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Single-Player Co-op?

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  15:40:59  27 September 2007
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On forum: 09/27/2007

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09/27/2007 15:43:19
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Single-Player Co-op?

I found this game to be amazingly fun, but what I would love to see, is a single player co-op mode over network or internet. This game would be so much better if you'd be able to play it with a friend, voice com wouldn't be a needed feature, but it would just be nice. Hoping that Clear Sky will include a co-op mode, but not getting my hopes up too high. Any news or opinions on this? I know it would take some work, with quests and other aspects of the game.

Also while browsing the texture files of Stalker, I stumbled on a PKM or RPK texture map. Would have LOVED seeing this LMG in the game, would have been expensive to get or find, but would have helped so much in some situations where I needed suppression fire. Also, is prone going to be added any time soon? Crawling around would have helped as well.
  04:49:23  28 September 2007
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On forum: 09/06/2007
Messages: 13
I like, seems more of a console thing though, so I can't imagine seeing this implemented, I was generally disappointed with the multi-player modes on offer.
  09:03:37  30 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/17/2007
Messages: 158
I'd like to see this happen, it's rare to find a game that allows co-op on the "single player" campaigns. I'm a little tired of the choice between solo only in the original themed game with proper plot and then multiplayer deathmatch/CTF on a fixed level (in reality, the MP version could be any other generic game, it just so happens to use the same models and textures).
  14:06:07  30 September 2007
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A clear sky only makes my shadow darker


On forum: 06/24/2007
Messages: 191
Exploring the zone with a friend would make the game something else entirely.

Would be very hard to build into stalker but hopefully we will see something like this in clear sky?

I think GSC will know the fans want it.
  15:14:45  30 September 2007
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 3803
coop like in obscure1-2 and splinter cell double agent? hm that would be good. i only know about npc-coop mods for stalker...
  14:31:28  1 October 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/09/2007
Messages: 306
the co op in obscure was cool... and better than most because both players were lead role type characters wh interacted with each other... unlike halo or medal of honour where the second player is just a flunky.

Stalker was originally planned to have co-op, but it got lost along the way, its one of the reasons i bought it... i was so dissapointed when i found out it was axed.
  17:31:54  11 October 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/13/2006
Messages: 1432
^^ Blame THQ for things like that. Looks like they didnt want STALKER to be "great" because they want to milk the STALKER cash cow. On the bright side of things most features STALKER was meant to have and be able to do are still there, just disabled or messed up (in a reversable way)
  02:19:45  11 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/03/2007
Messages: 416
single player co-op would be the best thing possible for clear sky to have

i will be buying clear sky when it comes out regardless

but a co-op ability to play the world and finish the game would be fantastic.

  10:23:52  11 December 2007
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On forum: 06/07/2007
Messages: 23
You know, I don't even have a friend who owns STALKER to make playing co-op a possibility, but just thinking about going through the story mode in co-op is making me think that maybe it's time to find some new friends...
  02:34:57  18 December 2007
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On forum: 12/18/2007
Messages: 2
Actually, the game wouldn't destroy any part of the story, maybe modify it. You can play the Co-op and representate your Multiplayer Friends as Ghost or Fang or another STALKER that wants to follow you and discover the secrets of the Zone together...

I never liked too much the idea of going always alone... There must be more teamwork....
  11:10:32  19 December 2007
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On forum: 12/17/2007
Messages: 55
Yeah a co-op mode would totally be awesome in a sandbox game like STALKER! I second this notion!
  22:22:35  19 December 2007
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Love the lot of you


On forum: 04/09/2007
Messages: 378
I third it, but I've come to realise that GSC have no intention of doing any major work on STALKER now. We're talking about a developer that implemented a feature, a good feature, that used compression to make the network traffic smaller so people didn't have quite so much lag playing games online... But when it was found the compression caused overloads in even the most powerful computers, their answer was not to fix the issue, but to simply enable the thing to be switched off...

