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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Decane, stop spamming the forums with your dumb ideas! NO!
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  17:48:15  14 August 2019
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/21/2010

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08/16/2019 0:16:46
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NatVac, I noticed an oversight while I was messing around with immunities.ltx

The Medium Resistance immunity profile is 50% more resistant to explosives than the rest.

Now, the number is logic given how resistances are handled in each profile: No resistance is set at 1, Low resistance it set at 0.8, medium resistance is set at 0.5, high resistance is set at 0).

But explosion and bullet resistance is always set at 1 in the other profiles (ignoring the old, much stronger per armor sections, which are unused in vanilla - except for 1 type of monolith mesh that you can encounter in Pripyat/Stancia if I'm not mistaken).

Also, the low resistance profile has radiation immunity set at 1 despite that value being normally set at 0 elsewhere.
  15:15:36  13 October 2019
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
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Hi NatVac hope you are doing well

I am trying to adapt the zlc.script to Priboi Story Overhaul.

Is it enough to copy it to the scripts folder, and comment out the req_info?

["to_yantar"] = --{req_info="bar_deactivate_radar_start",

The game does not seem to activate the LC.
  11:19:18  19 October 2019
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On forum: 06/15/2007
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The links to the current Zone Reclamation Project (ZRP) download site are in my first post on the previous page (as of this post).

My life has been busier than usual these past few months. I hope to be more active here in the winter months.

MrSeyker, I'll follow up on the anomalous values. Thanks for finding and for reporting them.

100RadsBar, you don't want to comment out a table that way. Yes, copy the file to the scripts folder. Then edit it and find this line:

  if has_alife_info(lv.req_info) then

Comment the entire line out, as well as the corresponding end statement at the same level of indentation in the function.

Undo the comments you added previously. That just leaves the entries with nil values.

Then you'll need to execute the code once for a new game. You can look in bind_stalker.script for the "storyline_actor_start" info_portion check. In that block you can insert a line with zlc.add_fp_level_changers() to add the extra level changers when a new game is started. Alternatively, you can put the code inside the bCheckStart test block, which will call the function every time a session starts up (on the load of a save or a level change). This is safe; if the LCs exist already, nothing will happen other than a few more milliseconds will be spent checking.

Also see the add_lchanger_location() function in the ZRP's level_tasks.script file for the extra code needed to support the placement of level changer broken-circle markers.
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