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Fight Back suggestions

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  08:53:32  6 June 2004
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On forum: 06/06/2004
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Fight Back suggestions

Water animations are beautiful. But some units need to be more defined. Some native units lack detail and look kind of fuzzy and indistinguishable from the scenery and background.

Buildings are very big and many units cannot be seen while standing behind. Try a dynamic transparent building mode so that just the building that has a unit behind it turns transparent automatically (Empire Earth does it).

An intermediate zoom camera is needed since the zoom out cam is a little too far.

Something should be done to avoid the micromanagement of creating villages and getting them into the buildings. I like the idea of creating peasants in the dwellings but having too many different buildings needing them turns it into a harsh distractive task. Maybe son automation and centralizing the management of peasants could do the job. Let say like having a panel in which one can input the total number of peasant needed and predetermine how many are needed to each task or having a briefing of all the buildings and be able to create peasants from that briefing panel. The dwellings closer to those tasks could produce peasants automatically without one having to navigate the screen for so many buildings.

Some building navigation feature is also needed and warnings to know the buildings in danger of being hijack.

Two-dimensional games are ok with me but try at least to do something to be able to turn the cameras across a horizontal axis. (Like Zoo Tycoon, Caesar III and other city building titles).

Some artillery pieces are missing, it is unfortunate that the Cossacks mortars are gone. I loved the sound and the power they had for destroying buildings.

A map and scenario editor is missing.

Include some seasonal and weather difficulties. Include nights, cloudy days, very hot days, rain, storms, windy days and give some advantages and disadvantages to some specific units and some nations.

A resource interchange model and some commands are needed for single player random maps. There is no use in playing with allies if one cannot demand or supply resources mutually needed. There is also no use in playing with allies if is not possible to coordinate mutual attacks and defense.

Good and challenging on random maps but playing the Pontiac
  16:08:40  15 June 2004
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On forum: 06/15/2004
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So far I like your ideas vtra, I guessing you would want to see these done in another addon? I agree but lets not just add things on from cossacks and in a way go backwards here. Forward in the way to go. Perhpas continuing forward with the theme of American struggle ie, the war of 1812, Mexican war, and the Civil war, not to mention the stuggles with the Indians such as the Seminoles. I think that the idea of a addition called AC anefest Destiny has been thrown around on different forums pakes great sense and I think that gsc would be a wise company indeed to make it, perhaps after C2 is done.
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