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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Question Do YOU want an unofficial patch?
Yes, I'm desperate!
Yeh, why not...
I don't care either way.
Could easily do without it...
Decane, stop spamming the forums with your dumb ideas! NO!
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  10:05:35  4 May 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 25181
ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

As I've said over the years, ANY Modder can contact me ( see the links
in my signature ) if you would like me to promote a ModDB page, an
individual Forum about your Game or if you have any screenshots,
videos, news or updates about your Mod no matter how big or
how small it is. Official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. serves the Stalker
Community around the world and judges no person
or their work. Only the Community does that.

  14:44:41  3 May 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/21/2010
Messages: 414
Well, I'm glad some understanding can be reached. I might dabble into making a barebones zrp again. I have more experience now, so it would be somewhat easier.

Though again we'll run into the issue of how much change is too much for a bugfix.

Looking at NatVac's latest scripts, the sheer amount of processing changes is bound to lead to unexpected AI behavior down the road that would probably result alien to your experiences and get us back to square one, TS.

One thing I did notice while looking at the up-to-date code and reading this arguments can lead to a more vanilla experience for the next update.

There might have to be a revision of the ltx controlling dead body and crate boxes (there's a very low chance that they can drop low tier goodies that vanilla lacks).

And perhaps it is time to revise the task and treasure managers.

The treasure manager is not that changed, there is some reduction to some grenades and cosumables, and a bit more valuable loot to give more variety. There is one change that caught my eye that made me raise an eyebrow. A stash with a Val and 90 rounds in vanilla has two Vals and 120 rounds in the latest ZRP.

Dunno if it has always been that way. Haven't compared versions, and can't say I ever found it playing (I spend more time testing than playing for real).

The quest manager is more significant. Built from a Quest Overhaul file, and updated in subsequent releases, it shifts around quests, makes them conditional, unlocks others, changes rewards (some had items that have been disabled in order to make them money transferring auto quests).

If these files don't cause issues on old saves they could be reverted and made optionals. The drop stuff shouldn't in my admittedly limited tests with those, the managers might.
  13:39:22  3 May 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
05/03/2017 17:00:02
Messages: 25181
ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


I'm not here to continue my debate or to argue the issue. However I
thought your well-written, well thought out and superbly focused reply
deserved a few words of appreciation from me. I can see it took some
time, it was refreshing and allowed me to have a greater understanding
of why the Modding Community had never delivered what seems simple
to me. Your explanation with your own experience fits with what I expected.

I now realize that there are a few diametrics that prevent us from seeing
the same thing. If I say that a Modder can solve 99% of a Stalker Game's
problems by Modding, this is a true statement. If I say a Player can solve
99% of a Player's problems WITHOUT Modding, then this is true also. How
can both be true? It's fairly simple. One is about the Game and the other
is about the Player. Modders deal with the Game and Game Code and it
is that basic principle that bonds them with other Modders and their shared
experience. You told a great story of how it affected you and with others.

I am mainly exposed to the other group being Players. People that are
new to the Game and don't know how to do basic things including Modding.
Not knowing better they often rely on Auto Saves, get far into the Game
and then have something bad happen to them or end up having a crash
that they can't recover from without losing a major amount of progress
or being stuck with a corrupted or bad save. These are usually the people
that post for help and are told automatically that adding the ZRP Mod with
bug fixes, should fix their problems by other Players told the very same
things when they were in the same situation. Then those that are a little
more experienced or victims of the first situation may start using Quick
Saves and Quick Loads. This allows them to save progress in more places
than the Auto Saves but the downside to that is Quick Saves are limited
in number and they overwrite each other. Overwrite your good save with
a bad one and you're screwed. So basically I always advise ANY Player
of ANY experience NOT to use Quick Saves & Quick Loads since they easily
corrupt, are limited in number due to overwriting and never to rely on just
Auto Saves alone. 99% of a Player's problems can be solved by making
Manual Saves, frequently like before leaving a level and after you arrive,
before you engage in a battle or meet a mutant and after that action is
over. Before you meet someone important and after you have done so
with your new reward, loot or task. Get the radiation bug? A door won't
open? Going back to a Manual Save prior to this event solves all of these.
Simply put, being able to go back BEFORE a problem is the easiest solution.

