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Ten thousand times stash:E

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  10:38:28  25 February 2009
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Does it have any effect on getting stash info if I have installed Treasure Manager Hack with 1.0005?
Or is it a problem? Coz I am using TMH since a new game restart, seems everything works fine. I love that option that shows what's in the stash.

Natvas please answer

And a question: Does this mod change the chance of getting particular stashes?
I mean, with the mod, I still didn't get Lucky One's stash after 200 reloading, but without the mod, I got it immediately.
[I am using 1.0005]

I don't have time to answer questions every day. But it sounds like you already have the answer. As I said earlier in this thread, "Folks, do not use the referenced Treasure Manager Hack if you are running STALKER patched to 1.0004 or later."

As the website says, in bright orange and red text, it is "for 1.0001/1.0003 only".

You probably didn't get the secret of the Lucky One's stash because you were too close to it. From the Treasure_Manager_Hack_readme.txt file:

"Added a workaround to prevent empty locally-given secrets after a save/reload. If a same-level secret was issued that was within a certain "switch distance" of the player (about 175 meters, a few more than the switch_distance value), it was not saved with the subsequent save-game, even though the marker was set. This workaround prevents the secret from being given unless it is outside the critical distance." (Emphasis mine.)

So the fix to keep 1.0001/1.0003 games from having empty stashes kept you from getting that secret -- you were too close to the stash of the Lucky One when you searched Scarecrow.

It does keep you from getting empty secret stashes, even in 1.0005. But a better fix is the one in bardak's bug fix attempt for 1.0004, which is incorporated into the Zone Reclamation Project. The ZRP works with 1.0004, 1.0005, and 1.0006. That way you would have your Lucky One secret and have no marked stashes that are empty -- unless you run a mod that allows stalkers to loot stashes.

The ZRP also allows you to see what the stash holds, just like the Treasure Manager Hack.

By the way: You had to ignore three different sources* of information to get to the point where you had to reload your game 200 times. You might save some time in the future by reading the related documentation first.

*Actually four sources, counting the Treasure Manager Hack discussion thread, this thread, the website's download page, and the readme file.
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