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Description From Seattle, Washington (US) WWW.KEXP.ORG for free live stream of 90.3 fm: a public radio station in seattle that streams world wide at 32, 64, and 128kbps MP3 Compression (wma, standard Mp3, and Real); as well as a fully uncompressed 1.4mbps stream specialy designed by students at the University of Washington* initialy, back in 2000, 2001 upon which they became the first radio station to stream uncompressed 24/7 on the web in history; the codec is auto downloaded when you select the player after clicking on the players/1.4mb tab next to the other formats (it's real f*ckin tiny); RM also supports their own format of an uncompressed stream, but due to the cost of it expecialy after the CRB raped internet radio in america, there is no regular mp3 format.** They are a user supported PR station that has dedicated itself to putting real artists that you wont see in this day and age on the public channels like comercial radio or mtv. Instead of mabey the same 50 songs rotated a year over and over and over; they have skilled DJ's and volunteers seeking out and adding to a massive collection of music as they debue new songs every day from all over the world. The only general rule about what gets played is that it cant suck ass and be a rape to the concept of music as the generic comercial radio stations seem to do enough of that by them selves. I know of no radiostation that you can hear 3 Inches of Blood next to Fleet Foxes with in 5 minutes of each other, and that might sound to be hard on the ears such a stark transition, but as the dj's, most of them were and are DJ's and had volunteered for years at the station before becoming part of the staff, there are tens possibly hundreds of thousands of songs that they have to pick from and they are familiar with them all so finding the song to slip in the middle of that makes for one hell of a musical eclexia experiance. Underground artists and international artists outside of direct western origin like england, canada, and austrailia and most of those only on the outside of that and mostly only cause they made their fame before comercialism decided to make their own rock stars and why bother with the real ones (IE ac/dc or U2, only reason they get play is cause they started in a time where music thrived on the main stream when people like Ahmet Etrigun were bringing any and everything to the the masses as fast as they could sign them***). KEXP, which broadcasts at 90.3fm in seattle and 91.5fm in the mornings in New York is absolutly mindblowing and if you havent tasted true underground music, you havent tasted music. In addition to the amaizing compolation of eclexia that makes up the regular schedualing, they have artists come in and perform live whenever they can. Last year they had over 400 instudio performances, and all these performances are archived indefinately on the website at 96k mp3 compression, which again dosent sound like much but I have heard many an mp3 at 196, 228, even 320k that dont sound quite as good as the mp3 type compression they developed and use. They also archive the web stream in 20, 96kbps, and 1.4mbps uncompressed formats. Every minute of radio for 2 weeks is avaliable for you and since they have several specialtie shows, this is truly awsome in that say you wana hang your self, well there is a TRUE country music show, or say your on the edge about it, theres an african music show that the volunteer host who has a masters in musicology brings in 3 hours of afro-cubian style music. The initial ness, of KEXP reminds me a lot of what GSC gameworld is all about, in that they give a flying f*ck about what they do and are willing to go through hell to put out a pice of art that truly brings something and progresses us forward in the notation of interactive storytelling and virtual reality simulation. INterestingly enough STALKER does both those things and in that they developed it indpendently is a f*ck you to every asshole generic consolitus run in gun cheap shit looser dev that the video game industry is unfortunetly dominated by. Good movies have LionsGate, and Sony Pictures Classics (ran jointly by my uncle and this other guy). Music has KEXP and CMJ and festivles like SxSW (KEXP broadcasts from there live every year, they aried the first 4 songs of the stooges set last year). In that KEXP also releases massive amounts of podcasts every day and week featuring public affairs programing, experimental music, there regular stuff that they just feel like putting out, and the cherry picks of the live performances. Video gameing dosent have a KEXP or a Sony Pictures Classics, but there are devs like GSC Gameworld and Crytek and TripWire and well, ok Troika died doing what they do so well but they are still out there and when they get some organization going they again, will make f*ck tards like bethesda their bitch, kinda like GSC did with stalker lol. I tell every one this longwindedness I meat about KEXP, I cannot stress how amaizing it is that they exist and once you see just how good music is and how its not dead rather it just went underground, and in that is exponentialy better than the supposed golden era of rock and roll as it has still moved forward with that momentum. *(as is everything on the site exept the real player stuff which is the same content, but since its real, everything is done through their own shitty formats, course its a whole extra duplicate of all their streams that rm pays for, which in the end is what realy counts) **The WMA format, even in the 128k compression sounds amaizing by comparrison, and of course uncompressed is uncompressed and they spin a massive amount of vinyl. ***(ie Clapton, and cream as a whole, and hundreds of others, Ray Charels back in the early days, ect. Led Zeplin was made up of bands that he signed and his passion for music and relationship as a producer with the artists he signed are the only reason why a band like Led Zeplin was allowed to happen, in that the reccord company had no controll over anything they did and dispite the first 3 albums making negative amounts of money, still allowed them to do their thing till people finaly unfucked themselves and realised that you dont need hype to like the music you listen to, course they forgot that real fuckin fast and that leads us to where we are today).
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