Now certainly this is information that any Modder or non-Modder can use.
The difference being is people embrace Mods to add additional content or
for a change in story, scenery or action. Thanks to Steam, and
my duties on Official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and helping people on Reddit, I am
constantly exposed to people that are new to the Game. Day after day,
year after year. Steam and are continually having sales on the
Stalker Games, people use digital downloads and social media exposes
more and more people to a 10, 9 and 8 year old Stalker Game respectively.
This is why I'm such a proponent for a simple click-to-download fix, no need
to toggle on and off too many choices that have zero meaning to a novice.

Simply put I don't run in the same circles as Modders ( who create content )
and think everything is old, there's no desire by other Modders for what
everyone has seen before and everyone provides their own personal flavor
of a Mod, or like in your case and NatVac's a barebones patch on steroids
before that was long ago abandoned. Where we do meet are with the
Modders who are Users and those Players who have some experience with
the Game and are ready to dabble for the first time in doing something more.

My mistake was thinking it would be something that could be done, a
barebones patch, not realizing I was dealing with other people's egos and
the perception that I was asking to cannibalize their intellectual property.
After all, what possible incentive could there be asking someone to reduce
the use of and decrease the fame and importance of their Mod with bug fixes
that already meets the barebones requirement and does more? Silly me, and
I see the error of my ways and I won't be asking for something no one wants
to deliver. My apologies for being a butt about this and not understanding that.

* * * * *

Speaking of apologies, I owe one to all those that I offended for my lack
of understanding and being strong in my conviction of trying to convince
others for the worth of helping other people. As for my personal life, I
must admit that the recent US Presidential Election may have altered and
influenced my behavior since it was over a year long debate, discussion
and fighting over two political parties that reached new levels of discourse,
antagonism and intense hostility. I was both mentally and physically exhausted
after this and I'm aware that it will take a lot more time to get out of my system.

One final thought, my experiences and perceptions are greatly different
than the majority of people here. I am probably one of the few people
on this Forum that actually worked at a Nuclear Reactor. Not one but two.
However not in the sense that most people imagine. I served aboard two
different Nuclear Submarines in the US Military. This was long ago when
the Soviet Union still existed. In fact, the major part of one of my jobs
was tracking other submarines of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

I had actually been out of the Military for a few years when the Chernobyl
disaster happened in 1986, that as we all know led to the dissolution of the
Soviet Union and the independence of Ukraine. Why is this relevant? Just
to say that due to my background, I was attracted to a Game featuring a
Nuclear accident and involving radiation. I love Post Apocalyptic settings.
Without further wasting your time trying to explain all this, I thought I
would instead share my favorite article that explains the Stalker Games
and how they differ from all other Games due to immersion & atmosphere:

Anyway, thanks MrSeyker for taking the time & effort to share your experience.

  00:47:49  3 May 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/21/2010
Messages: 414
As someone that has insight on NatVac's code and has become very familiar with the Modifier, providing new options for current releases of the ZRP, let me weight in on this bare-bones patch issue.

It's never going to happen, because, unfortunately, the community desire for it doesn't really exist. Not in a substantial form.

I happen to be something of a purist myself, so a barebones ZRP was a project I was very invested in. So I actually made one for personal use, made specifically so that I could later merge old mods and not worry about incompatibilities in code.

I removed all the MonoMartyr code, Skinflint's Artifact Trade, restored weapons to their base, removed Quest Overhaul's treasure manager and quests. And once I was satisfied, I started to add little mods that I had long ago downloaded from filefront.

It was a relatively easy job, but one that took a considerable amount of time. The mod was growing, and everything was working fine. Until NatVac released his next ZRP.

And then the impracitalities of this approach became readily aparent. Some scripts would only be slightly tweaked, so they were easy to update. But others not so much. And I had to find the lines of code to the ZRP optional mods and remove them again. Sometimes that code would significantly update between releases (MonoMartyr's recieved a hefty rewrite in the latest ZRP).

And then I was left with a choice.

As my own mod grew, I started adopting some of NatVac's modding methods, because they were robust and made adding my own features easier. And it came a to a point where I realized, why am I even bothering removing his code from the base?

Yes, his mod adds stuff that I don't want or use, but so long as I leave it alone, so long as I don't check some boxes in the modifier, they are just there, unused.

