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Gripe: Weapons jam too frequently

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  14:24:37  5 August 2008
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On forum: 08/05/2008

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08/05/2008 14:26:26
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Gripe: Weapons jam too frequently

I bought STALKER last week and it sure has potential, but already I've come across a lot of annoying quirks, of which I even compiled a list. I've fixed most with judicious application of various mods, but a few remain.

* Constant weapon jams, many weapons jam at least once for every five magazines fired even when their 'condition' bar is two-thirds full or more, and even the most reliable (this is going by the in-game descriptions) jam ridiculously frequently (I had a brand new Walther P99, just purchased, jam twice in the process of expending 6 magazines) The jamming rate of all weapons should be cut in half, at least.

* The Beretta degrades like crazy until it breaks, I only managed to use it for 2 in-game days before it was FUBAR.

I've looked around and, firstly, I didn't find any mod that claimed to adjust jam frequency, and secondly, the only mini-mods that tweak weapon degradation go to the other extreme and make weapons unbreakable.

So my question is this: is there a mod that reduces the frequency of stoppages and/or the rate of weapon degradation? Alternatively, where are the values that control these things stored and how do I modify them?

I haven't had one extended firefight yet in which I didn't suffer at least one jam, and this is even when my weapons are in good condition (I usually ditch a weapon long before the condition bar gets down to the mid-point)

Mid-way through the game, weapon jams have already gotten me killed three times. Not cool.
  00:33:29  6 August 2008
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Eager Amphibion
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On forum: 07/15/2008
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It may just be your game, because (For me anyway) I can go several in game days without a single jam. For me reloading continuously makes it jam often, so try not reloading as much.
  20:08:56  16 November 2008
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On forum: 11/16/2008
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(I had a brand new Walther P99, just purchased, jam twice in the process of expending 6 magazines)

It may be accidental but maybe it's the "early mortality rate?"
After I got my first TRs 301, it jammed like every second magazine. I had it jam twice in a row while fighting a pack of dogs. Then it just stopped, I don't remember when it jammed last, but it feels like many days.

IRL brand new unused weapons may jam much more often than ones somewhat used. The imperfections of machining the parts are grinded and polished away simply by the parts rubbing against each other during normal operation. I don't know if the game aims at reproducing this level of realism, but it might be it.
  23:02:25  16 November 2008
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On forum: 12/15/2007
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Okay first off you cna read the "how to mod stalker" thread in the modding section. That will get you aquainted to the basics.

Then once you can edit weapons open up a weapon, find this bit

fire_dispersion_condition_factor = 5
misfire_probability = 0.003
misfire_condition_k = 0.05
condition_shot_dec = 0.0001

fire_dispersion_condition_factor this controls how condiiton effects the accuracy.

misfire_probability This is the base probability of the misfiring

misfire_condition_k I assume this is the constant of proportionality between condition and the probablity of said weapon jamming.

condition_shot_dec This controls the speed of the weaon degrading (high makes quicker degrading)
  13:30:03  12 April 2009
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On forum: 10/04/2008
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Why do AKs jam so often?Did this one [link][/link] jam?NO!
  19:12:57  18 April 2009
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The Janitor


On forum: 01/31/2009
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Why do AKs jam so often?Did this one [link][/link] jam?NO!

Why does the weapons jam? Weapons that aren´t regularily maintained will surely jam pretty fast. All automated weapons have a high tendency to jam. I wonder if that isn´t why soldiers practice taking their weapons apart, cleaning them and putting them back together without end?!

Think of the life your SoC/CS weapon has in the Zone... Dust, water, shots hitting it and you took it off that bandit you taught to how one can jump high in the air and land in many little pieces using a grenade...

I don ´t think Stalker-gun jam too frequently. I very much like that annoyance..."sneaking up to a building, leaning around the corner, enemy NPC standing there oblivious to your precence, aiming...*CLICK* - weapon jammed, reload - FAST cause he´s not oblivious any more! " Actually i´d like to see a mod that can make a very worn weapon explode in your hands - stalker taking damage of´d think twice before fireing that worn out Bulldog6!
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