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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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  05:07:38  18 April 2017
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On forum: 06/15/2007

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04/18/2017 5:21:53
Messages: 4211
If anyone interested in the latest ZRP, I've posted a new version on the ZRP website. ZRP 1.09 XR1 is intended for testing and feedback. It is a preliminary release so players can be exercising what's available while I work on what is yet to be adapted to the new code base.

This version has the basic ZRP mini-mods plus an updated form of ZaGaR's modified Grenadier by xStream. The rest of the AI addons are not included in this preliminary release. (Ignore the documentation; the Modifier won't offer the missing addons.)

Again, this is an early-experience release. Expect quirks. Don't install over any other mod including older ZRP versions. Make backups! This version is not fully tested with all permutations on all patch versions, although I do not expect much trouble, if any.

If you have an existing ZRP installation, rename gamedata, drag-drop new gamedata from archive, copy any existing _custom_zrp.script and levels\l11_pripyat\level from your older gamedata to your new one. If you don't have the Pripyat garages fix, get SoCPUP and run _PripyatLevelFix.bat to fix them. The SoC Sound Fixes file is also highly recommended. These are available from the ZRP download page, listed in my next post.

A new game is NOT REQUIRED if your existing saves are pure vanilla (patch 1.0004 or later) or pure ZRP. Although I did not have any trouble with existing saves, there may be a need to use an autosave. Please let me know if you had to do this.

Here's a list of what's changed:

Changes in 1.09 XR1 over ZRP 1.07 R5 RC
(NatVac and others as noted):

** Bug Fixes:
* Deferred deletion of ammo on NPCs at death to eliminate those
  NOTFOUND and ge_destroy() log entries in 1.0006. This also
  prevents the e_parent && e_entity crashes if NPC is reloading
  when he dies. (Optional, default; see Modifier changes)
* Corrected global var of motivation_action_manager()
  invoked on each evaluator_state_mgr_idle_alife:evaluate()
  call. (from Alundaio remark)
* Gave player credit for trying if mutants killed Bullet's
  friend AND the bandits escorting him.
* Changed requirement for adding Yantar->AW level changer; must
  have Scorcher task first. (Just in case you visit AW first.)
* Removed ZRP legacy reference to the artifact swap program in
  Skinflint's starting dialog.
* Fixed one more typo in the English localization. (More to
  come from MrSeyker.)
* Added activation of AW bloodsucker respawner after completing
  Skinflint's bloodsucker task if you first talked to Skinflint
  before talking to Murk.
* Fixed Rostok helicopter explosion sound location.
* Removed Murk spot if you killed the bloodsuckers before
  talking to him after assigned the task by Skinflint.
* Adapted Shadows' outfit workaround so that you are always
  properly dressed at death or in third-person view, unless
  you are not to begin with (i.e., not wearing outfit).
* Adjusted code to properly handle mobile (mutant) death from
  unknown causes.
* Re-enabled remove_from_ranking() for those newly-dead NPCs
  that have an assigned story_id (i.e., permabodies).
* Made the "rain sound on level change" fix the default.
* Changed type to t_type. (AMK Team via castl)
* Fixed wrong default_state_moving state assignments. (castl)
* Corrected wrong logic branch references. (castl)
* Added crash protection if no MM spawn_spots exist for level.
  (Actually didn't crash but corrupted subsequent saves, which
  pops up a "corrupt save" dialog warning to load earlier save.)
* Forced accelerated mental deterioration near Red Forest to
  Pripyat level changer if the scorcher is not disabled.
  While this transition-without-disabling-scorcher should be
  allowed, players wouldn't see loner group in Pripyat but task
  to follow them would still be given.
* Added a couple of safeguards if insufficient progress
  attained for an attempted fast-travel. You can no longer jump
  beyond a closed Garbage Duty blockpost gate, and you are no
  longer allowed to quick-jump to Pripyat level changer in
  Red Forest if psy emissions are still present, which would
  kill you as of this release.
* Added a precautionary Esc J jump to Arnie if post-arena-match
  timer somehow fails.
* Checked for invalid game_vertex_id which might be one cause
  of "there is no specified level in the game graph" errors.
  This test may need to be deployed in other locations; please
  report if you still get the error.
* Added a missing alarm state to val_lager_bandit kamp3.

