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Convincing enemy stalkers you are dead

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  16:30:04  23 February 2009
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Nexus 6


On forum: 11/21/2008
Messages: 1081

So Halo or Resident Evil games are "Shoddy attempts at making money"?

Having recently played Halo for the first time...yar. Just didn't see the appeal, tbh.
  18:42:25  1 March 2009
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The Janitor


On forum: 01/31/2009
Messages: 415

Convincing enemy stalkers you are dead

Other video game titles have an option to feign death. So I was thinking how about adding it to S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Clear Sky. You could have a key you press on your keyboard that makes you crouch and holster your weapon. So say when an enemy stalker is coming towards, you feign death while the stalker just walks on by. You get up and cap him from behind.

Well, i for one don´t think it´s such a bad idea to add this feature, though it ought to affect ones reputation in a bad-bad way, as it´s some sneaky manouver. If implemented one shoud risk by a cointoss the "sure he´s dead?" -shot from whoever the engaged enemy is. And think about it: if enemys persistantly did this, how hard would the game be?
However, i´m almost certain i´ve experienced something like this in Clear Sky; sometimes enemys get up some time after being shot down, i don´t know if it´s "faking death" or just a recovery-time to a serious wound. Zombies tend to do this also...
  05:36:56  18 March 2009
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/28/2007
Messages: 373
I'm glad a few people thought my idea had merit. You can also see the idea i was trying to convey in the movie "Enemy At The Gates."
  11:52:17  18 March 2009
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>>opinions will differ>>


On forum: 07/04/2007
Messages: 2582
actually AFAIK the ability to feign death came from the original Unreal and UT series and although it's a stupid thing doing on-line, since it has basically never fooled anyone; I don't see a reason why the AI wouldn't be able to believe the PC is dead

it should of course depend on where the AI is compared to the PC, whilst using the feign death; so that you don't just push the button and fall to the ground in front of a suspicious AI, there would need to be parameters to be fulfilled before using the feature

all this would probably take some decent scripting skills in order to implement; but I for one would gladly use it as long as it stays within "realistic" boundaries, ie: I am not within sight of given AI or I have been hit by said AI

but then you need to calculate the fact that the AI, would be able of walking up to the corpse, when the fight is over and put a bullet in your head, in order to "make sure you're dead"

if used within the correct parameters however, it could prove to be very effective; ie: in the middle of a "big fight", between factions, whereas the PC can "drop dead", at any given time, since the AI would be busy killing of other faction-members

but if this would to be implemented, the only reasonable thing would be that the AI would be able to use it as well
  16:14:52  25 March 2009
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Psi-Melder librarian and archivist


On forum: 03/29/2008
Messages: 2341

I has idea about it.

an a comouflage!!!suit.

Nice to see your weird english around here again and i totally agree.
A gilliesuit is needed, tho then we would need more spots with high, thick grass and bushes
  11:54:06  28 March 2009
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On forum: 03/25/2009
Messages: 98
To be ultra detailed a function like that exists.
A couple of bandits threw a grenade at me and I hide myself in some bushes. after the explosion. The bandits went back like nothing happened.
Same happened to the military outpost in Cordon.
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