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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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  14:09:06  7 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4265
Well, either death manager script will work to prevent the wounded-NPC exploit -- if you also use the state_lib.script file that stores the gun when the NPC drops wounded, via "weapon = none" for the wounded states.

If the NPC dies while wounded, the normal death_manager.script will cause the NPC to release the gun.

Maybe that's what you meant by the loss of immersion. It's not too bad; the NPC folds with the weapon as he falls wounded. There's also the advantage that the NPC will still have the rifle if he is healed. It was a break in the immersion for me when he didn't look around for his dropped gun after receiving medical treatment.
  14:41:40  7 December 2007
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short-haired anarchist hippy scum


On forum: 08/26/2007

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12/07/2007 14:59:44
Messages: 790
Okay, good. I prefer moving them onto the corpse, so I'll make the 'normal' death_manager the default, with the cleanup variant optional (but using the same evaluator functions; it's a good base for added functionality). I'll have to slim down the config utility somewhat; there's functionality included in the base configs that mostly defeats the purpose of some of our mod features. That shouldn't be too hard; you've taken great pains to make this easier on modders, and I really appreciate that.

Regarding task_manager - I suggest possibly renaming the three variable names at the top so that they can be more easily understood as multipliers of the value in task_manager.ltx.
  05:39:50  10 December 2007
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On forum: 06/18/2007

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12/10/2007 5:43:29
Messages: 120
hi, i was testing my portal stuffs, then my game CTD LOL, so i went online to check stalker forums and i saw a guy talking about money looting and he was whining about this feature, because every time he load a level he is able to get more money from the same NPC, fair enough i complete forgot about the fact that there is a bug when the game send you a new treasure, if you go to another level and come back to the previous level there is a chance to get a new treasure from the same npc, i thought that thing was fixed

anyway, so i decided to fix the money looting for my mod and i remembered the last post i did here, about storing values to npcs ID and i wonder why no1 did come up with this solution, its so simple.

there are 2 ways to fix this problem:

1. you only get one treasure from npc, but if you check npc body and there is no treasure, next time you load the level there is a chance to have a new treasure for that npc, but as soon you get that info, you wont get it anymore from that NPC.

2. if you check npc body and you dont get any treasure you will never get a treasure from that npc.

Right now im using option 1, but its the same code, its just a matter to move part of the codes where give_treasure is called.

so open treasure_manager.script

then set a new variable in the 1st line.

local whatnpc

now under function CTreasure:use ( npc )

add this code:
whatnpc = npc

now under function CTreasure:give_treasure ( k )

look for
if obj ~= nil then (probably line 159)
and change
if obj ~= nil then
if obj ~= nil and (xr_logic.pstor_retrieve( whatnpc, "treasure" ) ~= "yes" ) then

now below that line add:
if whatnpc ~= nil then xr_logic.pstor_store( whatnpc, "treasure", "yes" ) end

it should look like:
if obj ~= nil and (xr_logic.pstor_retrieve( whatnpc, "treasure" ) ~= "yes" ) then
if whatnpc ~= nil then xr_logic.pstor_store( whatnpc, "treasure", "yes" ) end

done, you wont get anymore treasures from the same npc.

Like i said, you can use the same code on different places, so if you dont want to get a treasure info from a previous NPC that you already looted or whatever, its just matter to move part of the code where give_treasure is called, by doing that as soon you check the npc body his ID will be "checked" and you will never get any treasure from that npc.


I did read a little bit about deat manager on previous post, if you want to keep weapon condition after giving it to npc body and then getting it back? if so its simple, you can also use the example above, when you character drop the weapon you can store the weapon condition to a variable named weapon_ID as real ID of the weapon( weapon : id() ) then when the player pick up the weapon again you can just compare the current weapon condtion to the previous one stored on weapon_id and if the value is different then you set the wepont to the previous condition.

if you want a new condition value when the npc drop the weapon, i believe that you can do whatever you did and use the information above, that would prevent any cheat and the weapon condition would remain the same as when the npc dropped the weapon.
  11:08:09  10 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4265
Some clever stuff there, russao. The treasure_manager.script file in the ZRP has a specific comment in CTreasure:use() function near the top about that very issue; it already works so that you can't get secrets more than once from a body.