And so, I decided to redo my whole mod from scratch, and re-merged all of the smaller mods I was using to an unmodified ZRP. And then, when the next release came, I still had a considerable amount of work to do merging stuff, but less than before, as not all of the ZRP code updates from release to release. A lot remains largely uncahnged.

And then my approach to merging mods changed. I decided that a number of the mods I was using were relatively small and didn't alter engine functions significantly. So I figured, why don't I make my own modifier entries? I can customize aspects of the mods I'm merging, disable them if they are causing issues, enable new ones on the fly.

So I added a new aspect to my modding experience. Modifier configs. Some of which, in time, were added to the ZRP itself because they provided useful.

And here comes the reason the modding communtiy at large doesn't care for a barebones ZRP. Every modder, every team, have their own approach to coding. They have their own selection of basic mods that they base their large overhauls around.

And the modding community at large cares for overhauls, not mini-mods.

The random skilled modder can come along and update the code of those smaller mods to make ZRP compatible versions, but the truth is that the person best suited to make those updates are the creators themselves.

But many of those creators have left the community long ago. And those that are still around have their own overhauls to worry about.

NatVac could release a barebones ZRP tomorrow, and the modders at large won't care. Because their mods are already built. The code is set in stone.

Tejas, you yourself have spent a year playing COC. Before that Lost Alpha. And I'm sure you've touched OLR and OGSE.

The modding community at large is moving away from the base game, onto custom engines tailor made for each mod, built from GSC's source code.

New code, new features, new assets.

The ZRP is for beginner stalkers. Rookies that are just now setting foot in the Zone. Once they gain exprience, they'll venture further to the center, to the vast fields of overhauls that will fullfill their wildest dreams. By then, the ZRP will be nothing more than a fond memories of where they started their journeys.

And when new rookies come, the ZRP will be there at the campfire, ready to offer some diet sausage to a hungry stalker. Or maybe some tourist delight if that's more to their liking. The choice is there for them, who would take it away?
  18:41:35  2 May 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 25181
ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


Good point and fine words. I'm done and hopefully NatVac will take your advice too.

Just like Charles Babbitt, I'll recognize the genius of my brother Raymond and part
ways at the train station in life. I'm ready to drive away in the 1949 Buick Roadmaster.

  16:39:23  2 May 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/25/2014

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05/02/2017 23:22:37
Messages: 185
As I see it, NatVac built this mod (never been called otherwise by him) with the main principle of creating a comprehensive and flexible bugfix package.
He did well. He did just that, then added dozens of options and ways to customize our game.

One of the options that particularly stuck with me when I first fumbled with the Modifier was how I could choose to make the VAL mount a scope.

Now, it wasn't like that in the original game, the purpose of the Special VAL would then be defeated, but realistically, it just makes sense.
Then again, a game doesn't have to be completely realistic, there are decisions that should be made knowing that this is a game and that it should be challenging in a way to justify a certain progression and sense of accomplishment (say, when the player finally finds a Special VAL that can mount scopes, better than all the other VALs).

The point I tried to state above is where a particular thing NatVac wrote makes a lot of sense in my head:

No one agrees on what it should have: what's a bug, what's a feature, don't touch the exploits (which are often bugs).

Think now, 10 years after the release of SoC, with a new generation of players coming into contact with the game, there are going to be things that don't make sense in their head. A bunch of "quality of life" improvements through ZRP and they can have SoC somewhat up to their current "realistic standards". Little things like:

- pass the time by sleeping
- repair weapons and armor
- fix the weapons' weird names
- why can't some weapons have a silencer/g.l./scope when they normally should be able to?
- disable those boring flying cutscenes
- just used that tunnel to come to the Cordon, why can't I use it back to go to the Dark Valley?

These are all things that make sense within the game, but aren't available in vanilla.
Those "issues" might not be so for some people, but some other people might think these are the result of a error by the developer, something they forgot or didn't have time for, or even wrongfully think it's an actual bug/glitch.
Then again, even the many players who have been following S.T.A.L.K.E.R. all these years could perfectly have those same problems.

ZRP has been built with the community, new players and veterans alike.
People with different ideas, different problems, people who wanted to have options to simplify/spice up either their first or tenth playthrough of the game.
Having the many options to shape something to your liking... How isn't that good?
The best exploit in the game is still there because it's an engine flaw, so who cares?!