** Tweaks:
* Changed use of engine clsid table to speed up functions that
  use it. Modified other scripts to use the new global vars.
* Moved "is this dead body new" check from death_manager.script
  to xr_motivator.script to eliminate unneeded instances of the
  drop manager.
* Revised medkit drop (to heal NPCs) to use simpler medkit
  release code in _dev.script. Also prevented the act of
  storing medkits on bodies from healing nearby NPCs.
* Adjusted NPC healing on master difficulty in dialog-based
  normal medkit transfer; was only 60%, now 100%.
* Simplified level_tasks.proceed() to only call proceed()
  function for current level.
* The PDA has been updated a bit, although it is still a work
  in progress. (MrSeyker, NatVac)
* More optimizations and general clean-up.
* Removed zombie combat support for non-zombie NPCs. This could
  break some zombifying mods; remove conditional check for
  zombied to reenable support if needed.
* Adjusted stealth tweak for neutrals and friends. If you kill
  one silently but you are seen doing it or are within a
  certain distance of his associate, you are still marked as
  his cold-blooded killer.
* Tweaked the secrets text.
* Added ZaGaR's fonts.ltx for better widescreen support.
  Optional; see Modifier changes.
* Weakened MonoMartyrs a bit.
* Commented out more loaded but unused code.
* Made the attachment of grenade launcher and scope to the
  G36/GP37 optional, non-default. See Modifier changes below.
* Moved db.sound table to xr_sound.db_sound for faster access
  by the only script that really uses it.
* Removed more unused sound themes from the theme table.
  Streamlined sound loading.
* Disabled loaded but unused TalesManager class.
* Commented out unused stories and legends and reactions.
* Reworked xr_info.script to avoid creating and populating new
  encyclopedia/story tables for each NPC.
* Stopped se_zones.script from processing all anomalies for
  SANB, now just processes those for the current level if any.
  Eliminated need for anomaly_holder.script.
* Disabled config file processing by se_zones.script. The
  update() functions are never called, so the loaded values
  were never used. There are debug statements in the update()
  code that will tell you if it starts working. (Yes, this
  means artifact spawning occurs only at new game creation --
  it's an engine problem.)
* Tightened up code, eliminated unnecessary parameter passing,
  absorbed functions into other scripts where practical.
* Removed ten more unused or obsolete schemes, reworked code
  to avoid loading otherwise-useless schemes.
* Reduced use of tables in db.script that were apparently
  meant for debugging. Moved other tables to the only users.
* Changed add_to_binder() functions to add_to_binder_q() with
  three fewer parameters since they were unused in all schemes.
  NOTE that this change makes many AI mods incompatible with
  the new approach until they are likewise adapted.
* Set global 'actor' variable to value when defined.
  Changed a lot of files to use it already. (Don't change
  db.actor_proxy users.)
* Made xr_spawner.script obsolete. Its check_spawn() was
  rewritten and moved into the only two users of the function.
* Eliminated a populated but unused table in se_item.script.
* Eliminated the loading of an otherwise-unused class set
  (ce_switcher, se_switcher). This does change the numbering
  of the CLSIDs, which is not a problem in vanilla/ZRP.
* Added a new support function for those who repeatedly start
  new games to permit them to configure that new game somewhat
  on the fly. See _custom_ext.script's new_game_tweaks()

Modifier configuration changes (MrSeyker and NatVac):
* NPC Death Crash fix can be disabled/enabled.
* G36/GP37 attachments can be enabled/disabled, its time_to_aim
  can be adjusted.
* Ft-200m/FN F2000 can have silencer with choice of silenced
  shot sounds and its time_to_aim can be adjusted.
* The "tagging" feature of binoculars can be disabled/enabled.
* Unique weapons can drop in perfect condition. Same tweak,
  it just uses a different way to do it under the covers.
* The bleeding reduction provided by medkits can be tweaked.
* ZaGaR's fonts.ltx can be disabled for that vanilla
* Added movement dispersion adjustment to the actor difficulty
* Added note on "bullet sponges" in FPS configuration readme.
* Updated Experimental AI configuration to accommodate changes
  in AI scripts.
* Updated Sound Management configuration to accommodate changes
  in sound table initialization. Removed simple NCC version;
  use either normal NCC or vanilla sound.
* New marking script: Mark Local. Works the same as Mark by
  Partial Name except it only marks entities on the same level.
  It also detects and removes objects with bad game vertex ids.

