before he inflicted heavy losses upon them.

Marked One

A tattooed stalker found near the wreck of a death truck in the Cordon. Suffers from amnesia but is a capable fighter. Has a strong altruistic streak. Does special work for Sidorovich and Barkeep while searching for his own identity, which seems to be linked to Strelok.

Matthew O'Toole

Paladin mercenary, serial prankster. Killed by Olga's grenades.


A veteran guardian of Freedom, easily recognized by his shaved head.


Paladin squad leader, nicknamed 'Easy Eight'. Tried unsuccessfully to keep MacGruder under control. Casualty of a friendly grenade.


A digger, leader of a large stalker group investigating the tunnels under the Agroprom.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


A mercenary under Hatchet. Cool under pressure.

Mykola Sidorenko

Southpaw formerly worked as a master machinist. In the Zone he became a fair shot who hates bandits, and would attack any he met if he had better weapons. Fast on his way to becoming Tiger's best friend.


Wolf's wife. They've had some fights, but remain together.


A former Clear Sky scout who settled at the Cordon, disguised as a rookie loner. Stays close to Wolf and Sidorovich for his own protection, but has ambitions to be a trader in his own right.


Paladin mercenary.


A mercenary under Hatchet.

Oksana Stepanova

An elderly woman who once lived in Pripyat. She came back to the Zone to die after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Oleg 'Fiend' Gusarov

Ex-spetsnaz sniper and bomb technician. A true loner, always keeping an eye out for unwanted government agents.

Olga Ivanovna Cherenkova

Olga is a Russian from Bryansk, formerly employed by a government institute in Kiev. Always fascinated by the Zone, she was Tiger's girlfriend until his post-2006 trauma drove her to leave him. She gave birth to a son and later entered the Zone as an agent of the Security Service of Ukraine, using the cover identity of 'Anatoliy Tourist'. She is intelligent and resourceful, but also stubborn and fiercely independent.


A bewhiskered stalker who collected information, filling stacks of notebooks with data about the Zone. He was killed in an attempt to sneak past the Brain Scorcher.


A Freedom officer who sticks his nose where he shouldn't.


A hard-faced rookie stalker working as a scout for Wolf.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


A vicious bandit of questionable sanity. Carries a custom automatic shotgun and suffers from frequent lapses of memory.


A stalker who murdered his companions and committed suicide under strange circumstances. Was found near the Agroprom with a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. tattoo on his arm. Had disappeared in the Red Forest some time before he was rediscovered.


The professor in charge of the Yantar laboratory, who has been studying the Zone since 2007. Perhaps a little too eager to let hired stalkers conduct his field experiments.


A mercenary who helped Clear Sky track down Strelok's group. Had a hand in several pivotal events of the faction wars. Went to the center with Lebedev, presumed dead.


Mechanic at the Freedom base. Will fix anything for the stalker who brings him a bottle of good vodka.


A research assistant at the Yantar lab. Hates zombies.

Shaggy Sergei

A Dutyer captured by bandits in the Dark Valley.


A bottom-tier bandit in Vasya Boar's entourage.


A fat, greasy man who lives in a bunker near the rookie village at the Cordon. The primary trader for the lands south of Rostok, he also handles specific orders for clients on the outside. Drives a hard bargain and will weasel the unwary out of more than a handful of rubles.


Trader at the Freedom base. Charges a lot, but can get a determined customer almost anything.


A university physics dropout who likes to show off his knowledge. A former friend of Baldy.


An obnoxious person who deals in information. Dresses like a bandit and is suspected of Freedom sympathies.


At 27, Sparrow is a cunning and rather mean stalker with a long lucky streak. He celebrates the anniversary of his first brush with death in the Zone as a second birthday. Fancies himself a duelist, to Barkeep's irritation.


A mercenary under Hatchet. Owns an iPod filled with Sabaton albums.


An elusive veteran stalker who is rumored to have made multiple trips to the center of the Zone. Was hunted by Clear Sky. Whereabouts unknown since the end of the faction wars.


Lugard's stuffy English translator.

V. I. Suslov

A cofounder of Clear Sky and its base trader. Tried to hold the remains of the faction together after the loss of Lebedev. Fate unknown.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


Anton Konstantinovich Petanko was born in Pripyat in 1983, the son of an NPP engineer. He grew up to be a surveyor in the Zone, and was one of the 2006 disaster's handful of survivors. The event left him psychologically scarred and eventually drove him back into the Zone, where he has been a stalker for some years. He uses the energy-detecting sixth sense he developed after the disaster to guide himself along safe paths, earning irregular employment as a guide and scout. His nickname comes from the stripes of mutated color in his hair, which he covers with a hooded coat. Tiger is a good marksman, but prefers to avoid conflict. He considers the Zone his only home and longs to revisit the Pripyat apartment where he spent his first years.


