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Ides for Cossacks 2

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  16:40:45  18 August 2003
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On forum: 07/22/2003
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Ides for Cossacks 2

I had some ides for cossacks 2!! so i just pasted them from Cdv forum!! (there sjuldnt be more nations so they would be more uniqe from each other & why 16th-19th century that is stupid there should only be the time covering napoleonic wars nothing more & it would be great!!!)

Pasted from CDV forum:

Originally posted by General Dozzi
This what I would like to have in Cossacks II:

* More artillery.
* Sound effects like hearing officers sound "Shoulder Arms!" and "Fire!" and the screems of fleeing troops.
* Better and more realistic reload animations.
* More realistic sound of weapon fire.
* Many campaigns.
* A scenario editor in the game.
* Louder drum sounds.
* See all the sailors on the ships.
* Normal ships can be used as transports for troops.
* Riders that can continue the fight on the ground if falling down.
* Huge forts with cannons and musketmen.

That was all I think...


*i agree about the artillery for example France in that time had one of the best field cannons (cant remember the name)
*Sounds to like french should say vive napoleon (on french of course) LOL
*well in AC they are already pretty good i think
*Well a little better but they are also good in AC
*It is napolenic wars so they have a limited number!
*There already is a scenario editor, but they should improve it & also put the build campaing option & diplomacy option (or i still havent figured it out
*Yes there should be more realistic & louder drumms
*There should be ships but limited (realy limited) number of them & they should be bigger (like yacht in Cossacks2 should be bigger size then victory is in the aow & btw! u should she the troops on them u & they could be used as ferries, they could have their own long boats so u could unload troops while you are on the sea & their should be option where u could attack enemy ship & get the troops fightin soo u could take enemy ship for yourself) & sales should be realistic! when ship isnt moving there should be no sales but when it is moving all the sales should be "open"
*There should be 2 health bars for riders !! one for the rider & 1 for the horse soo if horse dies rider can fight on his feet & he can go to stable & get a horse (for a smaller price than building a new rider)
All objects including trees (couse they are too small) should be bigger: houses forts & evrything so u could seee your troops on the walls of your fort


*no walls like in cossacks only forts
*keep the rifle damage from AC about 300-600 damage for all rifle men & decres the damage with distance (like in AC)

I i think the best move from gsc is only 6 nations couse i think that then all nations will be made more realistic & every nation will be 100% uniqe & will be 100% historycle


sorry becouse of my bad english (dont like to correct mistakes)


I hope some1 from GSC will read this


am i asking 2 much no ofcourse they said it isnt comin in 1st half 2004 soo they have plenty of time to do this!! & of course i would like to say that the new interface looks great


SO that would be it! coments PLS

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  17:28:28  18 August 2003
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On forum: 08/14/2003
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Great ideas,

Don't worry about your English, mines not much better, most important is that we and Oleg can understand each other.

I also believe that it is much more important to have six nations who are totally different from eachother then to have like twelf or sixteen nations wich look all the same. I would rather have some more people at GSC who are working on gameplay then some more people working on more nations. Even when there would come an add-on, i hope it features like more upgrades, more units, more buildings, opportunity to build roads, bridges. Defenitly an explosives expert, walls where you can put your men and artillery on, you stuf like that. NOT MORE NATIONS, DIVERSITY IS MUCH MORE PLEASANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you later,

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