Debug changes (NatVac):
* Macro processing can now take place while debug information
  like coordinate data or variable watch is actively displayed.
  This permits the direct removal of the variable watch via
  macro hotkey and better supports debugging functions.
* As part of the change above, the debugging information is now
  toggled on or off via Esc D D.
* The z.jump(distance,height) function now uses the y component
  of device().cam_dir as the default height adjustment if no
  height is provided. The value of device().cam_pos.y is added
  to cam_dir.y * distance to adjust for the height of your eyes
  from the ground. So you can now jump to that roof in the
  distance by turning on crosshairs, enabling "show distance"
  in Options, then look exactly where you want to go, note the
  distance, and without moving press Esc Z X and click in the
  edit box. Then type "z.jump(the_distance)" (without quotes,
  replacing the_distance with the distance you noted) and press
  Enter to instantly teleport there. Requires ZSU enabled and
  Execute Script Command installed.
* A missing or invalid modules.script or scheme script file no
  longer quits to desktop requiring the user to look at the
  log file. It now reports the problem on the lower left of
  the main menu and shows more info when you quit, just like a
  bad/missing _z.script did. This will help you debug schemes.
* The zx.grab_remote_body_property() function now also works
  in the same way as a direct search by checking for any info
  on the body. The "smart heal" routine is a little smarter.
* Added debug function to detect and remove entities with bad
  game vertex values like left-over m_phantom ghosts in Red
* Updated some z.script functions to perform faster. You can
  now use one of the z.this_*() functions in Variable Watch
  with very little impact on framerate.

All.spawn changes/fixes since R5RC -- these require a new
game, but are not critical so existing saves are okay:
* Delayed the first bandit replacements for the Cordon auto
  park until after you help Fox or go to the Garbage.
* Renamed Garbage's gar_zone_mincer to gar_zone_mincer_weak to
  avoid name conflict with Pripyat's gar_zone_mincer in the
* Separated two metal cases that occupied the same space near
  Chef. Moved one to the floor nearby.
* Reworked Chef's freezer to keep it from moving and moved the
  freezer and cans of Tourist Delight, etc. back into the SW
* Locked the X18 refrigerator down. These chillers should not
  "walk" when you open them.
* Fixed missing gunfire sr_sound in Duty vs. Freedom battle
  after X19 in Red Forest.

I also moved the diffs\ subdirectory to docs\diffs_for_modders,
although it is not yet populated.
  05:04:19  18 April 2017
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4211
>> Do you maybe know how to fix CoP and "Quiet word" bug?

Sorry, Ancient, I have no idea. I still don't have CoP. Maybe Alundaio can help.

>> what can be done to repopulate Stancia and Pripyat during freeplay?

MrSeyker, Stancia gets the MonoMartyrs during freeplay if you have that enabled. You can modify the tables in _custom_ext_zrp_mm.script, replacing the MonoMartyrs with whatever creatures you want to spawn, and add more spawn points. There would be the usual automatic population control that the script provides, and you can have big battles just by having two spawn points within sight of each other, filled with opposing forces, or just spawn baddies that you will have to fight.

While the same can be said for Pripyat, I have to say that it is already filled with a non-stop battle between Monolith and Freedom/Duty/loner factions, with the Freedom/Duty survivors going a long way to reducing the Pripyat population even more as they fight each other.

It does help to remove the Pripyat anomalies first, though. The Freedom faction has a command post right in the middle of a few anomalies.

We may have to speed up the Monolith respawn replacements, changing them from whatever they are (seldom, medium) to more often (medium, frequent). In vanilla these settings were ignored.

On another matter, we'll be needing to discuss the PDA stuff and the work you've been doing on the models/meshes. I've uploaded an update for you to look at. I think we'll need more Modifier PDA options.
  20:14:52  6 April 2017
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On forum: 03/21/2010
Messages: 409
NatVac, what can be done to repopulate Stancia and Pripyat during freeplay?
  13:56:40  2 April 2017
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On forum: 03/31/2007

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04/02/2017 14:09:01
Messages: 663
No, game crashed 10 seconds after i use key from Borov.
I have replayed this mission again and it works now. No crashing.

Thanks for debug explanation. That's very useful.
Do you maybe know how to fix CoP and "Quiet word" bug? You know when you enter the room to talk with Kovalsky and cut-scene just want play. I have this problem.