A rookie stalker who does odd jobs for Sidorovich.


A stalker whose comrades tend to die in murky circumstances.


A scientist working in Yantar, often sent outside the bunker despite being nervy and liable to crack under pressure.


A Duty member captured by Borov's bandits.

Vasya Boar

A mean bandit, Borov's deputy in the Garbage and prime opponent of Bes.

Vitaliy Meteorologist

After coming to the Zone, Vitka used his expertise in designing electronic instruments to create the prototype of the Svarog detector. He tended to conceal his educated background behind an uncouth and abrasive persona.


Leader of Duty. A harsh, demanding man.

Warrant Officer

A Duty stalker, real name unknown. Faction recruiter, suspected of involvement with the Security Service.


A mercenary under Hatchet.


Paladin mercenary, friendly grenade casualty.


A former miner who became a stalker to support his family. Has been trying to give up the stalker life for several months, but without success. Spends most of his time looking after rookies in the Cordon.


A brutal mercenary veteran who acknowledges no law save the law of the jungle.


A former digger, specializing in recovery of scrap materials from the Zone. Was investigating the mystery of the death trucks and tattooed stalkers. Killed by Tiger after becoming a zombie at Yantar.


Sniper for the Paladin mercs. A man in a very tight spot.


Bandit chief at the time of the faction wars. Was content to base his profits on mundane extortion of stalkers in the Garbage.


Relative of Garik and door greeter at the Hundred Rads. Mans the bar when Barkeep is out.
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The Dane


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Where is the flying pig?
  20:19:04  28 August 2011
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Random Helicopter got the drop on it.

(Need some motivation here.)
  23:38:37  10 September 2011
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Well damn, the last couple of chapters were good stuff. Absolutely wonderful. You should've been the one to write the scripted battle scenes in the games.

Are we getting more soon?
  05:28:22  11 September 2011
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You should've been the one to write the scripted battle scenes in the games.

Arsenal Mod would be mandatory.

Are we getting more soon?

I'm working on it, but it's going slowly. I'll go to the range tomorrow if the weather's good, and maybe that'll inspire me a bit.
  08:10:12  11 September 2011
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Senior Resident

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Tiger's Spring

Mantis sounds like me.

And so far so good, you're skyscrapers above my writing skill.
  20:55:49  13 September 2011
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And so far so good, you're skyscrapers above my writing skill.

If so, it's only because I've been abusing my keyboard for eight years continuously.

All right, I've been thinking - and not about COMBUSTIBLE LEMONS, for a change.

We're starting to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans go commercial with their writing, having their stories published in print or as ebooks. (Any news over there, snorkbait?) Apparently GSC is receptive to this, and I've had a couple of people suggest that I should look into it as well.

I have mixed feelings about the idea.

On one hand, I'm trying to make the transition from writing as a hobby to writing as a profession. Being able to work on a story that counts for both would be a plus. On the other hand, Tiger's Spring isn't suitable for commercial publication and writing another story might force me to cut out some of its future subplots. On the third hand (because such is life in the Zone) I don't like the idea of suddenly charging people for something they've been able to read here, entirely gratis, for more than two years.

Can I get some other opinions?
  01:29:42  14 September 2011
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Tiger's Spring

And so far so good, you're skyscrapers above my writing skill.
If so, it's only because I've been abusing my keyboard for eight years continuously.

All right, I've been thinking - and not about COMBUSTIBLE LEMONS, for a change.

We're starting to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fans go commercial with their writing, having their stories published in print or as ebooks. (Any news over there, snorkbait?) Apparently GSC is receptive to this, and I've had a couple of people suggest that I should look into it as well.

I have mixed feelings about the idea.

On one hand, I'm trying to make the transition from writing as a hobby to writing as a profession. Being able to work on a story that counts for both would be a plus. On the other hand, Tiger's Spring isn't suitable for commercial publication and writing another story might force me to cut out some of its future subplots. On the third hand (because such is life in the Zone) I don't like the idea of suddenly charging people for something they've been able to read here, entirely gratis, for more than two years.

Can I get some other opinions?

To be honest, I don't read ebooks. And I don't pay over the internet (Steam and LoL is the only exception).

Hell, I was thinking about translating a classic in my native language to English and post it here so everyone could read it freely.
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Naturally, if you can finish Tiger's Spring as you had originally planned and make it as polished as possible, and keep it free, that'd be the best solution for us readers.

Though I could very well imagine myself paying for some of your Stalker-related commercial publications, if you end up going professional.
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