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Community Requested Patch for Shadow of Chernobyl!

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  20:37:46  18 November 2008
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Psi-Melder librarian and archivist


On forum: 03/29/2008
Messages: 2341
In that case stalker 2 should, wait ... must literaly be a f-ing masterpiece
  07:40:46  10 September 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
Messages: 6854
Well, I have to agree with Kany. I don't think that GSC will release any more patches for Stalker.
Right now they'll probably concentrate on creating Stalker 2 instead of fixing a 1,5 year old game.
  07:31:26  10 September 2008
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Level ?? Demon (Boss)


On forum: 01/26/2007

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09/10/2008 7:32:50
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Sorry guys, no offense, but I have to disappoint you.
GSC Gameworld already earnt all money on SOC what they could, they did the same with Clear Sky, and as soon as they make CS playable with the shitloads of hotfixes, they will abandon its development, too.
I'm 100% sure they won't make patches for SOC again, only MP patches.
ZRP fixes the fixable vanilla bugs, the only difference between official and unofficial patches is the packed or unpacked form.
And no, I wouldn't like to play the patches of GSC.
For example, when they released the 1.0005 patch, that has been broken all mods which has got task_manager.script, because they heavily modified the format of that, without no real reason, and they still didn't fix the reputation bug what bardak fixed already at '07 summer.
They could have been fix 1 line while they were reworking the whole code. :F

Joe Will Burn, seriously, they won't even read your posts, you are just wasting your time.
  04:43:58  10 September 2008
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On forum: 02/06/2008

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09/10/2008 4:47:59
Messages: 115

I will bash this thread.

Also, the modding community here can do pretty much everything now - new levels, new features, new NPCs/missions etc etc.. So what exactly do you want? Everything you ask for is already done.

Since you are bashing I will not be gentle. Your ignorance is evident. Adding new level is incredibly time consuming and much too difficult. The SDK / tools that the devs use were not released, so they are the only ones that can do this reasonably. They have even stated that they will now retract their promise that the SDK would be released, even though CS is out. If CS is fixed in time, then Stalker 2 will be a totally new game so this SDK would not work (SOC and CS are essentially the same game just modded).

The reason to ask for it to be finished officially is so that they are responsible for what the mod/patch does. Unofficial patches and mods could do anything to your system, and you have no rights. Secondly, you paid the devs for the game, not the modders. If modders are expected to patch games, then they also have the right to ask for some compensation for their time and effort. This is something the devs would not like to see either, since it would spawn competition. Now, that being said, it only refers to actual fixes, not things like hand textures changing when you swap suits.

I would suggest that the devs simply contact all the modders that have fixed actual errors, and purchase their code from them. I doubt anyone would ask for much, and it would only take a short time to release a compilation of these as an official patch that closes the development cycle for SOC. They could do the same thing with CS and have it working properly in short order.

I dare any of you to play CS without the unofficial script fixes.

Of course this will not be done, since it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective (not to mention a PR home-run).

xRat - An example is killing Arnie (arena master) with a silenced weapon while no one is looking, yet everyone instantly knows. The same thing happens when you miss a single shot a someone with a silenced sniper rifle at long distance, behind heavy cover. They all seem to know instantly where you are and start accurately shooting at you.
  22:05:00  7 September 2008
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On forum: 09/07/2008
Messages: 23
May i Add a request?

This thread interested me as i too in the past have preferred to "get the official update" for my favourite games...

However.. The internet is literally a marketplace of ideas, and as such has some of the most talented , inspired , and Active Programmers, Scripters , etc etc that exist in the world. period..

They come from all walks of life, and when pertaining to any specific game have as much passion or interest in the game you may be a fan of.

I would like to bump your thread with this and humbly ask that the rest of the active stalker community , those hardcore peeps out there and you yourself consider how we need people like Kanyhalos and so many others .. to make games like Stalker soc truly shine in the light that i think even the lead designers would love to realise ..

youve never really played stalker untill youve played Oblivion lost..

