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Realistic excretion

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  18:53:40  11 August 2007
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Musky Melon
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On forum: 07/28/2007
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You can go a few days without eating and pooping. If realistically modeled it'd be so infrequent that it would be relatively pointless.
  16:35:25  11 August 2007
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On forum: 08/05/2007

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08/11/2007 16:42:43
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:d damn bandits! don't shoot at me while i'm having a poo!

why not make the animals poo? paint some gibs brown, drop the pob (poo gib) from torso bone of the animal while walking or standing a game-hour latter they've eat, just limit the poo action while they're sleeping or it could be gross!
  15:36:52  11 August 2007
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On forum: 07/31/2007
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Realistic excretion

In the always fun quest for more realism in our games, I realised that what Stalker needs is a more relaistic system for going to the toilet. We've already got eating in the game, but after chowing down on goodness knows how many cans of meat and those sausages, we should really see some effects other than an up to out health bar. I suggest either another bar next to the health and armor and rad ones - for fullness of bladder and bowels. Hell, maybe a separate bar for both. As they fill, your speed would decrease, and an icon would appear showing you that you were in discomfort. To reduce the bars you'd have to either take a piss or have a dump. Doing this i public places would cause negative reactions from NPCs, ranging from window-dressing comments and outrage to outright attacks if, say, you unloaded a bowelfull on Lukash' feet or what have you. This could be tied to your visibility bar. Obviously, whilst performing a poo, you'd have to be in Full Crouch mode.

Failing to go when you are feeling the need would initially as I said drop your speed, then maybe cause you to crouch automatically to simulate the effects of stomach cramps, and then your health would drop slightly. Then, when the icon goes beyonfd the flashing red state, you'd just involuntarily shit your pants or piss yourself. This would increase your 'visibility', as NPCs would be able to notice the smell.

Possibly different foodstuffs could have different types of effect. Curried eggs and jars of mollasses, for example, could produce random farting noises which would affect stealth.

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