I have fix installed, but it still happened.
  00:04:54  2 April 2017
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On forum: 06/15/2007

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04/02/2017 0:15:26
Messages: 4211
Sometimes when the log is empty, there can still be information available via ctrl-v.

An empty log suggests a low-level crash -- the game encountered a problem while executing code in a device driver or operating system DLL. The processing never returned high enough to finish flushing the log to disk and close the log file and display an error message -- it just crashed.

I would get empty logs when an item, usually a weapon, had a bad configuration. This suggests that ZRP and OWR3 are incompatible, or there's something missing in the merged-mod game.

Are you sure it is 1.0005? Steam was not updating the registry value (which is what is displayed in the main menu) when it updated to 1.0006.

You say it happens when you "use key from Borov". I'm assuming you mean you tried to open the door to the X18 underground lab. When that happens, the game gives you a couple of info_portions, val_x18_door_open and dar_run_quest. The first completes the bar_darklab_documents task "Find the documents in the underground lab", by finishing the objective "Find the entrance to the lab". The second starts the bar_darklab_documents2 task "Find the documents in X18".

You can use the ZRP debug mode to try to get past the crash, although there's a high chance that the problem is part of the info_portion processing.

You can enable debug mode with the Modifier: _ZRP.cfg > Debug Options, check the first item "Enable ZRP 'Debug Mode' features" and click apply. Start the game, load the save before the door, and press Esc to get to the main menu, then press D followed by F. This might also crash the game, but if it does, we can break down the source of the crash by using the ZRP Support Utilities (ZSU).

To do that, install the utilities: Modifier > SupportUtilities.cfg > Enable ZRP Support Utilities and check the "Allow ZRP Support Utilities" box and click Apply. Then install the following utilities from the list on the left side of the Modifier: "Execute Script Command", "Fix Broken Doors/Switches" and "Info_portion Set/Reset".

To use these utilities, 1) start your game and load your save, then 2) press Esc to return to the main menu. There, 3) press Z to bring up the ZSU dialog. 4) Select the "Info_portion Set" utility from the list. 5) Click in the edit field below, then 6) type val_x18_door_open and press Enter. This might crash the game. If it does, 7) check your crash log or ctrl-v dump and post the result.

If it doesn't crash, repeat the process above starting with step 2. For step 6, type dar_run_quest and press Enter. If crash, do step 7.

If that doesn't crash: If the door opened, proceed with your game. If the door didn't open, but Esc D F crashed the game earlier when you tried it above, then select the "Execute Script Command" ZSU utility, click in the edit box and type z.go(122,-2.8,-256) then press the Enter key. Now you can enter X18.

Normally, Esc D F would be enough to fix the door and put you in a position to go to the underground level. You might need to search your mod files for those two info_portions to see what's different from vanilla/ZRP.

Edit: You might still need to remove the door or jump past it when you get back. To jump past it, use the "Execute Script Command" utility again, with z.go(123,-2.8,-262) to jump just beyond the door.
  16:46:19  1 April 2017
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On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 663

Post the end of the crash log, or run the game again, crash it then press ctrl-v into a posting edit box in reply.

What version of ZRP? The more recent versions require some careful mod merging.

Well the problem is that there is no crash log. It's empty.
Could be win 10 thing?

Version is ZRP_1.07_R5RC and 1.0005 patch.
  05:50:22  1 April 2017
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On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4211
Post the end of the crash log, or run the game again, crash it then press ctrl-v into a posting edit box in reply.

What version of ZRP? The more recent versions require some careful mod merging.
  00:46:43  1 April 2017
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On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 663
Game crashes after i use key from Borov.

I use ZRP and "Original Weapons Renewal 3".

Any ideas?
  07:00:50  29 March 2017
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On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4211
The links to the current Zone Reclamation Project (ZRP) download site are in my first post on the previous page (as of this post).

steve2000, thanks to BobBQ and MrSeyker you didn't have to wait for my late answer. ZRP can spawn stuff with the ZRP Support Utilities (ZSU), but it is not the easiest way and it doesn't cover vehicles. Vehicles are so problematic in the physics department that they need to be fixed first, and that's also a game engine issue, so maybe MrSeyker's suggestion of Lost Alpha would be a better place to start.