Did you happen to see the set suggestion about matching the underscore in your variable names in my reply to your earlier post? It sounds like you are close to wrapping things up for your next release.

On the matter of the weapon condition: bardak's original patch used the original condition of the weapon to avoid the partial-repair exploit. silverpower and I were discussing a different problem that is already resolved -- but your information is still useful knowledge. Thanks for taking the trouble to post it.

Speaking of mods, silverpower: An update to Redux sounds really great! I intended for modders to have their own versions of the configuration files to support their custom features, which is exactly what you are doing. Thanks for the comments, and yes, I'll change the variable names -- although that will mean changing the configuration file.

Merging the new stuff with your efforts might require a bit more care. Hmm. I'll consider diff files for the config stuff as well, I guess...

Minor ZRP update: Kruglov no longer blocks the bunker doors, but I still need to remove the repeat of the discussion where Kruglov says, "Here are the results. Here, here, here. Couldn't be any better," to which Sakharov says, "Let me adjust the prototype." Also, Sakharov now watches his tuskano instead of repeating his prototype adjustment.

Query: Someone reported that using third-person view is what messes up the zoomed aiming of NPCs that shoot at you or threaten you, so that their rifle points off to your left. Has anyone seen that effect without using the third-person viewpoint?
  16:39:18  10 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007
Messages: 1690

Query:Has anyone seen that effect without using the third-person viewpoint?

I have; I've never used third person view and NPC's do that from time to time, mostly Duty (in fact, I don't think I've ever had any other NPCs do that except Duty members). I hope this info is of use to you.
  20:07:12  10 December 2007
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The Wrinkled One


On forum: 08/01/2007

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12/10/2007 20:08:57
Messages: 2279
Hey NatVac! I just found a Russian mod that is similar to the ZRP. I am in the process of trying to figure out some of the errors it corrected. A lot of them are pretty much what has been done in ZRP but there are a few I don't recognize! I am going to try to get Siro or Don Reba to translate the read-me file.... I was using Babelfish and I could get the basic idea on some of the corrections.... but it was pretty iffy!

Here is a link to download the mod:
  01:43:21  11 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4265
Thanks for the feedback, Decane. I was hoping this might be the answer to the quirk, but your input means I have to keep looking. (Correction: I meant the rifle points off to the player's right, not left.) It seems to be certain rifles, like those used by Duty, although I've also seen it on the merc sniper in Wild Territory and the Monolith sniper in Red Forest.

And thanks for the info on another attempt to address the bugs in the game, fatrap. It would be nice if they had a similar free-to-use license...
  02:35:00  11 December 2007
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On forum: 07/30/2007

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12/11/2007 2:45:49
Messages: 3336
I see the aiming-off-to-the-side glitch occur most often with Duty members carrying the AKSU-74, though there haven't been any instances of it in my current game so far.

I do have another problem, though: every time I come to Seriy's hangar in the Garbage for the first time I get massive, location-specific stutter. It occurs only inside the hangar itself, with the problem becoming progressively worse as I approach the center of the building. Sometimes the area is initially fine and doesn't get choppy until I actually kill the bandits inside, but most often the stutter is already there when I arrive. I have had a couple of cases of the stutter vanishing entirely after searching a bandit corpse inside the hangar and removing some item from his inventory, and I can run around the outside of the hangar - hugging the wall, even - and get the same perfect framerates that I do everywhere else. The problem generally vanishes once the dead bandits have been automatically removed, which takes twelve hours in game time with the current settings.

I'm really at a loss to explain this, as my PC is by no means slow and the game runs perfectly fine otherwise. It's not a show-stopper, but it does make saving Seriy and friends extremely difficult. I'm running the game in static lighting mode and have had this problem with both Bardak's BFA 1.0004 and ZRP, if that helps any.
  03:38:09  11 December 2007
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The Wrinkled One


On forum: 08/01/2007
Messages: 2279

And thanks for the info on another attempt to address the bugs in the game, fatrap. It would be nice if they had a similar free-to-use license...

Take a peek at it NatVac and if there is anything we can use, I will ask Siro or KoTT or Don Reba to email the author for us. By kinda observing him on the Russian forum, I really don't think it would be a problem getting permission. Shoot, he might want some stuff out of ZRP!

