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  13:35:00  19 August 2010
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On forum: 10/31/2009
Tone was fine...trés "comme il faut"...
  23:41:36  20 August 2010
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"Order of the Liquidators" and Dez0wave Tester

On forum: 07/17/2008

Message edited by:
08/20/2010 23:42:12

I didn't get your point hhiker?

The opposite: i thought i had phrased it poorly so it sounded more harsh than it was supposed to be.
(Can i pull the "non-native English speaker card" here?)

Don't mind him, he's just shy.
  20:29:03  13 September 2010
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/24/2010
I agree with the rules except that I think that 'Delete MESSAGES IN CAPITAL LETTERS' is a bit absurd. It's actually easier to read uppercase than lowercase.
  00:25:07  14 September 2010
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Don Reba
On forum: 12/04/2002
No it is not easier. I can dig up references from my psych textbooks, if you really want. Besides, all caps are commonly perceived as screaming.
  23:43:16  16 December 2010
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On forum: 12/06/2010

Russia has evolved so they don't need to know rules anymore, they just need to know that there is a punishment.

The U.S is the same way. arguing rights is just a waste of time. Freedom of speech is more or less the freedom to complain, because they are just going to punish us anyway. And they will punish us for complaining too. After a while you just don't want to say anything because you just become a target for harrassment. So in the end they get what they want. They do what they want and keep us quiet.

News networks dictate everything and they are worse than the government when it come to questioning their dictation.

Citizens aren't much better. People want their rights yet they don't want anyone else to have rights. So everyone is guilty of it.

The internet has been changing. About ten years ago you could do whatever you pleased (within reason) and if a user had a problem with that they could just go eat shit & die, because nobody cared. Now since the governments and media have taken over the net scensorship is at an all time high. Scensorship exists to do more harm than good. It gives the dictators excuses to block or erase whatever they don't want you to see. Do you think they care if you see foul language? No, but they do care if you see negative opinions regarding them. Scensorship exists to protect their reputation, their exposure. Everything else that comes with scensorship exists to disguise it's true purpose. Scensorship is damage control/containment. The blocking of rude or fould language is the disguise.

Foul and rude language is a very small price to pay for freedom. People like to throw around the word maturity yet they they like dictate and play games with freedom.
  01:58:09  2 April 2011
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On forum: 01/26/2004
|~|Baff|~|Gief link to political rant thread plox.
  11:27:24  23 May 2011
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Dabur - Stalker

On forum: 06/20/2010
hmm , nothing abnormal with those rules , ...

just use sense and behave , .... act to others like you would love to be acted to and thats it ,...
  15:48:52  25 October 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/01/2009

Gief link to political rant thread plox.
  01:37:39  27 April 2015
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The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Screenshot Artist

On forum: 10/27/2013
Im laughing at some of these posts/rules.
I feel like a freedom stalker in General Voronin's little hideout at the bar.
If I make even the slightest sound I get filled with holes.


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