To finish off, Tejas, I share your enthusiasm about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Some of the statistics you show us (game time, inventories, etc.) are actually no short of amazing. I can't make up how you're able the play the games so proficiently and have as much patience as you have.
Though, sometimes, your behavior saddens me. As the closest thing we have to a community manager, you shouldn't react so fiercely.

Yes, there may be demand for a "purely bugfixing unofficial patch", but what is that? What makes that up? No one really knows because it's a very abstract idea.

The ZRP is the thing that appeases the most people.
It's a mod, a good one, and the only one to provide a stable "vanilla+" playthrough with very few additions.

There is a lot of documentation in ZRP's site and in it's text files, stating perfectly what it really is.
NatVac can't be guilty for people, the community, calling it a "patch" and deeming it a requisite to play the game.

Now let's end this argument people. It all started with a bad joke and continued with you guys not knowing when to stop.
You've made your points, now let's stop attacking each other.
  13:21:09  2 May 2017
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Tejas Stalker
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On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
05/02/2017 13:53:28
Messages: 25181
ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Well, since the NatVac thing to do is to thank only those that agree
with his viewpoint, let me follow his example and of course do the same.

Thank You TKGP for understanding and saying the same thing I was
trying to get across. I can see around here the ZRP Modding Community
has zero tolerance and will attack anyone that dares to question the
moral authority as shiningfury called me a gadfly. What is that you say?
A gadfly is a person who interferes with the status quo of a society or
community by posing novel, potently upsetting questions, usually
directed at authorities. How dare I do that? How dare I upset NatVac.
I got him so flustered that he thought I was quoting him when I wasn't.

I see here as a gadfly that I have posted unsettling questions about
the ZRP Mod. I see here that it is forbidden to question the authority
which must be NatVac since many are compelled to rush to his defense.

However the really funny thing is, since when is a Mod the status quo?
The status quo is the unmodded Game. Mods that are ever changing
and evolving ( like the ZRP Mod ) are the opposite of the status quo.
A Mod is something novel that alters that. So shiningfury's use of the
word gadfly is improper and illogical. Hopefully his second post will
make more sense and be more productive than attacking someone just
because they dared defend themselves against idiocy and tomfoolery.
If NatVac thinks it has more merit in your observations to not contribute
anything to this Forum in six whole years then he should follow your lead.

One more thing NatVac. Don't keep lying and saying there's no demand
for what I mentioned. It's here and the bottom line is you don't care.
It's fine if you want to do nothing and go back to your ZRP Mod and fix
tiny things like you noticed Petruha has on mismatched socks, Borov
has a missing tooth and it's illogical for Tolik to say that he's really hungry
and to go eat a piece of bread when it should be a sausage in his hand.
Certainly I don't want to cause any more friction with your wife that
dictates to you what you are allowed to do and for how long. You did
mention that to me years ago and I had no idea you still lived that way.

I must say I am greatly disappointed in you. Not because you have no
will or desire to do what I suggest. It's none of that. I can't be upset
over not getting something that doesn't even exist. That would be silly.
It's because we've had all these great conversations the past 10 years
about the Game where I assumed ( that's my fault ) that you were this
really wise, smart, reflective, nice and understanding person but once
you start talking about anything OTHER than the Game, I see you are not
wise, you are not smart, you have poor social skills and fail at explaining
things other than the game code. You're just trivial and petty in your
thoughts and actions. You praise the other trivial and petty people just
because they come to your defense and you made no effort to go see that
they are really terrible people that come from other Forums where it is a
sport to savagely attack, ridicule and be mean to newcomers and to the
newbies playing the Game who cry for help or comment and don't know
better. They tell other people to go kill themselves because they relish in
juvenile and sadistic behavior. It doesn't get anymore mean spirited on the
internet than the place they reside and these are the people who defend you.
These are your people NatVac and they say you are the company that you keep.
You've created an army of mindless Zombies and the ZRP is the Brain Scorcher.

* * * * *



I do actually think it would be nice to have a barebones bugs-only
distribution of ZRP for use as a mod base, so you don't have to worry
about excising the support for optionals if you don't want them.
Not that it really matters whether stuff like zrp_qo_as_items.ltx
is included if the sections aren't being used, but still.
Cleanliness next to godliness or whatever.


I do too my friend but it's simply not going to happen. Not from NatVac at
least. I think his mind has gone to mush from doing nothing more than the
same thing for 10 years and having that wife of his scream and terrorize him.
And like they say in the Zone when someone is no more "He was a good Stalker".