I also came to another idea, a customizable Spawn menu. this would be highly valuable to modders for the testing phase of modding.
Simply pressing ESC Z should bring up a fully comprehensive spawn menu.
Making NPCs invulnerable, Resurrecting them, giving the player money and god mode, all items, catagorised into various item types, for example, guns, ammo, items, info portions, that sort of thing.

Aside from the first two, those things already exist, and on Esc Z. Just install the ZSU and the particular support scripts that you want. Cleaner versions of the scripts to support a more practical user interface is somewhat low on my list at the moment, as the most usable interface begs for a re-write of the dialog. Thanks for the compliments on the ZRP.

MrSeyker, you said:

Dez0wave's No More Fences mod changed gamemtl.xr to alter the properites of fences that let the player walk past them, and then used tranparent textures to hide them.

Could perhaps the same property be applied to cabinet doors?

No. That's not quite what I meant. Fences specifically have a property in them that makes the player not being able to grab items behind them.

Ah, so you want the properties of the original fences and not that of the No More Fences mod. Got it now, but I'm not a materials guy either. Since you have the editor running on your PC, that's far more than I currently have running on mine.

I've made some slight edits to UI elements (for instance, the improved encyclopedia now works correctly - the files I had sent you before the latest ZRP release had a typo that rendered the list of items unuseable - fixed the error and provided some new modifier options to change between vanillla, improved and moved links).

I vaguely remember tweaking what you supplied to make it work, but yes, it still needs fixing -- the last line at the bottom of the screen is only selectable in the top one-third of the line.

Made a change to dialog_manager.ltx that gives some new unused dialog options to stalkers (they were orignally set for the stranger faction, which meant that in vanilla gameplay you never saw them). Also corrected a dialog option for Garbage that was incorrectly asigned to the Cordon.

That sounds good.

Made some changes to localization files to correct some artifact descriptions. The grammar was weird due to the translation. Instances of "anomaly [Name of Anomaly]" and "artifact [Name of Artifact]" have been changed to "[Name of Anomaly] anomaly" and "[Name of Artifact] artifact", and corrected the description of some artifact effects (for instance, the Meat Chunk artifact says it protects from radiation, when all its stats are buffs to physical damage).

Also made slight improvements to wording in outfits descriptions and some further changes in weapon descriptions.

I also went and redid a lot of in-game messages so that the text reflected the english audio, though most of these are in files the ZRP doesn't include, so I wasn't sure if I should sent you only the files used by the ZRP or if you'd be interested in having all of the localization improvements.

Normally the "noun [proper noun]" form is used for specific English identification of a single instance, as "the lady Mary" sounds better than "the Mary lady" in conversation (unless you don't think highly of Mary). I think it's archaic, but as a faction whole, the ecologists were quaint in conversation and in article, off in their own worlds, so it worked for me. A change should be okay.

I had been limiting the changes in text to match the audio because the text was more informative. And there was that flap of Boar vs. Borov, where I kept the Russian name because the association didn't automatically follow for English players. That aside, it might be more immersive to have the matching text. At least the spoken text for this game is better than for many games.

Re your post above: An interesting discovery on the meshes. It might be that I didn't notice because those Monolith soldiers were encountered after I was better equipped (the Vintar/Vintorez was great for headshots).

I'm looking forward to your inputs.

I'm about to start a third play-through with the updated Grenadier add-on. I still need to convert the remainder of the AI add-on stuffs.

If anyone has any fixes for the all.spawn to submit (or even to request), now is the time to get them to me. Script changes are often trivial to test, but a rebuild of an all.spawn can require one or more exhaustive replays to vet completely.
  02:25:18  26 March 2017
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On forum: 03/21/2010

Message edited by:
03/26/2017 2:53:07
Messages: 409
Ok, this is a problem that's kinda extensive.

This is a list of very outdated meshes that the game uses that happen to have a very old bones set-up and very outdated resistances baked directly into the models, as opposed to through external ltx files.

green_stalker_9 (can be fixed by extracting green_stalker_3 and renaming it).

stalker_mo_head_1 (can be fixed by extracting stalker_mo_head1 and renaming it).



The last two unfortunately don't have vanilla meshes that match them. I'll fire up ActorEditor and update those two myself.

The Monolith mesh in particular is kinda egregious, as it's the most common Monolith NPC you will find, and has baked the old exo resistances into the mesh.
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