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Early Play Testing Results

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  00:04:10  14 April 2002
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On forum: 04/13/2002
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Early Play Testing Results


For now, hoverace has been tested on Riva TNT 1,2 and GeForce 1,2,3 cards only.

Take care,


Greetings. I just downloaded the tech demo and installed it on two different machines. Their specifications are listed below:

Machine ONE - Low-end System
Pentium III 450mhz
Voodoo 5 5500
5400 WD HD
Soundblaster Live! Value
MS Windows ME OS

Result: After turning 4xFSAA *off* I was able to get the game running (somewhat choppy, as expected on a slower machine and the tech demo only being early code). Game was tested with 3DFX final release and Vipix unofficial drivers- both worked with little difference between the two. Could not get a Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad to function with the game (also expected as it is likely not supported as-of-yet). The game handled fair through turns but began to suffer with more vehicles on the screen and on straightaways. Some textures would not fill correctly (likely caused by GPU/CPU bottlenecks), those would default to plain white.

Machine TWO - Higher-end System
AMD Athlon XP 1700
A7V333 Via KT333 Socket A mobo
GeForce 3
7200 WD ATA100 HD
Soundblaster Live! Platinum
MS Windows XP OS

Result: During install, skipped over "possible incompatibility" warning from WinXP- install was fine and game booted up without a hitch. Game ran well with this system configuration, however, framerate declined with continued play (not entirely unexpected with code that has not been streamlined, possible mem leak?). Exiting game and re-entering game would solve this issue. Textures looked crisp, tracks were designed well (very minimal popup) and control was fluid (this faster system config really boosted the framerate up which greatly improve the controls).

I am also going to test this technology demo with a GeForce 4 card (using the XP1700 configuration) and post the results here. I have an AMD Athlon 1.2gighz w/mobo configuration I can rebuild if any "middle-end" users are interested in comparing results.

I am going to play around with tweaking some settings, different joypads, a steering wheel and a video out card now (will also post those results).

Overall, hoverace seems to be shaping up to be quite an excellent game. I am a huge fan of "futuristic racing" (ie. Extreme G, Wipeout, F-Zero, SW Pod Racer, etc.) and hoverace just made my must-have list. Looking forward to the release!

Any other tech demo testers interested in comparing notes? Feel free to e-mail me
  03:16:35  15 April 2002
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Oleg [GSC]
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On forum: 12/25/2001
Messages: 243
Thanks for your testing efforts and comments, really appreciated. We'll be releasing the official hoverace demo in some time soon. Hope you will enjoy playing it

Take care,

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