  12:58:11  2 May 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4225
Any additional discussion of a pure bug-fix patch or mod in this ZRP support thread would continue to be a distraction from its purpose. That includes the debate about it, which essentially ceased to be related to the topic's new raison d'être when this thread was renamed a really long time ago. That discussion/debate can be done in another thread. What follows is a wrap-up from my perspective, including my view of the pizza place.

When BobBQ addressed the abusive content of TS's reply, TS's response was a personal attack instead of a defense of his position. But that was consistent with the original reply. The opinion TS holds is the right one in his eyes. He filters what others say to mean something else. He used to be a friendly guy to everyone. Something may have changed in his personal life; I don't know. His desire for a bug-fix mod/patch is new to me; previously he insisted on everyone playing pure vanilla.

Everyone had bugs and annoyances and issues and preferences and what ifs and could yous in the early days about things, but the more the ZRP evolved to utilize more of #3 fixes and #4 features from TS's list in addition to the normal #1 and #2 fixes, the fewer the complaints in the thread -- the bug-fix mod was meeting more needs. I expected that as the game aged, folks would move on to other games, but site traffic is consistent and spikes quite a bit with the sales. Yet the amount of complaints continued to drop as more and more players recommended the ZRP.

"No! It's a mod! Play pure vanilla only!" Let me illustrate why I'm beginning to think most new players shouldn't do that, with an analogy that I believe closely parallels the actual ZRP.

Let's say you come to the Zone Reclamation Pizza place. You bring your pizza with pepperoni and cheese (the game), reasonably expecting the pizza place to bake the bugs out of it. Oh, then you can tell the Modifier clerk whether you want pineapple on it -- because that's not added unless you ask for it. The menu overhead notes that we add extra cheese. (More on that in a bit.)

Even then, you can take the finished product back to the clerk and tell him you changed your mind, you don't want pineapple. He removes it, and since it is digital, there isn't even any pineapple juice remaining -- or onion, or anchovies, or whatever you added. (Analogy anchovies are never added unless you explicitly ask for them.)

Here's where TKGP's remark is relevant. He said:

Not that it really matters whether stuff like zrp_qo_as_items.ltx is included if the sections aren't being used, but still. Cleanliness next to godliness or whatever.

Why include what's not used? Let's continue the pizza analogy with some related ZRP. Say you decide you don't want pineapple, but you have already consumed some. The removal of the pineapple from your pizza won't remove those pineapple bits you've already eaten. So, while the "#include zrp_qo_as_items.ltx" line could simply be deleted or commented out (which isn't that big a deal for the modder), it is left there to support whatever weapons or items you've already added that came from the mini-mods that are likely already in your saves. This prevents the indigestion of a CTD due to missing section definitions for those items.

The ZRP extra cheese option mentioned above is a default add-on because it simplifies our inventory to support the most frequent item asked for -- more than just plain. Want plain? Just say no to the extra cheese, the way you might ask for no onions on your hamburger, because the default is optional. Decide you want plain after eating (playing) a bit? We won't take back what you've eaten, but we can remove all the rest. Or you can start over with a fresh new pizza, now that you know exactly what you want.

The ZRP has a few optional defaults that you can turn off in less than 30 seconds with the Modifier: Vanilla.cfg > select each page on the left, click Default then click Apply for each page. For the two FileChoice entries, select the vanilla choice and click Apply. A third of those pages involve restoring vanilla bugs/exploits that some like. This appears early in the readme in the "New to the ZRP?" section before the installation instructions.

These defaults were selected from the consensus of the (vocal) majority, the ones who took the trouble to let us know what they preferred -- and what they disliked. The minority vanilla-with-bugfixes crowd might spend a little time requesting "no extra cheese", but they can still have what they want. The pure-vanilla folks don't need the ZRP.

This is not a one-size-fits-all mod. This is a pizza-made-to-order mod with the guarantee that if you don't like it, we'll redo your revised order instantly. But a real pizza place would go out of business if there weren't some sort of social contract between buyer and seller: We offer only a limited selection of toppings, but you get a hot, tasty pizza for a reasonable price. Likewise, the ZRP would not be used if it didn't satisfy.