Least thats my 2 bits .. Cheers !
  22:00:15  7 September 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/18/2008

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09/07/2008 22:04:03
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16. Fix: When killing a faction member un-noticed - other faction members are hostile


Are you sure about this ? I've killed a small camp of Freedomers (Bloodsucker Town) and Whole Faction didn't turn hostile... or you mean this "Bug" for If you kill some1 in Bar ?

also Invisible Dead Bodies Bug is rare but I found it in 1.004 ... I noticied a bug in Agroprom , If you kill the Military Soldier after you Save Mole , In Where you find Mole Group , their dead bodies won't apear in mini-Map
  21:21:16  7 September 2008
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On forum: 03/16/2007
Messages: 112
So if GSC are just going to rely on users fixing the game for them can we expect the same of Clear Sky, are they just going to sit on their hands and think, oh modders will fix it for us too?
  17:29:58  4 September 2008
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On forum: 03/20/2008
Messages: 21
my biggest problem with this game is that i have yet to be able to play it all the way through without something happening that stops the story progression dead in its tracks

for example i am stuck right no wagain because the dead scientist that has the code for the second door in lab x18 simply doesnt exist, there are many things ive run into in this game that you just get pass, this is like my 5th play and i cant even get half way through the game without it screwing up

where are these barak's fixes? and other fixes i cant seem to find it anywhere

If they refuse to make a patch to actually fix this game then they need to release debug mode, spawn codes and all console comands
  13:35:36  4 September 2008
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On forum: 04/16/2007
Messages: 1869
Community Requested Patch for Shadow of Chernobyl!

Ok this is what this topic is for...

As we all know Clear Sky is about to be released and that will probably mean that GSC will spend alot of time working on Patches for CS and SoC will no longer get anymore support. (hopefully that wont be the case but you never know). So what this topic is for exactly is we want to have a patch request and once it is complete... we send it to GSC, as the largest STALKER community and the community on their official forum as a request to see if they can make the improvements/changes/fixes to SoC we would all like to add more play value to it after CS has been released.

So here is what you do...

Post your ideas in as simple way as possible what you would like in the "Community Requested Patch for Shadow of Chernobyl" and from time to time I will take the requests and edit the main topic and include them in a list... so that hopefully by the end of this we will have a nice simple to understand list of things we would like in the patch.

Now we all know that this might not have a chance in hell of working but at the moment we have nothing to lose and the only thing we could gain is the improvement of SoC.

So.. have a good think about it... and reply with your request/s

Thanks guys


Requests for the Patch

1. Add: freeroam to the game
2. Fix: the campfire spawn-bug (as found in 1.0005)
3. Fix: The PDA stats-bug (as found in 1.0005)
4. Fix: Random quest bug when entering Garbage (as found in 1.0005)
5. Fix: AI(NPC)-shooting-player-through-walls bug (as found in 1.0005)
6. Add: The option to sell weapons to NPC'S
7. Add: Weapon and armour repair
8. Add: Make it possible for other NPC's to help fellow wounded NPC's
9. Add: Players hands must change when putting on a different suit
10. Add: Collision detection to the NPC'S
11. Fix: The flashlight bug most commonly found at Duty Base (as found in 1.0005)
12. Add: Make night time alot darker - so the flashing must be used
13. Add: Less food in the game
14. Add: Less medi-kits in the game
15. Add: Make it possible for the player to join a faction of their choice
16. Fix: When killing a faction member un-noticed - other faction members are hostile
17. Fix: Invisible dead bodies bug (as found in 1.0005)
18. Add: Further optimization for Dual & Quad CPU's
  00:33:12  3 September 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 950
well i still think the one big thing GSC needs to do with SOC. is to fully have the game optimized for the dual and quad core and m ulti gpu system. right now i do know that the game Does Not use both core of my cpu equally yet.

i know it is like 80% to 40% if that in what i see . i use rivatuner and have it set up to show my gpu and cpu/all core temps in game. i see around 30 to 40 c temp difference between the 2 cores. i am not sure if it is using the full SLI or Cross Fire system. like in some games you can check to say yes i have SLI and it will use the SLI fully. and not just shut the other gpu and just slam the primary gpu only.

also all of the bugs that have been listed as well. also another thing i know that not all mods have in them. is the ability to keep your weapon out and be use full inside the trader office or down inside the bar when talking or trading with the bar keep.

since i have had monsters and zombies spawn down there and i could not do any thing to help. since you have to run out side if you can in order to use your weapons.

i to hope they Do Not drop support for SOC after CS comes out. i still will not buy it. until they fix SOC and optimize it fully. and then and only then i would buy CS.
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