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Anyone had this problem ???

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  18:55:46  4 April 2004
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Big Jake
On forum: 04/04/2004
Messages: 2
Actually, this message would be much better in the 'General' forum for Firestarter.

***Slight Spoiler!***
I know the fight your talking about. I'm assuming you mean Space3 level, near the end when Phantom Cytler spawns. You probably just finished off a few Pteradons (the little bird like demons), and for me, he spawns in almost on top of the Artifact.

How I handled it (playing as the Agent):

Switched to Circ Saw, so I had full speed,
Strafed to get him to fire, and then sprinted to the opposite side of him,
picked up the artifact, and high tailed it out of the corridor he's in (remember, as all heavy hitting bosses since the dawn of computer games - he's slower than you. use this.)
Once back out into the central hub, I refilled all ammo/armor, at which point Tanks/Pteradons start spawning in numbers)
Headed down the hallway where you picked up the heavy conceptual gun. Only one way in, so all enemies have to enter the same door (side effect: you will be trapped, so get ready to unload everything in your arsenal)
Switched to Heavy Rocket launcher/Mega Rocket (then to Mercury missles) and watch your automap for when red dots approcah the entry door. Keep planting missiles on the ground in front of the door just as it opens.
Back off when incoming fire gets too heavy, and used the next two bends in the corridor in the same fashion.
By the time I was all the way back to the last bend, I had the PC left, and I was using the Heavy Conceptual gun (possibly the best gun in the game)

  16:57:45  31 March 2004
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On forum: 03/11/2004
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Anyone had this problem ???

Hi guys,

need some help here....

Level 21 ( denoted by your name then 21 after it )

There is a phanton something that pops up, he is yellowy / gold colour at the time he comes up I have the heavy rocket laucher, turret gun and heavy conceptual gun.

This guy seems impossible to destroy, he fires 2 rockets ( possibly mega ones ) nomally and is pretty quick at getting you in his sights.

How do you destroy him, I have thrown everything at hime from rockets to turret rounds an nothing seems to kill him.

Any help would be appreciated as I have sent 2 emails to gsc over the past 2 weeks and have had no replies what so ever.


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