And what other place can take your "half-eaten but no longer edible" plain pizza and restore it to its original tasty goodness? And remove the trans fats, to boot!

I might note that in the early days a few analogous places popped up offering only the bug-removal baking. They apparently went out of business because their customers kept telling them to modify their baking process and asking how to turn off the flippy-floppy form of the pizza slices and other bug/not-bug items depending on one's point of view.

Oh, please pay no attention to that protester outside. His placard falsely accuses us of adulterating the pizza with pineapple and then lying about it, and somehow he thinks the customized thermal-protection sleeve on our coffee cup adds cream and sugar to its contents. He's right about it no longer being a plain bug-ridden pizza, but hey, if that's what you want, why are you here?

In the end, it does not matter. There's no meeting of minds. There's no reason for me to work hard on something that experience tells me will be wasted anyway. The ZRP's approach is "good enough."

Yes, I insist that a very small minority spends a minute (less, really, but you might read stuff) requesting the removal of the extra features from the ZRP. If that insistence is perceived as a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, then it is -- to one such as TS. There's no imposition on us preventing our further improvements of our one-for-a-thousand solution, unlike any time-consuming attempts to produce one-for-one solutions for anyone.

There is no solution that I personally would provide that doesn't include my #3 and #4 improvements, without compromising my principles -- I know what the devs want based on their comments in interviews and in code. They have stated their intentions and the ZRP follows them, yet permits those who like the unintended "charms" to keep them. I also know what (most) players want, so a large effort goes to make available as much of that as possible.

And offering me more publicity as an enticement is a hopefully-unintended insult. Other modders want attention, but the mark of a successful bug-fix mod is a relatively-quiet support thread. Our demographic is not someone driving by who sees the pitchman on the side of the road (or the floppy blow-up tube puppet equivalent that's so prevalent these days), but someone who wants the best vanilla game possible and seeks for it on his own.

And it's okay to dislike something in the ZRP. Tell me if you don't see a way to change it, and I'll see what I can do.

But don't insist on something not based on the ZRP from me. As the truly open-minded reader can see, I have no incentive to make an exception to what I already said to TKGP:

I'm not the one to ask because I learned my lesson long ago: You can't make everyone happy, but you can make yourself miserable trying.

Again: I'm not the one to ask. And again, if anyone wants a pure bug-fix mod, fine, but not here. I suggest researching the past attempts on this forum before creating a new thread, to help you avoid repeating history. My reply to TKGP on the previous page (as of this post) is a good place to start, and this ZRP thread should (generally) be an informative read.
  12:00:00  2 May 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4225
Thank you, Grisha Plodder, for your wise observation. Taking the trouble to register on the forum just to make this post says a lot. I did say this to TS: "Opinion is not fact. If you refuse to see that, this discussion would not end -- if I didn't realize that you were refusing." I was smart enough to know when to stop, but not wise enough to act upon that knowledge right away. I'd hoped that if I could not meaningfully communicate with TS, my rationale would at least be visible to everyone else.

And thank you, too, shiningfury, for reminding us what the thread is really about. I somehow managed to push someone's buttons, so this digression is my fault, compounded by my attempts to be reasonable, which just fanned the flames. But there's no common ground. That this is your first post after a membership of more than six years also lends weight to your observation.

Thanks, also, to both of you for the encouraging words.

Tejas Stalker, the player is using an older version of the ZRP with legacy weapons still in the treasure_manager.ltx file. These came from a modification that provided a chance of seeing weapons in the game configuration files but only seen rarely in the game if at all. The more recent versions are vanilla gameplay, secrets and weapons, other than optional silencer/grenade launcher attachments allowed as default for the GP37/G36 in ZRP 1.07 R5 (fixed as of ZRP 1.09). There are some #1/#2 bug fixes and #3/#4 fixes/enhancements that can be restored to pure vanilla using the Modifier's Vanilla.cfg. And RPM fixes a #1/#2 bug but it sounds like the settings could use some adjustment.
  09:16:21  2 May 2017
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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


I've got a question for you.

A Player just reported this on Reddit that he got this stash:

It shows 3 F-1 grenades and a Martha Pistol.

I went back to my last play through and found the description and
contents different in my Game being no pistol and 5 F-1 Grenades:

The Player admits to using the ZRP:

Does the ZRP change the description and contents?
And if so what's the story behind it? Was it some bug?


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