Here is the best I can do on the read-me file:

============================ For the game 1.0004 ================== Version ==========

It essentially all known stk10004_bug_fix_attempt_24aug
(see the list of changes readme_bfa. Bardak-author), but
slightly amended and supplemented.
Because of lack of console commands demo_record
(after installing the patch 1.0004), and my great laziness,
almost TESTIROVALSYA NOT-so it is up to you.

Changes in all.spawn

1) Costume military soldier_outfit (2 pieces at Cordone)
replaced for one, the military, too, but with a description
and icon in its own inventory.

2) Changes point spavna guitars and radio, because the
open in the bucket is not the best place. Guitar now army
depots. Radios in the same locations, but in a more secure place.

3) A fully corrected a mistake with spavnom nesedobnogo
bread'a. Error in the name of incorrect identification:
name = val_bread_a. A must, in this example, simply val_bread.

4) The Wild territory replaced golimy "family" for cropping
TOZ-34-it is much more like a family gun. Bardak'y Thank you
for answering my questions.

5) VSS "Vintorez" moved to the base "Liberty" in the Army
warehouses in a more suitable place for locating Radar.

6) At the AWP. warehouses inexplicably Spawn PM pistols
under their feet from the bus and Lucas.

7) Radar has undergone some changes in terms of the movement
of objects (armor). I raskidal them, I think, more evenly
and more suitable locations.

8) added modified kvestovye items - which are themselves know
when drawing respective quests.

The main list of changes

1) Fixed lack of hints on the map:
- if the job of barman-find documents from H-16.
- when the job (for Amber), escape through a secret tunnel.
Also corrected confusion tricks with a set-off Vyzhigatel
brain-revealed there is the same - to find a hint entrance
to a bunker for the three-management tasks:
- to get antennas
- Find the entrance to the bunker management
- Disable installation
Fixed absence hints at return to the job-Cherepu after sniper
killings. There, instead of Russian Hints mil_dolg_task_report orbit.

2) Fixed pereputannye icons and electric shock in the inventory.
An earlier version of corrections greshil Icons of the artifacts.
Now, like all normal. Although I did not check on each booking,
and at each artifact. Generally it is implemented method BSU
and will likely not rule out the true causes confusion, but may
represent an alternative mini-baga this correction.

3) Lokalizovany pop Hints: barrel, fuelcan, dinamit, well, and
of course what has been done before (by me, and not only):
guitar, hand_radio, harmonica, detector. The latter are
describing, with the detectors, I had not come description -
they found in the archives of the game.

4) hand_radio, it is radio, now celebrated its icon-in tools
in a total credit of BAC9-FLCL.

5) Fixed all, or almost all, well, and typographical errors
in the text (dialogues, assignments, tips, etc.).

6) Includes part of fashion (no textures) with revised names
to the real weapons (author fashion-SONY). I have a little
sub-titles weapons and naturally made changes to the dialogue,
assignments, hint, where they were mentioned.

7) Fixed bugs with the fixation of the Besa dialogue
(with the fire thanks Red75).

8) Fixed incorrect description in the 'Detailed information
about the mission "in the footprint. assignments:
get-eye "flesh"
yield-boar hoofs
- kill stalker called Upyr
All job offers barman.

9) Refunded description of the assignments:
- Get a fleshku insane stalker
- Destroy the village krovososov
snipers Kill-to rig
Shodit on-base "Freedom" to the reward for Skryage

10) Vozvraschena infa in CPC Mechenogo after taking a drag
insane stalker-in the diary now, you can read what happened to guy.

11) A bug in task_manager.ltx. QUEST - yield kombez Phantom-
in "Detailed information about the mission" was something
mysterious and cryptic infa - ecolog_find_item_2_descr.

12) In Quest of the Max (yield fleshku mad) Equipment Max
rectified. He promised to give the Desert Eagle, but in the
end we had to be satisfied somehow Volcker P9m. But because
the possession of the Black Yastrebom dubious pleasure
(IMHO), then I changed it to FN Browning High-Power.