If that's the sort of mentality you've got in GSC's patch department then quite frankly I doubt we'll ever see something as complicated as a co-op mode in SoC.
  01:45:38  6 February 2008
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On forum: 02/06/2008
Messages: 39
I'd like to see co-operation in SP, or instead some bot that would join us in order to continue game with us (to make a covering fire or sniping bandits from the distance, or sth else). It would more fun and more realistic (as the Zone intended to be somehow realistic). I couldn't imagine a stalker going into the lab (doesn't matter whitch one) alone (it's unreal to fight all those enemies on your own).
  20:31:17  10 February 2008
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On forum: 02/10/2008

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02/10/2008 20:34:52
Messages: 5
Co-Op's always been a must for the family/friend gamers, its a shame developers dont really put the effort into it, make it so each cd key has to be different even on a LAN (so the company can make extra profit outve it) then it doesnt matter if the game appeals to one person in the family, the other will play it just for the sheer fact of co operative play.

Only the net code needs the work, otherwise its just extra difficulty or add more enemies, no need to change the design (e.g add more maps etc) into the game.

I wouldnt care if theres 2 main characters running around - no need to change story/ cutscenes to add another person, as long as the opportunity for co-op was there i would glady enjoy it (and everyone else).
  06:25:50  14 March 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 950
coop mode for STALKER would be the greatest for it. my clan like to play a lot of coop online and even host servers as well. this would be very cool. but i think if you can have more then 2 more like 4 to 8 would be even better. that way your team could do it in a squad mode. kind of like GRAW and Raven shield has in it. if that was in Clear Shy i would buy it just for that. since i do know about that many if not more that would do it
  13:46:50  24 March 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/02/2007
Messages: 186
I love co-op games, but they're so far in between. Would be nice if Stalker was one of the exceptions.
  06:53:42  2 April 2008
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On forum: 04/01/2008
Messages: 14
I'd love to see co-op mode. It's the one thing I always felt that Stalker was missing. My friend and I would play it at our lans but it's just not the same as being in the same virtual world.
  08:08:16  16 April 2008
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On forum: 04/16/2008
Messages: 2
I agree Co-op would be awesome. There are very few FPS that support co-op multiplayer unfortunatily, for the LAN PC hardcore players more so. Console gamers have more co-op and this is my thinking why.... I'm no games programmer, but i guess it would be very difficult to synchronise in realtime such intrictae AI/Light mapping/balistics over a network. Take the Halo games for instance... co-op on an XBOX - np. Co-op Halo on a Quad core SLI system - na. This was really disappointed by that. The bandwidth requirements/lag issues to do this is real time over network are too great. I'm hoping it is doable with Gb networks commonplace now. Perhaps having a dedicated co-op server to do the syncing could help also?
  09:52:08  16 April 2008
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
04/16/2008 9:56:46
Messages: 26658
Single-Player Co-op?

Rather than the complications arising from making a Co-op mode
I would rather see something implemented that's just like GSC's
Venom: Codename Outbreak that you had a Buddy/Sidekick
you could tell to "follow you/stay there" & "shoot/don't shoot"
which really came in handy for moments of going it alone.
You could switch between Bodies and stock Supplies
for each one. A Mini-Cam always gave you the
First Person View of what your Companion
sees making seperating them possible
for stealth and two-prong assaults
that were a whole lot of fun.

  08:18:53  7 July 2008
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Comrade Tiki
On forum: 07/07/2008
Messages: 1
I have investigated this issue some. One modder managed to have co-op with simple mutants only. Trying to talk to mission-NPCs caused a crash. No human AI could work in this version with the A-life system over the connection.

The problems:
- A-Life is run mainly for the client (too much data to transmit)
- The AI as-is uses a lot of functions specific to the player and player's location

The solutions:
- Re-work the foundations of the AI and A-Life system (yeah right)
- Or AI ignores the extra player(s) except for level changes, items, and physics/damage (also working out the networked NPC location transmission)

That's why it didn't come with Stalker:SoC. The problems were too great making the solution either extremely time-consuming or unprofessional. However, I am fine with unprofessional as I am sure many with friends are. The host would be the only character being shot at and interacting with humans using the last solution.

It's a sacrifice, but there'd still be the chance for simple mutants' AI to be able to attack the extra player(s). When rethinking this possibility, it sounds perfect for what I would intend to play co-op with anyway. My reason: "My girlfriend won't play (or get into) a first-person-shooter without me protecting her the whole time. Because of this, she tries to bring me to third-person fantasy RPG games where we may play side-by-side. I truly wish I could bring her the enjoyment of great games such as Half-Life and STALKER."
  19:16:52  26 March 2009
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On forum: 03/25/2009
Messages: 98

. i only know about npc-coop mods for stalker...

Whats the name of these npc-coop mods?
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