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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Question Do YOU want an unofficial patch?
Yes, I'm desperate!
Yeh, why not...
I don't care either way.
Could easily do without it...
Decane, stop spamming the forums with your dumb ideas! NO!
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  23:52:56  19 September 2007
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On forum: 04/30/2007
Messages: 92
i just HAD to say lol @ "S.T.L.A.K.E.R" it sounds funny ...and on topic: if you make a general fixing up of S.T.L.A.K.E.R it better be good!! because i have tried many mods for many games and they just arent as well made as official stuff im im realy picky about little things...i dunno it may be better as stalker has all these retarded bugs/glitches
  11:17:55  19 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/13/2007
Messages: 226
I"m not a SP lover, but STALKER have trapped me. But anyway, I like more to play MP games with my mates, than playing alone in SP.
The thing is that, IMO if a group of coders/modders get in contact with GSC to develop some kind of help fixing STALKER, that would be very positive for MultiPlayer developing, and even more for Clear Sky, as more resources can be send to them.

Hope that this can be done. Have all fun, sincerely,
  18:54:43  17 September 2007
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5 Shots 1 Kill
On forum: 04/05/2007
Messages: 102
Is there some way you can make it so the auto quests are given when you go near the place? Not right when you enter the map, but when your close to the area. Also I like your b, because I hate doing a random quest in garbage and having to go to either sid or barkeep for the reward. If your there you should help out your buddies, but you should also be able to just, uh, avoid the whole situation and go around. Agreed on the dog things, I hate killing dogs.
  18:05:03  17 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4286
Well, as the Hawaiian cannibal said to his kid, "One man's meat is another man's poi, son." There are a lot of bugs not fixed in patch 1.0004 -- even some new ones, but the auto-quest stuff is more of an annoyance than a bug to me. I guess that would be a bug if it reduces game enjoyment...

How about d) make the auto-quests have 10X the time-limit, or e) prevent them from being given altogether?

I am currently working on separating the Siamese twins of my mod and my/bardak's patches/fixes. A few of the complaints in those other threads have already been addressed, like the majority of typos, "Shell" instead of "Battery", the ecologist's mutant part quests, the conversation with Bes, Max really gives you a Black Kite (Desert Eagle) when you deal with the crazy guy, along with some workarounds like more grid squares to reduce scrolling in inventory and trades/searches.

Of course, bardak's patch already fixes things like Pripyat crashes, empty stashes, Cordon rookie camp behavior during/after Merc attack, barbecued NPCs, and some additional pathing issues.

What isn't fixed are rendering issues, like grass shadows and graphics quirks, plus the delayed spawning affecting some folks (probably related to dual-core support) and the new statistics screw-up introduced in 1.0004.

The inclusion of an updated all.spawn file in bardak's bfa for 1.0004 has thrown a wrench into the works, though. I might have two versions.
  19:03:32  16 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007

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Don Reba
11/13/2008 1:20:10
Messages: 1703
How about a joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R...?

I've thought about this for a while now, and finally decided to post about it. Basically, I'd like to see all of the great scripters on this forum get together and make a community-powered Unofficial Patch. Patch v1.0004 got rid of some bugs, but introduced many others. Bardak's bugfix attempt is a great start, but at the end of the day, it's not nearly enough to make S.T.A.L.K.E.R. an enjoyable experience. I'm currently using it, and I've encountered the following mission-related bugs:

* Eliminate the dogs at the Wild Territory: automatically pops up after entering Wild Territory the first time after X-16. Task giver: Barkeep.

* Eliminate the dog camp at the Wild Territory: automatically pops up after entering Wild Territory the first time after X-16. Task giver: Ecologist trader.

* Wipe out the bandit camp at the Garbage: randomly pops up as player enters the Garbage. Task giver: Sidrocovich.

* Kill the zombies at Yantar: automatically pops up after player enters Yantar after X-16. Task giver: Voronin.

All "defend the X at the Y" and "eliminate the Z camp" -style missions should either:

a) only pop up once, and/or
b) have the reward given to the player by an NPC at the area the camp is located / automatically after the player completes mission, or
c) be voluntary such that the player actually needs to accept them manually, rather than having them pop up without the player's consent

... Because it is the most frustrating thing in the world to backtrack all the way back to the Cordon to receive a reward for a defend the camp mission you didn't even voluntarily accept!

What do you think, guys? PS: For more bugs still present in patch v1.0004, see these threads:

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