13) Fixed text errors in the multiplayer maps and descriptions
added Pool and Deep Valley. Yes, I know that in MP, the Fix
poigraesh not, but it is, until heap. Incidentally, there is a
description in ui_st_mapdesc ui_map_desc_mp_bath (maps Pool).
And ui_st_mm testers_mp_bath not awarded the title and a
testers_mp_pool. And this testers_mp_pool without description.
That is why proper, and there was no description of the card Pool.
A card file testers_mp_darkvalley Dark Valley and is not included.
Incidentally, maps Valley Pool and Dark Is this the most is the
extra content such bonuses from developers.
Also corrected description regimes ATP cards and pool (there
was confusion) - ATP is available for all game modes, and is written
only for "all against all" and "team against team." Pool A map
describing the same in the reverse has all the regimes, but
"hunting for the artifact" is not available for this card.
I just do not distorted, but I have not been able to correct modes.
After a patch 1.0004 a mm_mp_max_ping - probably forgotten in the
rush to assign him the title of Russian ...

14) A little redeveloped Arena, as follows:
in the third battle all issued shotguns TOZ-34 (doing well conceived)
in the third battle every now for itself (as described Arni)
- now in the last battle of the HS and all Powered exoskeleton,
and other NPS - HK G36, as the HS (again, as promised Arney).
Now GG always in costume. And there have been misunderstandings
in the first four battles in the last two-FM went to fight in a
sweater, and when he killed, he proved in the very kombeze in which
he was outside the Arena.
In the first four battles have now HS Jacket newcomer, in the battle
with the master (FN F2000) from GG shield Duty ", well, and in the
latter from ekzo HS.
SHCHS Thank you for helping to find files nepisey responsible for
the equipment and for the FM Arena.

15) Raskommentirovana opportunity to hitch a universal silencers
on weapons of any caliber (as it should be, according to the
description). He clings to all pistols and rifles, except SVD,
APC, AS "Val" VSS "Vintorez and Gauss-pushki.

16) Raskommentirovany assignment:
- Find a streamlined pistol (from Sidorovicha after H-18)
- Find a barrel foreigner (from Barmena after H-18)
And raskommentirovany and restored assignment:
- Find psi-kostyum (originally from Barmena)
- Find a modified rifle (at Barmena after H-16)
It is great to say thanks BAC9-FLCL. The game never was nor modified
"Vintoreza" nor modified psi-kombinezona. BAC9-FLCL made icons for
them, and so I was able to restore those assignments.
TIRREX'y Thank you for giving me podognal description to "Vintoreza."

17) Raskommentirovany detectors. At my surprise quite accidentally.
When added to describe him, it simply removed the comment and awarded
slot to 1. It was like:
; belt = true;
slot = 8
It has become so:
belt = true
slot = 1
And all! Not only vstavlyayutya detectors in the slot and hung in
the zone, but worked quite well.

18) A little redaktirovany traders:
- added to the range of detectors.
- Skryage added to the charges for the RPG-7, rifle grenades and
gauss-patrony. by Sakharov added to the selling artifacts. Those
on it, Quest, you do not buy it. Only rare artifacts for a total of
five or six pieces.
by Sidorovichu added ammunition to kalasha.
Basically, the changes related to weapons munitions. No barrier and other
things not included (except Beretta 92FS-one of the barman). Price TOZ-34
increased to 1000 rubles. is domnozheniya rates without regard to the traders.
Price unique weapons and armor increased by 30-100%. This is not correct
when faced with unique items the same as usual.

19) Kruglovu and Semenova issued L85A2. This rifle will be easier Azzurri
swarms of Zombie in performing measurements on the job and not only.

20) Izmenil award for Quest of Petrenko.

21) Includes corrected the scripts of IG-2007.

Like all. While it may something and forgot.

Found your mistakes and typographical errors (missing descriptions,
tips, etc.), or inconsistencies can send me on the soap or write in the forum theme "text_fix_ & _bfa"
in "Fashion" is not the fact that I had them all correct, but I will try.
  07:21:38  11 December 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007
Messages: 1690
Fatrap's post reminded me...

I've been encountering a minor bug with Seriy. Each time I have spoken to him, after initially saving him as part of the Strelok storyline quest, he has rewarded me with the same amount of money as he gives upon completion of the original quest. In other words, there is an info_portion missing somewhere, which would tell him not to transfer money to the player after he has completed the quest.
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