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Playing other games

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  18:17:47  30 October 2011
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The Artist


On forum: 06/13/2007
Messages: 12360

Ah, I've heard of that. You use cake and various kitchen utensils to pacify the angry foreign customers, correct?


I've beaten Dead Island, not worth a second playthrough. I'm thinking about trying Train or Extreme Ship Simulation 2012. Definately my kind of games.
  06:56:20  30 December 2011
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On forum: 01/19/2007
Messages: 2
Hello guys, is here anyone who playing DSJ (Deluxe Ski Jump) or LFS (Live For Speed)? It would be interesting to play online with stalker fans.
  08:23:57  30 December 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/05/2010
Messages: 681
Deus Ex: GOTY Edition has been taking up most of my non-Walkthrough/LP playtime. Sometimes awful voice acting aside (mostly noticeable in random NPCs; the main characters generally sound fine, if not lacking in emotion), it's a hell of a good time. In Versalife chamber at this point.

Other than that, it's Iron Storm, Unreal 2, Morrowind, and Oblivion for the Youtubes, and BRINK for the multiplayer.
  20:04:08  6 January 2012
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On forum: 11/29/2011
Messages: 111
Hi Im playing with arma 2 torchlight and x3 reunion too and of course i like fallout 3 and oblivion and morrowind i dont bought skyrim yet . Waiting to price coming down, we are poor here in hungary
and i dont want to download illegally
  21:12:39  6 January 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/05/2010
Messages: 681
Been playing some Dead Space lately. Good game so far, and definitely one of the better ports I've seen. Shows how terrible console hardware is too, as I have everything at maximum settings @ 1366x768*, and it not only runs at 40 FPS minimum, but textures look very.... 2002 in many cases and there's a noticeable lack of bump mapping. Only truly bad thing though is the FOV. GOOD GOD the FOV is awful. I nearly vomited after only playing about an hour because it's so narrow.

*It runs like a charm at 1920x1080, but my piece of garbage GPU (9600GT) loves to overheat and shut down in some games because it isn't heat-efficient enough. (E.g. Dead Space, Duke Nukem Forever wherever there is that "alien slime" stuff lying around. Curiously, other games like Oblivion, Brink will heat up to similar levels but will not crash and shut down at all.)
  12:13:33  11 January 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 12/22/2009
Messages: 1901
Currently playing

- TES II: Daggerfall
- Sonic adventures 1 & 2 (don't judge me )
- Torchlight
- Hearts of Iron II
- Europa Universalis 3

I suck at the last two but keep coming back for more punishment
  17:53:36  11 January 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 12/01/2008

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01/11/2012 19:27:02
Messages: 1355
Games I have played lately.

Two worlds II. Like a bland smaller version of elder scrolls but better than a lot of rpg. AI isn't the best. Map is bad. Can colour clothes with dye slots, upgrade stuff by inserting gems and using salvaged stuff , magic system involves stacking cards to increase power and using card combinations to create spells, spells can only be cast with a staff, the spell selection menu is fast though and much better than elder scrolls. $20 max value. The cut scenes and characters were interesting. But the game is blurry and you need to enter 5 or 6 console commands to make it look much better. Expansion is still $30 on steam but for another 14 or so hours of gameplay seems pretty iffy. Theres also some mods and you can start a village and do multiplayer levels. The multiplayer levels have been added to the game by a modder but require two worlds 2 + the pirates expansion to use.

Miner wars demo. Nothing to do in the free demo except mine + blow up a few enemies and a bit of trading. game is apparently 50% complete.

x3 albion prelude. Same old x3 game. The AI has been increased (pretty close to phanon corp mod ai). It uses and defends against missiles. Theres also a war zone. But you can't win the war since the ships respawn. Theres one plot chain of about 6-10 missions if you aren't terran. The plot should be increased in later patches especially since theres atleast one plot ship roaming aound the universe that you can't board. A few new ships. Like a big terran m2+ and a xenon m2+. Theres also a few new station designs. If you play x-tended mod a lot of stuff might look similar. Version 2.0 of the xtended mod which has more than 1 mission is supposed to be out soon.

Played skyrim and witcher enhanced edition. Only paid about $2 for the witcher but I don't really get the combat system so haven't played it much. Skyrim was nice but preffered oblivion by quite a bit. Better settings and stories. Skyrim seemed more shallow and in the end the only place I would live was whiterun.
  22:51:37  11 January 2012
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Caretaker of the infamous Pseudo duck


On forum: 03/20/2010
Messages: 631
I've recently been playing some Warhammer Dawn of War Retribution with friends, some old school ghost recon, CS of course... Skyrim... RO2. Thing's of that nature. However I've also played some fun indie games, notably Nitronic Rush and Stealth Bastard. They're free as well so if you like 2d stealth type games then try out Stealth Bastard, If you're into racing, arcade racing, or just fun then try out Nitronic Rush. They're both pretty humorous as well. Huh, hope I didn't come off as a salesman or something haha, they're both just good games and since they're free I figured they'd be worth a mention.

Link to the two games, and two I haven't tried below:
  22:59:10  11 January 2012
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Lone Merc looking for a job.


On forum: 06/05/2009
Messages: 1801
Im somehow, slowly and sometimes playing Dead Frontier. Started it a week before. Thing which I don't specially like is that thing with level and required food/medicine item level.
  23:18:29  11 January 2012
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The Zones Blacksmith


On forum: 11/26/2009
Messages: 4568
Hm, haven't played DF for some time, I just occasionally check if my char is still fine^^

Mostly played Skyrim lately but it got a bit boring after the 88 hours I spent with it till release...still loooooong way from completion

Atm i'm playing FarCry2, I never made it through as I lost my savegames but I got into the mood to try it again. And I'm still saying that it is a great game. Though it could be AWESOME if Ubisoft had tried harder IMO.
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