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User Name Justin
User Type Resident
Registration Date 03/22/2005
e-mail For registered users
Description A sinister figure stood in the hallway of a cemitary, asking himself since when there were hallways in cemitaries. A moon beam hit him and as he fell to the ground his hood fell backwords. A sharp face revealed itself and cut the air in half. The faces owner had one name: Justin. He was called Justin because that was his name and because he was always Just in. He spoke with such hate that the ground shuddered and a grave stone fell on his foot. His cry was pure and it echo'd around the moon. Another star fell out of the sky and he made a wish: I wish I could have a avatar, for it is my right as a resident poster to have one. Then he left to go to the pub for a drink were he tried to forget the long day behind him. One thing kept him alive: His will to play Stalker. A game so strange to him that he had to play it. Although play it was not the correct thing to say, it was to live it. He thanked the listners at the bar, for he had been boring them for over 5 hours and still they stayed in the bar. Wheter it was the drinks or his stories he did not know, for one thing was on his mind: I forgot to pay last months phone bill.
Signature I was here at the beginning of stalker, and I'm here still...I think, am I real? No, nothing is real it's just imagenation...or is it? are my thoughts real?
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